100 Random GK Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers Trivia

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Random knowledge quiz questions and answers

1. The word spade probably represents what Old Spanish word?

spado (“sword”)

2. How many member countries are there in The European Space Agency?


3. What does CERN stand for?

The European Organization for Nuclear Research

4. What was the capital of the ancient civilization Phrygia in current Central Anatolia?


5. Who wrote Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs?

The Brothers Grimm

6. What does go-gatsu mean in the Japanese?


7. Novellara city is located in which country?


8. Which two musicians collaborated on Another Way To Die, the theme song to 2008’s 007: Quantum of Solace?

Alicia Keys and Jack White

9. What is Tabrizi?

Habitational name for someone from the city of Tabriz in northwest Iran

10. What is Guadua?

Thorny, clumping bamboo

11. In what Netflix series does actress Gillian Anderson play a sex therapist?

Sex Education

12. What is locro?

The national dish in Argentina

13. What is the language of the old English epic poem Beowulf?

West Saxon dialect of Old English

14. Jeff Lynne – Roy Wood – Bev Bevan – what pop group?

Electric Light Orchestra

15. What links Perga, Attaleia?

Capitals of the ancient Pamphylia, current location Turkey

16. Which musical did the song Send in the Clowns come from?

A Little Night Music

17. Whose cat was sold for $153000 in an Arizona auction?

Adolf Hitler’s

18. In what decade was pop icon Madonna born?

1950s (1958)

19. What tennis player’s name meant Tall trees by still water?

Evonne Goolagong

20. What links George Hoyt Whipple, George Richards Minot, and William Parry Murphy?

Received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1934

21. What links Agnes Moorehead, Susan Hayward, and Jack Kilby?

Died of cancer

22. Who wrote the novel The French Lieutenant’s Woman?

John Fowles

23. Who was runner-up to Leona Lewis in The X Factor (British series 3)?

Ray Quinn

24. The Murrayfield Racers play which sport?

Ice Hockey

25. True or false – The Channel Tunnel is the longest rail tunnel in the world

False – The Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland is 4 miles longer at 35.5 miles long

26. What does Dysesthesia mean?

Dysesthesia means “abnormal sensation.”

27. Where did Jim Morrison die?

Bath – in Paris hotel

28. What’s longer, a nautical mile or a mile?

Nautical mile (it’s 1.15 miles)

29. What was a Royal Navy frigate accused of throwing Cod War in 1973?

Carrots at Icelandic Gunboat

30. What is the youngest heart transplant?

Moses, 4 days

31. Where is the Ashwell And Morden Railway Station located?

Cambridgeshire, England

32. What is the English meaning of the French idiom – avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre?

to bite off more than you can chew
Literal Translation: to have eyes bigger than your stomach

33. Catherine Parr

Who was Henry VIIIs, the last wife?

34. WHat is onboarding?

The action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization, team, etc

35. What is a yield?

In chemistry, yield also referred to as reaction yield, is a measure of the quantity of moles

36. Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin received the Nobel Prize in 1933 in which category?


37. Ashurst New Forest Railway Station is located in which country?


38. Saying the name of what dried fruit used to be used to encourage people to smile before a photo in the 1800s, before the phrase “cheese?”


39. Who came second in X-Factor 2009?

Olly Murs

40. Where is Sutherland Falls located in New Zealand?


41. Any of the various spectroscopic techniques that measure the absorption of electromagnetic radiation due to its interaction with a sample is called what?

Absorption spectroscopy

42. Which country has its UN code 356?


43. Name of Joe Biden’s Vice President-

Kamala Harris

44. Tavan Bogd Group is a brand in which country?


45. Who was the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated?

Spencer Perceval – May 1812

46. Who is the longest living person with a heart transplant?

John McCafferty

47. What is the scientific study of baths, bathing, and their application to disease?


48. What does the Latin Tempus mean in English?


49. What is adjudication?

Legal decision based on a third party’s decision rather than a jury verdict

50. Hank Ballard and the Midnights first released what in 1960?

The Twist

51. Which country flag is the oldest flag currently in use, designed in 1219 and unchanged since?


52. What is the accelerating expansion of the universe?

The observation that the expansion of the universe is such that the velocity at which a distant galaxy is receding from the observer is continuously increasing with time.

53. What is the UN Code for Iceland?


54. What year did Rihanna achieve global success with the mega-hit ‘Umbrella’?


55. Sir Norman Angell (Ralph Lane) received the Nobel Peace Prize in which year?


56. When was the first heart transplant done?

August 1994

57. What is Hashimoto’s thyroiditis?

An autoimmune disease in which the thyroid gland is gradually destroyed

58. What is the currency of Denmark?


59. What is patient zero?

Patient zero is defined as a person identified as the first to become infected with an illness or disease in an outbreak

60. Whose abuse at the hands of her husband Matholwch is the catalyst for a catastrophic war between Britain and Ireland which eventually leads to the deaths of three of her brothers, her son, and her husband?


61. Which country has its Alpha 3 code HMD?

Heard and Mcdonald Islands

62. Stargazey Pie is weird food in which country?


63. What was Clint Eastwood’s first film as a director?

Play Misty for Me

64. What alcohol do you traditionally use to flame a Christmas pudding?

Brandy (or rum)

65. Famous novel Post Office was written by whom?

Charles Bukowski

66. What is the hardest organ to transplant?

Heart Transplants

67. Trosky Castle is located in which country?

Czech Republic

68. What was the old name for a Snickers bar before it changed in 1990?


69. What is the internet country domain TLD for Guyana?


70. What was the earl-hood of the Earl of Cornwall (Second Creation) Robert, Count of Mortain


71. What is the Alpha 3 code for Haiti?


72. What is the name of the fictional town where the series Stranger Things is set?


73. What else can you say for 9 years anniversary, for Latin-derived term Novennial?


74. What is hypothyroidism?

A condition in which the thyroid gland is not able to produce enough thyroid hormone

75. Who won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019?


76. What does Karaburan mean in Central Asia?

“power storm”

77. If somebody says Tocopherol, what do you understand?

Vitamin E

78. Who was the head of state in Japan during the second world war?

Emperor Hirohito

79. Where does the Russian Lena river outflow?

Laptev Sea

80. Who was Ralph the Staller?

Earl of East Anglia during 1067-1068

81. Which country has its Alpha 2 code GY?


82. Who is the runner-up of the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup?


83. Roman emperor Claudius has what Roman imperial victory titles?

Germanicus (“victorious in Germania”)
Britannicus (“victorious in Britain”)

84. What is Crazy Eights?

Card game

85. The X Factor: Celebrity is a British celebrity special edition of The X Factor which premiered on what date on ITV?

12 October 2019

86. What links Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, Irving Langmuir, and Edgar Douglas Adrian

Received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1932

87. Who wrote the Science Fiction novel Slaughterhouse Five?

Kurt Vonnegut

88. What is the smallest planet in our solar system?


89. Farallon Islands is located in which country?

The US

90. Who was the captain of the 1994 FIFA WC Champion team of Brazil?


91. Who won The X Factor: Celebrity 2020?

Megan McKenna

92. White a word with vowels in order.


93. What is made of soft plastic to resemble a worm, lizard, crayfish, minnow, shrimp or generic wiggling creature.

Soft Plastic Lures

94. Which US president and his wife Roslyn are the only First Couple to have lived in public housing?

Jimmy Carter

95. Who wrote the famous novel The Member of the Wedding?

Carson McCullers

96. John Galsworthy received the Nobel Prize in Literature 1932 for what contribution?

“for his distinguished art of narration which takes its highest form in The Forsyte Saga”

97. What is an Exotic Shorthair?

A cat breed

98. From which US city do the band The Killers originate?

Las Vegas

99. What is the Alpha 2 code for Guinea-Bissau?


100. Who invented the word pandemonium?

John Milton — capitol of hell

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