100 General Knowledge Quiz for Class 9 GK Printable Trivia

General knowledge quiz for class 9 in English quiz questions answers printable, GK is suitable for easy and free learning with fun and entertainment for tender students as well as the general readers who missed some important GK facts. In order to increase your knowledge base, there is no other alternative but to learn continuously.

If you hone your mind and attention regularly, there is much good news for you with this sort of general knowledge quiz for class 9. Students from any level as well as other GK lovers must check all this free online printable general knowledge quiz, and we assure you will find many facts new. unknown to you.

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Let’s solve the general knowledge quiz for class 9 questions answer the printable quiz below.

General knowledge quiz for class 9

1. Who was a French poet and trouvère known for his writing on Arthurian subjects, and for the first writing of Lancelot, Percival, and the Holy Grail?

Chrétien de Troyes

2. Buccellati is an expensive Italian brand of what?


3. Ranks are indicated by numerals in cards from 1 to 10 on what common name?

“spot cards”

4. The European Space Agency was founded in which year?


5. Where is the Headquarters of The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)?


6. What links Sagunia, Arzashkun, and Tushpa?

Capitals of ancient Urartu Kingdom

7. What links James Bevel, Eddie Van Halen, and Corazon Aquino?

Died of cancer

8. Which husband-wife duo starred in 2018’s horror film A Quiet Place?

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

9. Who has won the most FIFA Women’s World Cups?

The United States women’s national soccer team

10. What is the largest bird of prey in the world?

Andean Condor

11. What does the Latin-derived term Novennial mean?

9 years

12. What does roku-gatsu mean in Japanese?


13. What does IPA stand for?

India Pale Ale

14. Modena city is located in which country?


15. How many people speak in Azerbaijani language?

23 million (2018)

16. Where is the Bering Sea?

Northern Pacific Ocean

17. Who is the longest-serving presenter of the BBC children’s show Blue Peter?

John Noakes (12 years from 1965-1978)

18. Each Peach Pear Plum is written by whom?

Allan & Janet Ahlberg

19. Who invented Heart transplantation Surgery in 1967?

Christian Bernard

20. Where was the first heart transplant done?

Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa

21. Who was the Earl of Cornwall (Second Creation)?

Robert, Count of Mortain (1069-1088)

22. Which singer was known amongst other things as ‘The King of Pop’?

Michael Jackson

23. Which Roman emperor has the first Roman imperial victory title Germanicus (“victorious in Germania”)?

Caligula, 37–41

24. Who won the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup?

FC Bayern Munich

25. The Friendship Code is written by whom?

Stacia Deutsch

26. What is an Australian Shepherd?


27. What is the name of Mackenzie Crook’s character in the sitcom The Office?

Gareth Keenan

28. Yellow River passes through which country?


29. What is a sovereign state having a very small population or very small land area, usually both called?

Microstate or ministate

30. Sutherland Falls is located in which country?

New Zealand

31. What is Balochi?

Iranian people who live mainly in the Balochistan region

32. Alberta is a province of which country?


33. Proton car is originated in which country?


34. Who discovered HIV in 1983?

Luc Montagnier

35. How many lines the old English epic poem Beowulf have?


36. What is Bubblegum pop?

Bubblegum is pop music in a catchy and upbeat style that is considered disposable, contrived or marketed for children and adolescents

37. Which actor played the ninth reincarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who?

Christopher Eccleston

38. The Dalmatian Islands is located in which country?


39. Luigi Pirandello received the Nobel Prize in 1934 in which category?


40. What is a state with primarily maritime realms, an empire at sea, or a seaborne empire called?

Thalassocracy or thalattocracy

41. What is a Butterfly tail fish?


42. How many world titles have Phil Talyor won in darts?


43. Werner Karl Heisenberg received the Nobel Prize in Physics in which year?


44. Who discovered Human Gene Therapy?

Martin Clive

45. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret is written by whom?

Judy Blume

46. What is Rasdhoo in the Maldives?

An Atoll

47. Where is the US Masters golf tournament held?

Augusta National Golf Club

48. Sagas are prose stories and histories, composed in Iceland and to a lesser extent elsewhere in which region?


49. Lena river passes through which country?


50. Who or what was introduced to the USA in 1964?

G I Joe trademark

51. Which hormone helps to reduce your blood glucose levels


52. What is Bamanankan?

Spoken language in Mali

53. Who does the voiceover on Love Island?

Iain Stirling

54. What is a Munchkin?

A cat breed

55. Sir Frederick Grant Branding; J.J.R Macleod discovered what?


56. Who was the captain of the 1986 FIFA WC Champion team of Argentina?

Diego Maradona

57. Who scored the second-highest number of runs in the match for England where the team won over New Zealand in 2019 ICC WC final?

Jos Buttler

58. How long does bamboo take to grow?

Three years

59. What is activation energy?

The minimum energy which must be available to a chemical system with potential reactants in order to result in a chemical reaction

60. Which event brings up the last time you retrieve it in your memory rather than the event itself?

Remembering a past

61. Who is the United States’ first female vice president and the highest-ranking female elected official in U.S. history.

Kamala Harris

62. Where do you find the Laptev Sea?

Arctic Ocean

63. What is Bambusoideae?

The lineage of perennial forest grasses

64. What is a group of lions called?

A pride

65. Welsh Mythical creature Bwbach has a dislike of whom?

Clergymen and teetotalers, upon whom Bwbach (plural Bwbachod) will play relentless pranks

66. What is Simoom?

Local wind in Sahara

67. Gary and Martin Kemp were in what band?

Spandau Ballet

68. Harold Clayton Urey received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1934 for what contribution?

“for his discovery of heavy hydrogen”

69. Who was the last Roman emperor to use ethnic victory titles before the twelfth century?

Heraclius (r. 610–641)

70. Which US president credited with saving 77 lives as a lifeguard?

Ronald Reagan

71. Name the slowest animal in the world.

Three-toed sloth

72. What is Baltia?

A mythological island of amber somewhere in northern Europe

73. The rate at which the velocity of a body changes with time is called what?


74. Sofia is the capital of which country?


75. Bezdez Castle is located in which country?

Czech Republic

76. White a word with vowels in order.


77. Which Tennis Grand Slam is played on a clay surface?

The French Open (Roland Garros)

78. What river flows through Paris?

The River Seine

79. What links Erwin Schrödinger and Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac?

Received the Nobel Prize in Physics 1933

80. Is the sun a star or a planet?

A star

81. Which team became Champion in FIF World Cup in 1994?


82. What is independence Day in Guatemala?

September 15

83. Where would you find the River Thames?


84. What is jilbab?

A long, loose-fitting garment worn by Muslim women.

85. Ellie, Engineer is written by which author?

Jackson Pearce

86. What was Haldanodon?

A docodont with semi-aquatic habits, and aquatic tendencies

87. In which European country would you find the Rijksmuseum?


88. What is the internet country domain TLD for Guinea?


89. What is the average gestation period for chimpanzees?

240 days

90. What is a baby kangaroo called?

A joey

91. What is the study of the effects of climate on living organisms?


92. What is racism?

form of prejudice based on negative presumptions about a person based on their race

93. What animal alive today is even bigger than a dinosaur?

Blue Whale

94. If this gland doesn’t make enough hormones, everything happens more slowly. Which gland?

Thyroid gland

95. Ashurst village is located in which country?


96. In which country, it is illegal to burn foreign flags, but not illegal to burn the Danish flag?


97. How many films have Al Pacino and Robert De Niro appeared in together?

Four (The Godfather Part 2, Heat, Righteous Kill, The Irishman)

98. Who is the Runner-up of The X Factor: Celebrity 2020?

Max and Harvey

99. What is bureaucracy?

System of administration in which specific individuals or groups carry out needed tasks

100. What was Disney’s first nonanimated live-action film?

Treasure Island

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