100 Most Important General Knowledge Questions in English

Most important general knowledge questions in English. There is nothing like most important general knowledge questions in English because the GK pattern has no end and different perspectives and situations consider different general knowledge interesting and important. The best way to prepare yourself with as many types of general knowledge quizzes trivia as you can in order to find a common pattern for the most important general knowledge questions in English. Who practices GK regularly will definitely find his own selection of the most important general knowledge questions in English to carry through.

Let’s solve these most important general knowledge questions in English and prepare yourself with many other similar questions and answer as you find on the internet.

Most important general knowledge questions in English

1. Where is Gabala?


2. How was Arthur Robert Ashe, a tennis player died?


3. What is Chin Cup?

Beard Style

4. What is February in the Dutch language?


5. How many people speak the Turkish language?

78 million people

6. Rudolph A. Marcus who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1992 is from which country?

Montreal, Canada

7. Which country has the Alpha 3 code AT?


8. What is meant by subculture?

A smaller group within a larger culture that shares their own cultural attributes

9. How many boroughs are there in Berlin?


10. Which country has Aiyura Airport?

Papua New Guinea

11. What is Doxology?

A spoken or sung end of a prayer.

12. What is the UPC barcode for Ghana?


13. What is the synonym of Abstract?

Apart from concrete, practical existence. Difficult to understand

14. What is Hackney Brook?

Coffee brand

15. What is Abattoir in French?

A building where animals are butchered
Abattoirs are not places where kids should be taken.

16. What country has the national flower Yellow Elder or Yellow Cedar (Tecoma Stans)?


17. What is Independence Day in Russia?

June 12

18. Pierre-Gilles de Gennes received the Nobel Prize in Physics in which year?


19. Where is the Blair House located?

Washington, D.C.

20. Binx Bolling is a fictional character who appeared in which famous book?

The Moviegoer

21. Hormone oxytocin is released from which gland?


22. Humboldt University is located in which city?


23. Which country has the car brand Caterham?


24. Which country is the daffodil the national flower?


25. Who was the first president to wear pants instead of breeches?

James Monroe

26. What is meant by rituals?

Reoccurring traditions in a society that reinforce social norms

27. Which novel has its first line – 124 was spiteful?

Toni Morrison, Beloved (1987)

28. Who was the coach for the FIFA WC Champion Uruguay team?

Alberto Suppici

29. Who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1991?

Richard R. Ernst

30. What is a Maine Coon?

Cat breed

31. How long the nylon American flag planted on the moon during Apollo 11 was knocked over?

By four decades because of heat, UV rays, and radiation

32. What is called the natural attractant added to a hook to catch fish?


33. What is meant by Anglosphere?

English-speaking countries considered collectively (the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and Ireland).

34. What type of musical instrument oboe is?

Soprano instruments

35. Who was the World Cup Football champion in 1958?


36. What is the national flower in Bahrain?

No National Flower

37. Pope Martin IV is from which country?


38. What is the Alpha 2 code for Azerbaijan?


39. Alex Portnoy is a fictional character who appeared in which famous book?

Portnoy’s Complaint

40. Nicknamed The Tiger who lead France at the end of WW1?

George Clemenceau

41. What microscopic animal’s name comes from the Greek little Staph?


42. In Morrisville Pennsylvania women need a permit to wear what?


43. What English brand of sherry is considered the King dessert wine?

Harvey’s Bristol Cream

44. Mickey Rooney made a series of films based on what family?

Hardy family

45. What gemstone was reputed to heal eye ailments?


46. What Russian revolutionary founded Pravda?

Leon Trotsky

47. In Greek myth who was the first woman?


48. M371 is the nearest galaxy to us – what is its other name?


49. Napoleon had a fear of what?

Aelurophobia- fear of Cats

50. Where are the most expensive seats at a bullfight?

Shade – Sombra

51. Three Scottish kings and eight Popes share what name?


52. What is an American Shorthair?

Dog Breed

53. What is Eulogy?

The eulogy is a commemoration of a person’s life at his/her funeral.

54. Hazel Motes is a fictional character who appeared in which famous book?

Wise Blood

55. Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1991 for what contribution?

“for their discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells”

56. Where is the Byne House located?


57. What is Amir al-Mumineen or Amir ul-Mumineen?

Leader or commander of the believers. Historically this title has been reserved for the Muslim caliph.

58. What is meant by ambigue?

An ambiguous statement or expression.

59. What is piccolo?

A musical instrument

60. BD is the Alpha 2 country code for which country?


61. What is March in the Danish language?


62. Which novel has its first line – Mother died today.?

Albert Camus, The Stranger (1942; trans. Stuart Gilbert)

63. Who is the Queen of Ukraine?

Anya Orlov

64. Ajaccio Airport is located in which continent?

Europe (France)

65. Who are Herbivores?

Herbivores are animals that are nutritionally dependent on plants and fruits.
Examples for herbivores – horses, cows, goats, buffalo, etc.

66. Where is the village Aberdovey located?


67. GlowLight Tetra is a what?


68. Nadine Gordimer received the Nobel Prize in Literature 1991 from which country?

South Africa

69. What links Alexander von Humboldt, and Wilhelm von Humboldt?

Humboldt University of Berlin founders

70. What is Independence Day in Romania?

May 9

71. According to mythology, what is Qudlivun?

Qudlivun is a land of happiness.

72. Who was the first president to be photographed?

John Quincy Adams

73. What is meant by A-game?

One’s highest level of performance

74. Which country has the UPC barcode 486?


75. Ioannina city is located in which country?


76. Where is the Auchinleck Rail Station located?


77. Who has written this property first line- The mind is its own place and in itself/[Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n]?


78. What does luteinizing hormone do?

LH plays an important role in sexual development and functioning.

79. Who is Ronald H. Coase?

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1991

80. What is Tok Pisin?

Tok Pisin often referred to by English speakers as “New Guinea Pidgin” or simply “Pidgin”, is a creole language spoken throughout Papua New Guinea.

81. “There are loads of things I want to do before I kick the bucket.” – To kick the bucket means what?

to die

82. What are Kyiv and Sevastopol?

Cities in Ukraine

83. Which Japanese airport has the IATA code AXT?


84. Who is Amaguq/Amarok?

Wolf god who takes those foolish enough to hunt alone at night according to Inuit mythology

85. Who is the father of the newspaper?

James Augustus Hickey

86. In the Simpsons name Ned Flanders wife?


87. Which of Santa’s reindeer comes first alphabetically?


88. November 28th, 1948 what was the first TV western in the USA?

Hopalong Cassidy

89. Which dance means in Portuguese snapping of a whip?


90. In 1965 who became country music’s first millionairess?

Loretta Lynn

91. Which country began the tradition of exchanging Xmas gifts?


92. 1899 what first was installed Palace Royal hotel?

San Francisco Jukebox

93. In which city is the Kentucky Derby run?


94. What was the first food consumed on the moon in Apollo 11?


95. France and which country contested the first-ever world cup match?


96. In the song My Darling Clementine how did Clemantine die?


97. When was the first space station Orbit Salyut installed?

On April 19, 1971

98. What is the only silent film to win the best picture?

Oscar Wings

99. In 1923 the BBC first broadcast what on the radio?


100. What is the English name for the constellation?

Mensa Table

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