100 Basic General Knowledge Trivia in English Printable Quiz

Dealing with basic general knowledge in English may seem a daunting task. But not with these quizzes basic general knowledge in English printable. We’ve built a basic general knowledge in English online test free of cost and quite hassle-free.  This basic general knowledge in English is fit for everyone around.

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Basic general knowledge in English

1. Who was the first recorded person to swim the English Channel for sport without the use of artificial aids?

Captain Matthew Webb (19 January 1848 – 24 July 1883)

2. What is the national flower in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and the Cook Islands?

Tahitian Gardenia (Gardenia taitensis)

3. Peter Pan is a fictional character who appeared in which famous book?

The Little White Bird

4. How many people speak in Tibetic language?

6 million people

5. What is the month of December called in the Chinese language?


6. What is meant by thuggee?

murder and robbery by thugs

7. What is the fourth Arabic month in the calendar?

Rabī‘ ath-thānī

8. What is Tigrinya?

Language in Eritrea and Ethiopia

9. Which animal’s Latin name is Cricetus-cricutus?

The Hamster

10. How did famous American businessman Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt die?

Accidental Drowning

11. What was Queen Victoria’s first name?


12. BMW is a car brand from which country?


13. 45% of Americans use what each day?


14. What is genocide or ethnocide?

one society’s attempt to kill all members of a particular culture to cause cultural death

15. P L Travers created which famous character?

Mary Poppins

16. Where would you be if you landed at Santa Cruz airport?


17. What is meant by tiddlywinks?

a game in which players try to flip plastic disks into a cup by pressing them on the side sharply with a larger disk

18. We know what a fez is but what does fez mean in Turkish?


19. What is Arcology?

Enormous habitat (hyperstructure) of extremely high human population density.

20. What was the name of the pub in The Dukes of Hazzard?

Boars Nest

21. Tenerife is a city in which country?


22. In Bexley Ohio it’s illegal to put what in an outhouse?

Slot Machines

23. You are about to begin reading Italo Calvino’s new novel If on a winter’s night a traveler. — this line is from which novel

Italo Calvino, If on a winter’s night a traveler (1979; trans. William Weaver)

24. Name Pink Floyd’s only single album?

Oranges and Lemons

25. In what city was America’s first stock exchange built?


26. What links Robert F. Curl Jr., Sir Harold W. Kroto, and Richard E. Smalley

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1996

27. Stephanie Powers was Girl from UNCLE characters name?

April Dancer

28. What is Independence Day in Cape Verde?

July 5

29. Which country has the internet country domain TLD .ba?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

30. What is Amanah?


31. Doha is the capital of which gulf state?


32. What is meant by tomalley?

edible greenish substance in boiled lobster

33. What does the month of May named in Slovenian?


34. Indiana smoking banned in the legislature building except when?

The building is being used

35. “Because I could not stop for Death” from “Because I could not stop for Death” – whose line is this?

Emily Dickinson

36. William Moulton Marston Lie Detector and what comic character?


37. Which airport in Niger has the IAPA code AJY


38. Bucharest is a city in which country?


39. RCA and what other company launched the first vinyl records?


40. Which country has the national flower Tagimaucia (Medinilla waterhousei)


41. 48 extras from what Oscar win film died within a year making it?

Babe – all pigs

42. Which gland of the body uses the information it gets from your brain to tell other glands in your body what to do?

Pituitary gland

43. What is the correct name for a male red deer?


44. Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo and José Ramos-Horta received the Nobel Peace Prize in which year?


45. On the Munsters what was Lillie’s maiden name, Lilly?


46. Pope Damasus II is from which country?


47. James Edgar in 1890 was the world’s first store what?

Santa Clause

48. What is meant by trepang?

of warm coasts from Australia to Asia

49. If you had some gentles, jig, gag, and coop what are you doing?


50. How was the British singer, songwriter, record producer, and lead vocalist of the rock band Queen Freddie Mercury died?


51. Who received the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1995?

Robert E. Lucas Jr.

52. What did D H Laurence do with his horse Aaron when it died?

Had the skin made a Duffel Bag

53. Which country has the UTC barcode 594?


54. What is the national sport in Estonia?


55. Sam Spade is a fictional character who appeared in which famous book?

The Maltese Falcon

56. What is Independence Day in the Central African Republic?

August 13

57. Maurice Micklewhite became famous as who?

Michael Caine

58. Agadir Airport is located in which country?


59. What are the stars in traditional Cornish Stargazy pie?

Pilchards eyes

60. Whose main job is to tell your pituitary gland to start or stop taking hormones?


61. Who was the first black entertainer to win an Emmy award?

Harry Bellefonte

62. What is the internet country domain TLD for Bonaire?

.bq (not in use yet) / .an (stands for Netherlands Antilles) / .nl (stands for Netherlands)

63. When was the famous British rock band Queen split up?


64. Wislawa Szymborska, who received The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996 from which country?

Kórnik, Poland; Born: July 2, 1923

65. Which disease was once known as the white plague?


66. What is fusion?

combining traits from two different cultures to create a new experience

67. Which hormone is secreted from the pancreas?


68. What type of musical instrument violin is?

Soprano instruments

69. Anthony Daniels played who in a series of films?


70. What is the ceremonial country of the small town Avonmouth in the UK?


71. What was conceived by a magazine to sell American flags to public schools?

US Pledge of Allegiance

72. Augustus McCrae is a fictional character who appeared in which famous book?

Lonesome Dove

73. Martin L. Perl and Frederick Reines received The Nobel Prize in which category in 1995?


74. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” from “How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)” – whose line is this?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

75. What is the UTC barcode for South Africa?

600 – 601

76. What is meant by tsetse?

bloodsucking African fly; transmits sleeping sickness, etc.

77. Which country has the Alpha 2 country code AR?


78. What is Cosmetology?

The art and career of using cosmetics to improve beauty.

79. Juglans Regia is the real name of what type of nut tree?


80. What is Permaculture?

A permaculture is an approach to land management and philosophy that adopts arrangements observed in flourishing natural ecosystems.

81. In Sanskrit it means House of Snow – what does?


82. Who is the only Pope from Argentina?

Pope Francis

83. Edward B. Lewis, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Eric F. Wieschaus received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1995 for what contrbution?

“for their discoveries concerning the genetic control of early embryonic development”

84. Who was born in Lumbini Nepal?


85. What is the UN country code for Aruba?


86. What lives in a holt?

An Otter

87. What is Sericulture?

Raising silkworms in order to obtain raw silk
The production of raw silk by raising silkworms

88. It is illegal to use what to plow cotton fields in North Carolina?


89. In which sport would you compete for the Nino Bibbia cup?


90. In what game would you use a baguette?

Boule – measuring /marking

91. One of the band steps is nicknamed H what’s it stand for?


92. What would an Irishman do with the shone?

Cut Peat

93. Prova from provolone means what?

Ball shaped

94. Games Slater invented what?


95. The group Simply Red was named after what?

Man Utd football club

96. Which world’s city is known as The Golden City?

Prague, Czech

97. Who sometimes used the pseudonym, Al Brown?

Alphonse Capone

98. Lake Titicaca is in Peru and what other country?


99. In Delaware it is illegal to pawn what?

Wooden Leg

100. What animal is mentioned most in the Bible?


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