100 Family General Knowledge Questions and Answers GK Quiz

Here are 100 family general knowledge questions and answers free printable online trivia quizzes for readers and family members. A successful life is full of hard work and struggle. In order to succeed in life, one has to try hard. A competitive mind finally explodes. When a person continuously tries and tries to learn, and practice, success with many quizzes like family general knowledge questions and answers printable.

Family general knowledge questions and answers are superb with variation and gist of useful information and facts related to general knowledge quizzes. Readers will obviously get entertainment while learning these family general knowledge questions and answers.

Let’s solve these family general knowledge questions and answers handy to enhance knowledge as well as make a habit of learning continuously.

Family general knowledge questions and answers

1. Where is the ancient city Etruria located?

Tuscany, Lazio, and Umbria in Italy

2. What is the most common element found in stars?


3. The Battle of Val-ès-Dunes was fought in which year?


4. Mongol Conquests took place in which century?

13th Century

5. What type of animal is a barramundi

A fish

6. What is Canasta?

Card game

7. Which is a shiny metal with the symbol Cr used on bumpers of some cars, household fixtures, etc.?


8. The god of all gods in Norse mythology was who?


9. Bouzov Castle is located in which country?

Czech Republic

10. What does ka-yoobi mean in Japan?


11. Which War caused the most deadly in the history of War?

World War II

12. What does “Tin” mean when you talk about an anniversary?

10 years

13. Dalmatia is a narrow belt of the east shore of which sea?

The Adriatic Sea

14. Island of Rab is located in which country?


15. What’s the material called that won’t carry an electric charge?

An insulator

16. Torino city is located in which country?


17. What is Tivat?

Town in Montenegro

18. Where is the Louvre museum?


19. What was Constance Virginia Kies?

was an American nutrition scientist and dietitian

20. How did the Former President of Congo Mobutu Sese Seko die?


21. What is Fattoush?

Lebanese cuisine

22. Osulf II of Bamburgh was what in 1067?

Earl of Northumbria

23. How many people speak Cantonese?

80 million people

24. Which Roman emperor was accoladed the Germanicus (“victorious in Germania”) in the late 83?


25. Who was the ancient Greek god of medicine?


26. What is Kohlrabi?

A rare vegetable

27. Who is the little people and mine spirits like the Knocker in Welsh mythology?


28. The highest mountain in the alps is what?

Mont Blanc

29. The British Red Cross Badge of Honour was instituted in which year?


30. The badge of the Sijil Kemuliaan is an award from which country?


31. Censor was the Roman title to dignify what?

The censor could audit all other magistrates and all state finances

32. A Ghanaian speaks in which language?


33. East Asian Monsoon is known what in Korea?


34. What is the national flower in Kyrgyzstan?

Shyrdak Symbols of Kyrgyzstan and also the Tulip.

35. Umami is the name of one of the five basic what?


36. What is the name of the stadium where the final match of the 2026 FIFA WC to be held?

MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, United States

37. Balcombe Railway Station is located in which country?


38. Where is Black Swan Bay??


39. Which blades rotate around the straight wire shaft of these weighted-body treble-hook lures in fishing?


40. What is the abode of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation in mythology?


41. What is a pet the Hemingway is?


42. What is the English meaning of the French idiom – chercher midi à quartorze heures?

to make things over-complicated
Literal Translation: to look for midday at fourteen hours (i.e. 2 pm)

43. Which US president met Babe Ruth when the Yankee visited Yale in 1948?

George H. W. Bush

44. Which country has its UN code 430?


45. At what temperature are Fahrenheit and Celsius equal to each other?


46. Name a word with all vowels in order.


47. Virginia Falls is located in which region in Canada?

Northwest Territories, Canada

48. For easier observation of celestial bodies through a telescope, the roofs of observatories are designed to be?

A dome

49. Smart car brand is originated in which country?


50. What is the scientific name for Donkey?

Equus asinus

51. In the periodic table, what’s the symbol for zinc?


52. What is a species the Black Phantom Tetra is?


53. Who wrote the famous fiction The English Patient?

Michael Ondaatje

54. Of all the people born blind, none has been found to have developed what?


55. Karl Hjalmar Branting and Christian Lous Lange received the Nobel Peace Prize in which year?


56. What is the UN Code for Lesotho?


57. Baglan is a large village in where?


58. Vampires originated from an animal, which is?

A bat

59. What nation produces two-thirds of the world’s vanilla?


60. What does sadfishing mean?

Colloquial the practice adopted by some people, especially on social media, of exaggerating claims about their emotional problems to generate sympathy

61. What is a negative sanction?

a formal, legal punishment for deviating from a social norm

62. What is a pomelo?

A fruit `

63. What is the industrial use of living organisms or their components to improve human health and food reduction?


64. In which country Attadale city with postal code 6156 is located?


65. In what US State is the city Nashville?


66. Which country has its Alpha 3 code JOR?


67. In which year, the famous novel A House for Mr. Biswas was written?


68. The Earth’s surface area is what?

510 million km^2

69. What is the third-largest city in Egypt?


70. What is Independence Day in Iceland?

17 June

71. Who is a khatib?

An orator or speaker; a person who gives sermons, especially at Friday noon prayers.

72. What is Pantothenic acid?

Vitamin B5

73. Where on the human body would you find the papillae?

The tongue

74. What is the internet domain TLD for Iran?


75. What is the Alpha 3 code for Jersey?


76. Archibald Vivian Hill and Otto Fritz Meyerhof received the Nobel Prize in 1922 in which category?

Physiology or Medicine

77. Name an African country without a river.


78. What is the temperature of the ice-water mixture?

0-degree centigrade

79. The cab arrived the moment they walked ___ the hotel.

out of

80. Brooke Hogan was a cheerleader in which team?

Clearwater Central Catholic

81. What is the function of the keyboard shortcut ALT + RIGHT ARROW?


82. What kitchen appliance that saves us time did Percy Spencer invent?

The Microwave cooker

83. Mount Ararat is located in which country?


84. WHat is Shumukh?


85. Which country has its Alpha 2 code JP?


86. What is the national emblem in Afghanistan?


87. Name a country that begins and ends with the same letter.


88. Robert Andrews Millikan received the Nobel Prize in Physics in which year?


89. What year did the United States land on the moon?


90. What is the month of July called in the German language?


91. What is the Alpha 2 code for Jamaica?


92. Alici from the Gulf of Trieste near Barcola is a delicacy from which country?


93. What is the only mammal which can fly?


94. How was the name of the month of June derived?

from junius, Latin for the goddess Juno

95. Which comedian was the second permanent host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks after Mark Lamarr?

Simon Amstell

96. Chunichi Shimbun is a Japanese newspaper published in which language?


97. What is the pH for Granules of chromaffin cells?


98. What year was the Nobel prize in literature awarded for the first time?


99. Willem Einthoven received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1924 for what contribution?

“for his discovery of the mechanism of the electrocardiogram”

100. What is the IATA code for Malaga Airport, Spain?


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