50 Interesting Facts General Knowledge Fun Quiz with Answers

Are you ready to solve these interesting facts quiz with answers to general knowledge, a free online English GK trivia? Knowledge on interesting facts quiz with answers is out there ready to be collected; but, interesting facts quiz with answers knowledge has no worth until it is put to use. It’s also important to consider where, when, and how we use this information. We can figure out life and its aspects with the correct information and application, and we can transform the world into a better one with these interesting facts quiz with answers.

In 1930, Indian Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on light scattering, making him the first Asian and non-white person to earn a Nobel Prize in Science. Let’s solve these interesting facts quiz with answers.

NLS (a system that included hypertext and the computer mouse) is publicly displayed for the first time in San Francisco in 1968. Share these general knowledge interesting facts quiz with answers.

In a 3-3 draw against Bradford City in 2000, Tottenham defender Ledley King scored the fastest goal in English Premier League history, scoring just 9.82 seconds. Find these interesting facts quiz with answers!

Northern Ireland Prime Minister Terence O’Neill makes a broadcast plea for moderate opinion in 1968, in what became known as the “Ulster Stands at the Crossroads” address. Check these interesting facts quiz with answers printable!

1967 Jim Morrison was arrested on stage at the New Haven Arena in Connecticut for disturbing the peace, making him the first rock celebrity to be detained while performing. Explore these interesting general knowledge facts quiz with answers!

Interesting Facts General Knowledge Fun Quiz with Answers

1. As per the report of the University of Oxford’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment 2015, what is the CO2 intensity (kg/kWh) of Maharashtra State Power Generation Company, India?


2. What is the name of the weekly news magazine TV show for young adults?

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee (1991–2015)

3. Emmeloord city is located in which country?

The Netherlands

4. Veggie Galaxy restaurant is located in which city in Massachusetts, USA?


5. Who patented ball-bearing skate in 1884?

Levant Richardson

6. Who said, “It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly”

Isaac Asimov

7. The Congress of Breda, also known as the Breda peace talks, were a series of bilateral negotiations between which countries, held in the Dutch city of Breda from 1746 and 1748?

Great Britain and France

8. Little Tybee Island is located in which US state?


9. Le Bourget, France is one of the sisters of which city in New York?


10. Battle of Bird Creek, Indian Terr (High Shoal, Chusto-Talasah) in which year?


11. East Dartmoor Woods and Heaths NNR is a National nature reserve in which country?

England (Devon)

12. English football club Newcastle United founded in which year?


13. What is the current name of New Ambassador Theatre (1980), NY?

Ambassador Theatre

14. Lili de Alvarez Valdene is a woman tennis player from which country?


15. Roman Catholics win Parliamentary election in which country in 1894?


16. Blue represents the equality of all races and social classes before God and the law in which country’s flag?


17. Paro Chhu river is located in which country?


18. Built in 610–590 BC, what is the base monolith name, located at Delos, Greek isles?

Sounion Kouros

19. Haryanka dynasty (c. 544–413 BCE) ruled which present-day country?


20. Norwegian Parliament votes unanimously for female suffrage in which year?


21. Built in 2018, what is the name of the statue of Ramanuja in Hyderabad, Telangana, India?

Statue of Equality

22. What was Acresuchus?

An extinct Crurotarsi (reptiles)

23. Who ranks #10 in the world’s most admired man in YouGov’s international survey in 2021?

Jack Ma

24. What is the current name of WOR Mutual Radio (1943–1950), NY?

August Wilson Theatre

25. Activist Marguerite Durand founded which feminist daily newspaper in Paris in 1897?

La Fronde

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la Fronde newspaper

26. In 1913, which Dutch scientist received the Nobel prize for physics?

Heike Kamerlingh Onnes

27. What was Baroque?

a classical music style (1600–1750)

28. New Brunswick adopts Eastern Standard Time (until 1902) in which year?


29. Emperor Itoku ruled which country for 34 years?


30. American Civil War: The Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War is established by the U.S. Congress in which year?


31. Which national park in England is located in Cumbria?

Lake District

32. Miskolc city is located in which country?


33. Who is Horie Takafumi by profession in Japan?


34. What is a novel-shaped board with 70 squares?

Balbo’s Game

35. During Siege of Ladysmith, Boers storm King’s Post and Caesar’s Camp – driven back in which war in 1899?

Boer War

36. What is Bandeja paisa?

A beef dish

37. Al Bayda is founded in which country?


38. Who bought St Louis Dispatch for $2,500 in 1878?

Joseph Pulitzer

39. Csongrád-Csanád county is located in which European country?


40. 1st British government of Gladstone formed in which year?


41. Bedfordshire county is located in which country?

United Kingdom

42. What corn came in varieties that differed in color, texture, size, and prestige, and was eaten as corn tortillas, tamales or ātōlli, maize gruel in which civilization?


43. Elato is an island of the Federated States of?


44. Biafo Glacier is located in which country?


45. AL announces purchase of grounds for a stadium in NY in which year?


46. How many glaciers are there in Bhutan according to the 2018 Bhutan Glacier Inventory released by the National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology (NCHM)?


47. Who wrote the famous allegory “The Scarlet Letter”, the letter represents self-reliance from America’s Puritan and conformity?

Nathaniel Hawthorne

48. Gaekwad was a clan under which dynasty once ruled in India?

Maratha dynasty

49. What is Bammy in Jamaica?

a kind of savory cassava bread

50. Noble Order of Knights of Labor founded in which city in 1869?


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