50 Trivia Today Question of the Day Printable Fun Quiz Answers

Trivia today question of the day printable fun quiz answers are not only for fun but also for learning. You may be happy than most, but that happiness isn’t ‘perfect.’ The gratification of one’s curiosity and the knowledge of the object itself satisfies this need for knowledge, followed by an examination of the type of knowledge in terms of its excellence and worth. Explore trivia today question of the day printable fun quiz answers.

We may know all there is to know about something, but if it isn’t worth knowing, it isn’t worth knowing. If knowledge is of little value, even if it is completely obvious, it is not worth knowing trivia today question of the day printable fun quiz answers. It is tough and time-consuming to get, and because there is no end to it, it will always be unfinished. So much remains unknown, and so much will remain unknown and unavailable indefinitely. Learning may be used for both good and evil. Enjoy trivia today question of the day printable fun quiz answers.

Jim Clark, a Scottish Lotus driver, wins the South African Grand Prix at Prince George Circuit in 1963, becoming the first Scotsman to win the World Drivers Championship. Grab trivia today question of the day printable fun quiz answers.

In the 1965 Davis Cup, Men’s Tennis final in Sydney, Australia’s John Newcombe, and Tony Roche defeated Spain’s José Luis Arilla and Manuel Santana 6-3, 4-6, 7-5, 6-2 to give Australia an unassailable 3-0 lead; the match ended 4-1. Stick to trivia today’s question of the day printable fun quiz answers.

Ponder over the trivia today question of the day printable fun quiz answers! In the drawn 1st Test against West Indies in Brisbane in 1979, Australia’s World Series Cricket men return to the fold; ex-WSC stars Bruce Laird (92), Greg Chappell (74), and David Hookes (33no) furnish the scoring on Day 1 in the home side’s 229/5.

After India refused to go to South Africa for the final in protest of the South African government’s apartheid practices, South Africa was granted the Davis Cup tennis championship in 1974. Share trivia today question of the day printable fun quiz answers.

Minor league baseball classifications are altered in 1962; Eastern and South Atlantic leagues are elevated from Class-A to Class-AA, while classes B, C, and D are eliminated and those leagues are raised to Class-A. Solve these trivia today question of the day printable fun quiz answers right now!

Trivia Today Question of the Day Printable Fun Quiz Answers

1. What zodiac has its sign “9”?


2. What are Kagus?


3. “Love, Dad” (1969) is a famous work by whom, with Captain John Yossarian?

Joseph Heller

4. How many college football teams are there in North Carolina?


5. Netherlands recognizes King Leopold II’s Congo Free State in which year?


6. Chord of nature term is related to Schenkerian analysis, Music in which country?


7. What is Sheetrock?

a kind of plasterboard

8. In 1947, 1st “Howdy Doody Show” (Puppet Playhouse), telecast on which channel?


9. What is an Irish dish of mashed potatoes with scallions, butter, and milk?


10. In which year, Foundation Stone of the Cathedral of St John laid (NYC)?


11. Buckbeak creature was found in which movie?

Harry Potter

12. As a part of their adaptation, Sharks pick up on which signals as the water passes over a series of jelly-filled pores on their head?


13. In 1949, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands grants independence to which country?


14. Scales of which rare animals have medicinal powers?


15. In which year’s Stanley Cup, Victoria Rink, Montreal, Quebec: Montreal Victorias beat Ottawa Capitals, 15-2?


16. Sierra Leone Civil War began in which year?


17. Alban Arena is located in which city in the UK?

St Albans

18. 40th Davis Cup in 1951, Australia beats which team in Sydney by 3-2?


19. What is a xerox?

a copy made by a xerographic printer

20. In which year, Carrie Nation’s 1st public smashing of a bar (Carey Hotel, Wichita, Kansas)?


21. Who started his Presidentship of France in 2017?

Emmanuel Macron

22. What is the scotch tape?

fasten or attach with sellotape

23. In 1953, National Football League Championship, Briggs Stadium, Detroit: Detroit Lions beat Cleveland Browns by what score to retain the title?


24. Camping Handbook – the book is written by which philosopher?

Edmund Burke

25. In 1904, WB Yeats and Lady Gregory’s which musical was premiered in Dublin?

“On Baile’s Strand”

26. A Madea Christmas – a Christmas film was released in which year?


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A Madea Christmas

27. Think up =?

to find by thinking, devise, concoct

28. In 1954, Gian Carlo Menotti’s which prize-winning opera “The Saint of Bleecker Street” opens at Broadway Theater in NYC; runs for 92 performances?

Pulitzer Prize

29. Venice Island is located in which US state?


30. In 1905, who scores 281 (369 mins, 21 fours) NSW v Victoria?

M A Noble

31. What is Chatelaine?

a Body Jewelry

32. In 1956, which player of Boston ends the NBA free throw streak of 55 games?

Bill Sharman

33. Who was the United States Poet Laureate in 1950–1952?

Conrad Aiken

34. Azar Nafisi wrote which famous fiction in 2003?

Reading Lolita in Tehran

35. In 1918, The Great Poland Uprising against which country begins?


36. In Iran, who was elected president on July 24, 1981, and took office on August 2?

Mohammad-Ali Rajai

37. In December 1960, which country performs the nuclear tests?


38. Who said, “I can resist everything except temptation”?

Oscar Wilde

39. What is marasca?

A dalmatian bitter wild cherry tree bearing fruit whose juice is made into maraschino liqueur

40. In 1919, which team’s owner Harry Frazee announces they will deal with any player except Harry Hooper, Hooper is sent to the White Sox after the 1920 season?

Red Sox’s

41. What is Pyrex?

borosilicate glass with a low coefficient of expansion

42. In which historic Age, formation of planned cities, the introduction of ironworks, steel, and writing systems?

The Iron Age

43. In the 1961 NFL Draft, Tommy Mason from which team was first picked by Minnesota Vikings?

University of Tulane

44. In astronomy, what is Parthenope?

An asteroid

45. In 1924, which country was declared a dictatorship under Ahmed Beg Zofu?


46. Throwback =?

to refuse

47. In 1927, Philip Barry’s which musical was premiered in NYC?

“Paris Bound”

48. Queen Anne came down from the throne as the Queen of England in which year?


49. What is the name of our current era?


50. In 1924, the US signs a treaty with the which country, that denoted supersedes that of 1907: in July, the Us had withdrawn its Marines and ended its occupation?

Dominican Republic

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