60 Horse Trivia Quiz Questions Answer for Beginners and Experts

Horse trivia for beginners is full of fresh information that has been summarized so that our readers find it quite time-saving and interesting.

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These horseback riding exercises, horse trivia for beginners are designed to enhance strength, balance, and riding position:


Albatross is an upper-body exercise for improving horse trivia for beginners posture from the shoulder girdle to the upper back.

1. Lie flat on your back with your belly on the ground.
2. Keep your feet on the ground.
3. Extend your arms wide.
4. While gazing down, lift your chest and arms together.
5. Hold the extended posture for 5 seconds or as long as you can, then drop the arms.

Glute Lifts on Bridges

The Bridge Glute Lift is a great way to strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, horse trivia for beginners and lower back.

1. Lie down on your back.
2. Raise the bottom and draw the heels inwards until the knees are aligned.
3. Place your arms, palms down, flat on the floor.
4. Raise your hips and then drop them.

Bridges with only one leg

Single-Leg Bridges are a strengthening and symmetry-improving exercise.

1. Lie down on your back.
2. Raise the bottom and draw the heels inwards until the bottom is aligned with the top.
3. Place your arms, palms down, flat on the floor.
4. Raise one leg and squeeze the hips upwards, concentrating on squeezing the bottom, then drop the leg.
5. Repeat step 4 with a different leg.

Stance of the Horse

Horse Stance is a stretching exercise that helps to strengthen core muscles and stabilize the spine. Balance and coordination are also improved as a result of this with horse trivia for beginners.

1. On the ground, palms, and knees. Hands should be in line with shoulders, and knees should be in line with hips.
2. While maintaining your back straight, lift your right arm and stretch your left leg at the same time.
3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the other arm and leg.


The superman exercise, as it’s known, aids withhorse trivia for beginners  back strength and spine muscle stabilization.

1. Lie down on your stomach, point your right toe, and elevate your right leg.
2. Raise the left arm while maintaining your gaze downward.
3. Repeat the step with the opposing arm and leg.
4. Concentrate on the control rather than the speed.

Balance your horseback riding.

These three factors aid with horseback riding balance:

1. Sitting in the saddle with proper posture

Sit on the saddle’s lowest point. Leaning forward or backward is not a good idea. Straighten your back.

Align your whole body. Your hips and spine should be aligned with your heel.

The weight should be uniformly distributed. Do not rest your full body weight on the seat.

Arms should be able to move freely at all times. Because therein is a medium of communication with the horse, it must be held correctly. Keep your elbows in line with the horse’s mouth.

2. Prepare the horse for the ride. The rider and the horse will become accustomed to working together as a result of these routines.

Stand on the stirrups after mounting. It should look like you’re crouching.

Trot in a 2-point position around the track. This is a wonderful workout for strengthening leg muscles and improving balance.

Riding without stirrups will teach you how to hold your horse’s reins without assistance.

Leaning sideways on the saddle can help you enhance movement while keeping your balance.

3. Do some exercises to help you improve your saddle posture.

Strengthen the spine and abdominal core muscles. A strong core aids in the stabilization of upper-body posture.

Extension of one leg horse trivia for beginners

Plank Bicycle crunch Full body curl

Leg workouts can help you strengthen your legs with horse trivia for beginners. To increase the horse’s balance, grip, and control, the legs must be powerful. When performing these exercises, using a hip circle band will help you get better results.

Squats Squats Squats Squats Squats Squat

As much yoga as you can. Balance is improved both on and off the horse with this practice. While horseback riding, it also encourages a flexible body posture.

Warrior position with a twist in the spine horse trivia for beginners

The exercises can be done for 12 – 15 sets in 10 counts. The focus of stretches should be on control rather than how quickly the program is finished. Remember to take a break after each set.

Horse Trivia Quiz Questions Answer for Beginners and Experts

Here are 60 awesome horse trivia questions with answers for beginners, as well as for experts

1. From 1993 through 1999, which horse set a record by winning seven straight Grade One Prix La Haye Jousselin steeplechases at Auteuil Hippodrome?

Al Capone II

2. Neptune Collonges is a retired AQPS racehorse that originated in which country?


3. A horse can’t see anything straight in front of him or directly behind his tail — true or false?


4. DO you know the name of the horse that won the prestigious AQPS top-class National Hunt racehorse during the early 1990s, as well won King George VI Chase in 1991 and 1992?

The Fellow

5. Which body part of your horse is very important to helping a horse ‘see’, apart from the horse’s eyes?


6. Which coat color is also commonly named “coon tail”, “ticking” or “skunk tail”?

Rabicano (rah-bih-KAH-no)

7. Which design horses generally have a white face and at least one dark leg?


8. What horse markings are generally sharp with clean edges and have a lot of blue eyes?


9. Crioulo horse breed was originated in which country?


10. Castillonnais horse breed was originated in which country?


11. In the American Quarter Horse, much white is an undesirable feature — true or false?


12. Longer races are generally referred to as what in the USA?


13. The Grand National is a significant National Hunt horse race that is held yearly at the historical Aintree Racecourse in which city in England?


14. What is the name of the only pinto pattern in American Quarter Horses that has been identified?

The overo (oh-VEHR-oh)

15. Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sportsbook horse race takes place in which course?

Del Mar

16. What is considered Australia’s most famous annual Thoroughbred horse race?

The Melbourne Cup

17. Appaloosa horse breed was originated in which country?


18. What is considered the largest horse racing organization, commercially-run in the United Kingdom?

The Jockey Club

19. What color pattern results in a wide range of white spots, ranging from typical socks to severe marks over the horse’s body?

Sabino (sah-BEE-no)

20. Who was the one and only winner of the Breeders Cup Grand Slam?

American Pharoah

21. Barbe horse breed was originated in which country?


22. The Preakness Stakes horserace is held on which racecourse?

Pimlico Race Course

23. What is meant by “get off one`s high horse”?

be humble and agreeable

24. Flemington Racecourse is owned by which club?

Victoria Racing Club, Australia

25. What links the famous horses: Harlan’s Holiday, Sun King, and Macho Uno?

Won Pennsylvania Derby

26. What is the ranked number 1 horse in the Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Hudson Ridge

27. What is American Pharoah?

An American Racing Hall of Fame

28. Comune horse breed was originated in which country?


29. Aintree Racecourse is located in which country in England?


30. Which breed is a popular saddle horse nowadays, despite the fact that it is still occasionally employed in harness in a traditional “Tachanka”?


helium horse horse helium horse riding tips for beginners barrel racing tips for beginners horseback riding tips for beginners horse tips for beginners horse jumping tips for the beginner

31. Ascot Racecourse was opened in which year in England?


32. What is the meaning of “as stubborn as a mule”?

very stubborn

33. Which horse breeds are descended from a mix of Shire, Friesian, Clydesdale, and Dales pony?

Gipsy Vanner

34. During which event does Roxanne Trunnell set a new Paralympic World Record?

2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games

35. What is meant by “hold one`s horses”?

to wait, to be patient

36. Royal International Horse Show was first held in which year?


37. Which horse-related film follows Craig, an 18-year-old who is trying to get his family’s farm back on track after his father’s death?

The Man From Snowy River

38. Which in the list does not belong to any FEI International Discipline: Combined driving, Endurance riding, Harness racing, Horseball?

Harness racing

39. Who was the artist of the famous painting “Napoleon Crossing the Alps”?

Jacques-Louis David

40. Which country tops the rank for medalist with 25 gold medals (52 overall) in Equestrian sports in the Olympics?


41. Yabu horse breed was originated in which country?


42. Who was the rider when a horse named Something held the record for the longest jump over water in Johannesburg, South Africa?

Andre Ferreira

43. The Doncaster Mile race held at which racecourse in Australia?

Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney

44. Who is the oldest rider at the Olympics?

Arthur von Pongracz, 72-year-old from Austria performed at the 1936 Summer Olympics

45. Caulfield Cup is held in which location in Australia?


46. Which horse breeds are said to have arrived in Norway around 4000 years ago and were tamed around 2000?


47. What is the horse called who has large splotches of white alongside another color?

A Pinto horse

48. Where do you see the famous painting “Horse Frightened by a Lion”?

The Tate Gallery, London, England

49. What is meant by “get off one`s high horse”?

to act in a haughty manner

50. How long ago do researchers estimate the horse’s first known ancestor lived?

50 million years ago

51. What is the meaning of “as strong as a horse”?

Strong enough

52. Which horse has the record for the highest jump?

Huaso who jumped 8 feet, 1 and 1/4 inches

53. Age does not affect the white coat color of a white horse, if any changes occur, can take place for seasonal changes — true or false?


54. Which horse’s body color is an extremely pale cream; whereas its mane and tail to be darker than the body, called cinnamon-buff and eyes blue?

Albinos Type B

55. What is ANCEE?

National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association

56. What is the name of the horse ridden by Wade Hampton during the American Civil War?


57. What are Endurance, Vaulting, and Gymkhana?

Horseriding discipline

58. The ears of a calm horse are turned to the side and relaxed as well — true or false?


59. What does the horse do with his ears when he is nervous?

Swivels back and forth

60. The horse’s ancestor who lived 50 million years ago is called what?


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