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The horse knowledge quiz is full of useful information about horses, breeds, racing, training, coat, riding, and many other areas. People get a lot of valuable information exactly they need. The horse is an interesting, intelligent, and emotional, domesticated animal.

Horse knowledge quiz can easily be shared with companions, friends, and competitors. You can find much useful information from this fresh, evergreen horse knowledge quiz, appropriate for fans of all ages. When you will have enough information about horses, you will feel confident by dint of this horse knowledge quiz.

Readers are often surprised to learn that I do not own my own horse, despite the fact that I am an equestrian writer who writes frequently on equine partnerships for horse knowledge quiz. In reality, I only had my own horse for about a year before I had to make the difficult decision to rehome him due to financial constraints.

So, throughout my twenty-five years of riding, one of my friends virtually always ridden someone person’s horse. They were also used as lesson horses on occasion with horse knowledge quiz. Sometimes they were project horses, and sometimes they were simply horses who didn’t receive enough riding experience. So trust me when I say that I understand the desire to own a horse better than the majority of people. Despite the heartbreak of saying goodbye to steed after steed, I’ve continued to ride because horses are a part of my identity with horse knowledge quiz.

So, if you’re an equestrian who still rides even if you don’t own a horse, this post is for you. Though owning a horse provides opportunities to learn horse knowledge quiz how to devote to and care for a horse in all aspects of its life, riding a variety of horses provides unique possibilities to grow as an equestrian.

I’ve learned a few tactics throughout the years that you may apply to become the greatest equestrian you can be.

When you don’t own a horse, you could feel as though you’re missing out on important aspects of horse ownership. While some conditions are more likely to emerge horse knowledge quiz as a result of owning a horse (such as vet costs), the main factor that separates you is simply time. There are several obstacles and learning opportunities available due to the passage of time.

You don’t always have the same amount of time with each horse while taking lessons or riding a friend’s horse. So, what’s the answer? Take advantage of any learning opportunity of horse knowledge quiz that comes your way.

Horses are the finest instructors, and learning from several horses will accelerate your understanding far more quickly than working with just one. So, in every session, with a horse knowledge quiz, maintain a learning mindset, be willing to try new things, and embrace inquiry whenever you don’t grasp something.

Horse knowledge quiz

Here are 65 interesting horse knowledge quiz trivia questions and answers online free for general readers:

1. Which animals have bigger eyes than any other mammal that lives on land?


2. What is “flehmen”?

a special nose-enhancing technique of horses that determines whether a smell is bad or good

3. A horse can seem better or worse at night than a human?


4. What is the most common horse marking?


5. How fast are a horse’s reflexes?

A horse can have a powerful kick in just 0.3 seconds (human reaction time is 1.6 seconds)

6. What is the most common type of dun horse?

Zebra Dun

7. The hand is a non-SI unit of measurement of length equal to what inch?

4 in (101.6 mm)

8. What is the average height of an adult horse?

1.4 – 1.8 m

9. Front hooves of the horse are shaped more like a square base because of what?

Horses put the most of their body weight and strength on the front hooves

10. What is the name of the horse John Hunt Morgan rode during the American Civil War?

Black Bess

11. What type of horse was used during the Middle Ages to refer to an ordinary, all-purpose horse?


12. What is the maximum speed (Sprint) of a horse?

88 km/h

13. Behind the place of the saddle to the exact point of hip’s beginning called what?


14. The pack horse is used for what purpose?

Carry goods

15. What was the name of the horse Napoleon rode at Waterloo?

Desiree white Arabian

16. What is gelding?

A gelding a male horse that’s three years or older of age and has been castrated

17. Who do horses cannot do the splits?

A Horse has a fixed pelvis

18. What is the scientific name of a horse?

Equus caballus

19. What modern horse sport evolved from the cavalry training of European warhorses?


20. What is the part of a horse between a fetlock and a hoof called?


21. What is the name of the bit in a dressage double bridle?


22. Blackhorse Road is located in which country?


23. What are foals?

newborn horses that haven’t been weaned

24. What was the name of America’s first organized sport that took place in 1664?

Horse Racing

25. The term withers are related to which body part of the horse?

Neck and Back

26. What is the average gestation duration for horses?

336 days

27. What is the part of a military force formed of troops that serve on horseback?


28. The term forelock is related to which body part of the horse?


29. Along with Car racing, what other sport were banned in the USA during WW2?

Horse Racing

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Hot Rod Charlie

30. The back part of a horse’s head is called what?


31. What was known as the first “Wonder Horse” in the film?


32. The heels of English riders are pushed down where, but the heels of Western riders are not?

in the stirrups

33. Any horse between one and two years old is called what?


34. What is it called when the horse’s front legs remain by the fence while the hind legs shift towards the inside?

A shoulder-in

35. Who rode a horse named Phantom?


36. What is the name of the horse George H. Thomas rode during the American Civil War?


37. In showjumping, how many refusals are required before a rider is disqualified?


38. Where a horse’s throat meets the chin, it’s where the bridle goes on a horse called what?


39. Where do you find Horn related to horses?

A part of the saddle

40. What are the two workhorses from Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Bess and Beauty

41. the US calls it headstall, what does the UK call?


42. What is the four inches measurement unit for horses called?

A hand

43. Five basic coat colors are Bay, Black, Brown, White, and what?


44. What is the name of the method of training a horse that involves the horse circling the trainer holding the other end of the lunge line?


45. How can you tell whether a bit is properly installed with the horse?

Two wrinkles may be seen in the horse’s mouth corner

46. Clever Hans was the name of horse rode by which famous person?

Wilhelm Von Osten

47. What are a horse’s mane, lower legs, ear tips, and tail called?


48. What kind of horse does Vienna’s renowned Spanish Riding School ride?


49. What do you call a blonde-colored horse?


50. How many types of speeds are there in horses?

Four (walk, trot, canter, and gallop)

51. What is the tack maker of a horse called?


52. Old Robin was the horse-ridden by which US President?

Abraham Lincoln

53. Conditions of horses that are hardier and have a higher chance of remaining healthy and sound called what?


54. What is considered the most aggressive horse breed?


55. What type of horse breed is Seabiscuit?

American racehorse

56. The term chestnuts is related to which organs of the horse?


57. What is the English riding discipline called with roots in ancient Greece and medieval Europe?


58. How many seasons of Free Rein are there?


59. What are some of the easiest horse breeds to ride for anyone?

Morgan, Friesian, Icelandic, American Quarter, Tennessee Walking, Connemara Pony, and Welsh Cob

60. Which of the dressage elements is fully performed in the air?


61. What is the study of horses called?


62. What links leg-yielding, rein-back, shoulder-in, travers, and renvers?

Dressage movements

63. The term crest is related to which body part of the horse?

Topline of the neck

64. What is the most successful nation in the sport of dressage?


65. What is considered the longest horse race in the UK?

The Queen Alexandra Stakes

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