50 International Quiz Questions General Knowledge Hardest

Have fun with the international quiz questions general knowledge hardest trivia! Society is made possible by knowledge. As society gets more organized and complicated, knowledge demands become increasingly complex, imposing ever higher demands on our capacity to store and use data. The international quiz questions general knowledge hardest trivia inside a very simple social structure becomes its common language, kinship system, and technical culture for producing tools, hunting animals, and gathering wild plants for sustenance. The term “culture” refers to the people’s collective, shared, maintained, and remembered knowledge about international quiz questions general knowledge hardest trivia.

American singer Lady Gaga’s first compilation album, The Remix, was released in 2010 and featured numerous remixes of songs from both The Fame and The Fame Monster. Explore international quiz questions general knowledge hardest GK trivia. It reached the top five in Canada and the United Kingdom, as well as the top six in the United States. The remix album has sold 500,000 copies worldwide, making it one of the most successful remix albums of all time.

Share international quiz questions general knowledge hardest trivia. To go along with the possible names for Neptune, a number of symbols have been offered. Urbain Le Verrier, claiming the authority to name his finding, offered the name Neptune and the sign of a trident, falsely claiming that this had been accepted by the French Bureau des Longitudes. He attempted to name the planet Leverrier after himself in October, and he received enthusiastic backing from the observatory director, François Arago, who provided a new sign for the planet (proposed symbol for planet Leverrier). Outside of France, however, this plan was received with strong opposition. Uranus was renamed Herschel after its discoverer, Sir William Herschel, and the new planet was given the name Leverrier by French almanacs. The name Janus for the new planet was advocated by Professor James Pillans of the University of Edinburgh, who recommended a key as its emblem. Have fun with international quiz questions general knowledge hardest trivia.

Christian Pulisic, a US international, becomes the most expensive American soccer player in 2019 when he transfers from Borussia Dortmund to Chelsea for £58 million; he stays on loan at Dortmund until the conclusion of the season. Ponder over international quiz questions general knowledge hardest trivia

International Quiz Questions General Knowledge Hardest

1. Allstate Arena is the American Hockey League home arena for which team?

Chicago Wolves

2. Center for Career & Technical Education school is located in which city in Maryland?


3. Which defunct American magazine was lats published in 1988?

80 Micro

4. Marie Maynard Daly, one of the greatest chemists born in which year?


5. In 1948, which police actions up Java gone on strike?


6. Who was Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, usually simply known as Rembrandt?

A Dutch Golden Age painter, printmaker and draughtsman

7. What is Tsaritsyno in Russia?

Railway station

8. Who is the write of the architecture book “The Architecture of the City”?

Aldo Rossi

9. What does the phrase “Shake a leg” mean?

Hurry up NU

10. In 1946, which troops leave Lebanon during the WWII?


11. Damascus city is located in which country?


12. Afrasiab is a fictional character of which Persian epic poem?

Shāhnāmeh by Ferdowsi

13. In 1949, 18 countries recognize which Republic?


14. Willem van Aelst, a Dutch painter, listed in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. born in which year?


15. In 1944, Japanese army evacuates which harbor city in Myanmar?


16. Which zodiac has its translation scales?


17. In which year, American thoroughbred jockeys Bill Shoemaker and Joe Culmone end the year tied, leading the nation with a record of 388 wins?


18. Abbeyleix is a beautiful town, located in which European country?

Republic of Ireland

19. What was the name of action taken by Francis in 2013 the resulted in the on criminal matters?

Ai nostri tempi

20. In 1944, 48 people die in a train accident in which city in Utah?


21. She is eating for two – means what?

She is pregnant

22. Mario Molina, one of the greatest chemists was born in which year?


23. The Operation (Touch) is a famous painting by whom?


24. In which session of the American Hockey League, the Washington Lions ceased operations?


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American Hockey League

25. In 1941, Young Park (2) in the Bronx was named in honor of whom?

Samuel Young

26. Which city park in New York City has an area of 843 acres (3.41 km2)?

Central Park, Manhattan

27. In which year, 1st battery to convert radioactive energy to electricity announced?


28. Jim Hickman was whose predecessor in the Left Behind series?

Suhail Akbar

29. What is a demonym or gentilic?

a word that identifies a group of people in relation to a particular place

30. In 1935, who patented the board game Monopoly, goes on to be the 1st millionaire game designer?

Charles Darrow

31. Who in Germany espoused a form of fascism that incorporated fervent antisemitism, anti-communism, scientific racism, and the use of eugenics into its creed?

The Nazi Party, led by Adolf Hitler

32. In 1953, who was sworn in as Manhattan Borough president?

Hulan Jack

33. Who was Marcus Aemilius Scaurus?

Roman praetor 56 BC

34. Revolutionary Movement 13th November was held in which country?


35. CPH becomes Dutch Communist Party in which year?


36. What was the name of protest held in Myanmar 2007?

Saffron Revolution

37. Which term describes a title of nobility used by a man because his wife holds the office or title suo jure?

Jure uxoris

38. WFBC (now WYFF) TV channel 4 in G’ville-Spartanburg, SC (NBC) begins in which year?


39. Manuel I creates the public mail service of Portugal, the Correio Público-Public Post Office in which year?


40. In 1932, who was sworn-in as mayor of NYC?

John P O’Brien

41. Normandy is a fabulous place in which country?


42. Charles William Miller is a rugby player from which country?


43. In 1953, who shatters record, riding 485 winners in a year?

Bill Shoemaker

44. Who was termsed as the “The Conqueror” in the Portuguese House of Burgundy?

Alphonso I

45. In 1934, who becomes 1st woman to pilot an airmail transport?

Helen Richey

46. “Rake in bunker” term is associated with which sport?


47. In the 42nd Davis Cup in 1953, which team beats USA in Melbourne (3-2)?


48. Who was the Mayor (colonial period) of New York in 1667?

Thomas Willett

49. Which buisness relations are thought to have developed during the second half of 3rd millennium BCE?


50. In which year, Pontifical encyclical Casti connubii against mixed marriages?


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