55 Horse Facts Quiz Questions Answer Free Equestrian Trivia

The horse facts quiz is a good source to harness knowledge about horses. There are many things to know about horses, where these horse facts quizzes are an indication and the way of learning one should earn in a lifetime on the basis of continuous learning about this animal.

Learn from these horse facts quiz about lifestyle, history, facts, and much other random horse trivia! When you will be going on with new things and learning about your horse, you will feel more respect and love for it, and this relationship will be stronger over time!

The definition of equestrian becomes evident once you realize that equus is the Latin word for “horse.” Someone who works with horses is known, horse facts quiz, as an equestrian. It may also be used as an adjective to refer to anything related to horseback riding.

Heavy horses, light horses, and ponies are the three primary types of horse breeds. The biggest horses, with huge bones and thick legs, are known as heavy horses. One of them, the horse facts quiz, is above 2,000 pounds. Smaller horses with little bones and slender legs are known as light horses.

A stallion is a male horse, whereas a mare is a female horse. A stud is a stallion that is utilized for breeding. A gelding is a stallion that has been castrated, horse facts quiz, Stallions used to be used as riding horses, whereas mares were maintained solely for breeding.

Eventing is a type of equestrian triathlon that was created to put military horses to the test. Through a dressage exam, horses must first demonstrate their ability to respond to the rider, horse facts quiz. Then, in an endurance phase, their speed, endurance, and cross-country leaping skills are put to the test.

Equestrians work with students of all ages to enhance equitation, manage equine food and nutrition in preparation for breeding, and prepare, horse facts quiz, for competition in a number of disciplines.

In ancient Rome, an eques (Latin: “horseman”) was a knight who was originally a member of the cavalry and subsequently a political and administrative, horse facts quiz, class as well as an equestrian order.

I hope this title gets under your skin a little bit if you’re an equestrian. Anyone who has spent any time riding horses understands that becoming an equestrian involves a great deal of effort, humility, horse facts quiz, and a perpetual state of learning.

Riding lessons are a common way for people to begin their equestrian experience. Only a select few equestrians are fortunate enough to begin their careers with their own horses.

While many riders will acquire a horse along the road, some of us will continue to ride without ever owning a horse. Nonetheless, I’ve seen in the equestrian scene, horse facts quiz, over the years that there’s an underlying belief that you’re not a true equestrian unless you buy your own horse.

Horse Facts Quiz Questions Answer Free Equestrian Trivia

Below is a massive collection of vital horse facts quiz for everyone! Keep going!

1. Which joint of a horse is similar to your ankle joint?


2. Where the hoof wall of a horse grows from?

Coronet Band

3. Kicking Horse Canyon Project is owned by which country?


4. Which film depicts the journey of a little kid who, despite his dire financial situation, is determined to acquire his favorite horse?


5. Eclipse, a Thoroughbred racehorse from Great Britain has how many undefeated wins?


6. What is the name of a competitive event similar to rodeo, which was developed from animal husbandry practices in Mexico?

The charreada or charrería

7. Para-equestrian Dressage is from which discipline?

English Style Disciplines

8. What is a horse’s Trapezius?


9. Which horse racing venue has the most capacity of 223,000?

Tokyo Racecourse

10. What is an equestrian event in which a single horse and rider compete against other participants in dressage, cross-country, and show jumping disciplines?


11. W.S. Cox Plate Weight for Age Thoroughbred horse race in Melbourne, Australia takes place during which month?

Late October

12. What does “Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth” mean in English?

Don’t be ungrateful for what you have. For example, refuse to accept a present, be unthankful, and mistreat the person who gave you the gift.

13. How faster does a horse’s hoof grows every month?

Approximately 1/4″

14. What is the name of brush with soft bristles that you use in order to remove fine hairs, grease, and bits of dirt?

Body brush

15. Who is the Trainer of the horse None Above the Law in the Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Peter Miller

16. What is the name of the horse born in captivity that dreams of being free in the famous movie Running Free?


17. What does “Trojan Horse” mean in English?

Something that looks to be one thing but is actually another (or contains something else); frequently a gift.

18. Which body part of the horse is located at the top of the hindquarters, prolonged from the horse’s hip to the dock of the tail?


19. What is a traditional Venezuelan and Colombian sport related to cowboys and horseback riding?


20. Facial marking of the horse where white covers most of the horse’s face is called what?


21. Which horse has won his first stakes race on April 25, 2021?

None Above the Law

22. What is the name of a large muscle on the horse’s hind leg?


23. What is the hair section that hangs between a horse’s ears called?


24. What is the name of a traditional gaucho sport of the Rio de la Plata area of South America associated with equestrian sports?

The corrida de sortija

25. You need to move your outside leg behind the girth in order to ensure what?

to push the horse’s hindquarters off the track

26. What are the two main forms of Thoroughbred horseracing?

Flat racing and hurdle

27. Which Thoroughbred racehorse has the most undefeated record in history?

Kincsem (54)

28. A horse wears more than one kind of what?


29. Who is Maximus in the film Tangled?

A brave white horse

30. What is a metal or plastic piece with a hook at the end you use in order to remove dirt, stones, and other debris from a horse’s hooves?

Hoof pick

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31. What was the race distance from 1943 to 1971 of the W.S. Cox Plate, Australia?

10 furlongs

32. Who is the Trainer of the horse Hudson Ridge in the Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Bob Baffert

33. What is called a plastic or metal piece with a curved head you can scrape water and sweat off a horse from?

Sweat Scraper

34. Which type of tack is associated with western riding, which is what cowboys would have used?

Western tack

35. In which countries, a mail-coach driving was a stagecoach?

Great Britain, Ireland, and Australia

36. Which saddle does not have decoration on it?

English saddle

37. Gran Premio Jockey Club is a horserace hosted by which country?


38. Tokyo Racecourse was founded in which year?


39. Peppers Pride, a Thoroughbred racehorse with undefeated 19 wins was originated from which country?

United States

40. In the UK, who is an official of the New Forest Verderers who controls grazing on the Forest by New Forest Ponies and other livestock called?


41. Which coat color of the horse can be compared to as much the color of a loaf of well-baked bread as anything?


42. What do you understand when someone says “Get Off Your High Horse”?

To be more agreeable, or humble

43. In Western riding, the trot is referred to what?


44. Herati horse breed is originated from which country?


45. In the film Mister Ed, what is the breed of the talking and wise-cracking horse?


46. Do you know how many teeth a female horse possesses?


47. What is one of the first lessons a novice rider is taught while horseriding is what?

When a horse’s ears are forward he is alert

48. What is Canada’s oldest Thoroughbred horse race?

The Queen’s Plate

49. Bay coats of the horse always have what colored points?


50. When the horse’s ears are found flicking back and forth is a sign of what?

A heightened state of anxiety or alertness

51. National Competition of Horsemen is held in which country?


52. What is the name of the horse in the film Sleeping Beauty?


53. What was the name of the 19th-century horse that reportedly lived 62 years?

Old Billy

54. What is the only truly wild horse species still in existence?

The Przewalski’s horse

55. A dark bay coated horse shows more what color?


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