50 US History American Trivia GK Quiz Questions with Answers

Are you prepared for the US history American trivia questions with answers medium easy hard interesting fun quiz in the printable test? Despite their eagerness to follow in the footsteps of the Spanish and Portuguese, the English trailed far behind in their colonial ambitions. The English had a theoretical claim to the North American continent as a result of John Cabot’s 1497 trip off the coast of Nova Scotia, but they lacked the resources and willingness to back up that claim in the 16th century.

Let’s learn something from US history American trivia questions with answers medium easy hard interesting fun quiz. As a result, England relied on private trade corporations to safeguard its interests in the expanding European realm, which were primarily concerned with commercial development rather than territorial expansion.

It’s time to explore the US history American trivia questions with answers medium easy hard interesting fun quiz. The Muscovy Company, founded in 1554, was the earliest of these commercial operations. Martin Frobisher, an English mariner, embarked on three expeditions in quest of a Northwest Passage to the Far East between 1576 and 1578. Sir Francis Drake’s famed expedition around the world began in 1577, raiding the western coast of South America along the way.

A year later, Sir Humphrey Gilbert, one of the most ardent Elizabethan imperialists, initiated a series of initiatives in North America with the goal of creating permanent colonies. Grab the US history American trivia questions with answers medium easy hard interesting fun quiz with friends and family.

Share the US history American trivia questions with answers medium easy hard interesting fun quiz if you like. All of his efforts were greeted with mediocre results at best. Gilbert, together with five boats and 260 men, vanished in the North Atlantic in September 1583. Following the failure of Gilbert’s trip, the English turned to a new man, Sir Walter Raleigh, and a new plan to enhance England’s fortunes in the New World: a southern rather than a northern path to North America.

Find some US history American trivia questions with answers medium easy hard interesting fun quiz here. Raleigh’s efforts to create a permanent colony off the coast of Virginia failed when the Roanoke Island colony was mysteriously destroyed in 1587, but they sparked public interest in a permanent colonizing enterprise.

US History American Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

1. The killer of Abraham Lincoln was _____, by occupation.

Stage Actor

2. When was Captain America introduced in the country?

In 1941.

3. Name the first program broadcasted by NBC?

Cartoon, Felix the Cat.

4. In 1878, which disease wiped out the one-fourth population of Memphis?

Yellow Fever.

5. Who designed and sewed the first American Flag?

Betsy Ross

6. Which area in the 1930s was colonized by the farmers of the USA?

Matanuska Valley, Alaska.

7. In 1959, which two places become states?

Alaska and Hawaii.

8. Name the oldest Capital city in the U.S.

Santa Fe.

9. When was the first U.S. Navy created?

In 1775.

10. Who was the 33rd President of America?

Harry S. Truman.

11. In 1918, which disease killed 548,000 people in America?

Flu Epidemic.

12. When did the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade arrive in Vietnam?

In 1965.

13. When were the American Indians recognized as U.S Citizens?

In 1924.

14. When did the last passenger pigeon die in the U.S.?

In 1914.

15. Name the African-American person who invented Peanut Butter.

George Washington Carver.

16. Name the first American Space Station.


17. Which year is known as the “Year without summer”?


18. When was the first rocket deployed in America?

In the war of 1812.

19. Democratic Party’s donkey symbol was adopted in


20. The Republican Party’s elephant symbol was adopted in


21. From where the first two navel orange trees were brought to the US?


22. In which year were the first two orange navel trees brought to the US?

In 1875

23. Name the first holiday celebrated nationwide?

100th anniversary of George Washington’s inauguration

24. When was the first national holiday celebrated?

On April 30th, 1889

25. The Current U.S. Flag Was Designed by

Robert G. Heft (17 yrs, in 1958)

us history trivia questions with answers

26. When was Cleopatra’s Needle brought to the US?

In 1879

27. Name the only President who died before his parents.

John F. Kennedy

28. Where was the first Motel built?

San Lois Obispo

29. Which US president has an extremely symmetrical face

Bill Clinton

30. Who delivered Monroe Doctrine?

President James Monroe

31. When was the Mayflower Compact signed?

In 1620

32. Which Treat ended the French and Indian War?

The Treaty of Paris of 1763

33. Name the document having the first ten amendments of the constitution.

Bill of Rights

34. Which year did America win the First American Yacht race?

In 1851.

35. Who installed the first elevator in America?

Elisha Otis

36. When was the first elevator installed?

In 1857

37. In which year the Republican Party was formed?

In 1854

38. Where was the Republican Party founded?

Ripon, Wisconsin, United States

39. April 24, 1800, is the date of which great event?

Establishing of U.S Library of Congress

40. In which year the first edition of the New York Post was published?

In 1801

41. Name America’s first lady.

Martha Washington

42. Who proved that tomatoes are not poisonous?

Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson

43. In which year Adams-Onis Treaty was ratified?

In 1821

44. Who was chosen as President by the House of Representatives in 1824?

John Adams

45. Who won the popular vote in the Presidential Election of 1824 but did not become the President?

Andrew Jackson

46. Who patents the internal combustion Engine?

Samuel Morey

47. When did the American Novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne die?

In 1864

48. Who is considered the womanizer president in history?

Lyndon B. Johnson

49. In which year did Russia finalize its sale of Alaska to the United States?


50. Which year was the first colored Television program broadcasted in America?

In 1951

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