50 Trivia Quiz General Knowledge Questions with Answers

General knowledge trivia quiz questions with answers might also aid you in the classroom. Almost all competitive tests include a large number of questions that test general knowledge trivia quiz questions with answers and reasoning skills. During interviews, applicants are frequently questioned about current events as well as their opinions on various current events, which a candidate can only respond to if he has a sufficient understanding of the issue based on trivia quiz questions with answers.

General knowledge trivia quiz questions with answers may help you with anything from planning a garden to balancing a checkbook. Whether you’re deciding on your career or organizing a vacation, having a good understanding of everything can aid you in some manner. It will enhance the significance and prosperity of your entire existence by dint of trivia quiz questions with answers. You can relate distinct, discrete facts to other facts the more you know about certain subjects. This leads to a better comprehension of facts and a better understanding of trivia quiz questions with answers, which is best for you.

People with a high level of general knowledge trivia quiz questions with answers are more receptive to new experiences and engage in normal intellectual activities. People with a high level of openness may be more inclined to engage in intellectual activities that help them learn more. Even when IQ-like trivia quiz questions with answers is taken into consideration, the link between receptivity to experience and general knowledge remains strong.

Trivia quiz questions with answers

1. What is chute?

a vertical or inclined plane, channel, or passage through which objects are moved by means of gravity

2. What are also fairly large-sized herbivorous mammals from the Late Cretaceous?


3. Which glands control your levels of calcium and phosphorus?


4. Amur–Argun–Kherlen rivers pass through which countries?

Russia, China, Mongolia

5. In Braille which letter uses the least number of raised dots?


6. Nicaragua celebrates its independence day on what date?

September 15

7. What is the gestation duration of Spider Monkey?

139 days

8. Golden jubilee means what?

50 years

9. Wapama Falls is located in which country?

California, United States

10. The French call it creme anglaise what do we call it?


11. Roman Emperor Diocletian received what prestigious title in 295 and 298?

Persicus Maximus (“great victor over the Persians”)

12. You tend to believe only what you want to believe, unintentionally. True or false?


13. What is the field of medicine that deals with the skin?


14. What is a place conceived of by secular interpretations of Abrahamic religions, as the realm wherein good people who have died continue to exist in some form?


15. Venation is used to describe what item?


16. Which six US presidents were named James?

Madison, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan, Garfield, and Carter.

17. Name a word with vowels in order.


18. Doberman Pinscher is a what kind of animal breed?


19. Who wrote the popular fiction The World According to Garp?

John Irving

20. Tellus was the Greek god of what?


21. What is the internet country domain TLD for Saint Kitts and Nevis?


22. What is the supernatural being who does not have as much power or influence as a deity called?


23. Where is the present location of the ancient city Nikephorion Alexander the Great founded?

Raqqa in Syria

24. Birmingham Snow Hill railway station is located in which country?


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Birmingham Snow Hill Station, England

25. Who were UPS’s original customers?

Department stores

26. Who is a Lebanese?

Person from Lebanon

27. What is the meaning of the French idiom – joindre les deux bouts?

to make ends meet

28. What is the meaning of the New English term Unfathom?

To come to understand (something mysterious, puzzling, or complicated); to solve (a mystery, etc.)

29. Renée Zellweger was a cheerleader for which insitution?

Katy High School

30. Which country is due south of Serbia?


31. What is the output of the PC shortcut keys “Win + B”?

[Set focus in the notification area]

32. Around how many pencils can be made from one average tree?


33. Name a word with all the vowels in alphabetical order.


34. Ortolan bunting is a delicacy in which country?


35. What is unique about the pistol star?

Brightest in sky

36. Who is the Father of Cloning?

Ian Wilmut

37. Monument to which personality is located in St. Nicholas’ Church (Landwade, Suffolk)?

Sir John Cotton (d.1712)

38. St. Eugene Cemetery is located in which country?

Algeria (Algiers)

39. What is the month of July called in the Italian language?


40. What are shaggy mane and pig’s ear?

Mushrooms or fungi

41. Which airport has the IATA code ACP?

Sahand Airport, Araracuara, Colombia

42. What is the common name of the primate Callithrix penicillata?

Black-tufted marmoset

43. Why is Rainer Blüm notorious?

A stamp forger

44. Which US president invented the Franklin stove?

Benjamin Franklin

45. A giraffe’s eyelashes are what color?


46. Araracuara Airport is located in which country?


47. Admiralty Court revenue stamp was used by which country in 1855-1858?

Great Britain and Ireland

48. International air mail became obsolete in the USA in which year?


49. Which airport has its ICAO code EGJA?

Alderney Airport, UK

50. The state tree of Arizona is really a legume – name it?

Palo Alto

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