100 Easy Miscellaneous Trivia Questions and Answers GK Quiz

Easy miscellaneous trivia questions and answers are a fantastic way to entertain and educate the younger members of your family. These questions are designed to be simple and fun, making them accessible for kids and enjoyable for adults too. Friends, neighbors, and others will find these trivia games a delightful way to engage with children, encouraging them to think and learn in a playful setting. The trivia questions can cover a wide range of topics, from animals and nature to simple math and history, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you are hosting a family game night or looking for an educational activity to pass the time, these trivia questions provide a wonderful opportunity to bond and create lasting memories.

Solving Trivia Together

These easy miscellaneous trivia questions and answers in English are not only fun but also versatile in how they can be approached. Children can attempt to solve the questions on their own, which promotes independence and critical thinking. However, they can also seek the help of parents, mentors, or teachers when needed. This collaborative effort fosters a supportive learning environment where children feel comfortable asking for assistance and learning from others. It also provides a platform for parents and mentors to actively engage with children’s education, making the learning process a shared experience. The act of solving trivia questions together can enhance communication skills and strengthen the relationship between children and their caregivers or educators.

Building Confidence Through Trivia

Regularly engaging with easy miscellaneous trivia questions and answers in English can significantly boost a person’s confidence in their general knowledge. As individuals repeatedly answer questions correctly, they begin to feel more knowledgeable and assured in their understanding of the world. This confidence can extend beyond trivia games, influencing their performance in school and social interactions. Moreover, being well-versed in a variety of topics helps individuals feel prepared and informed in various situations. Continuous practice with trivia not only enhances memory and recall but also instills a sense of achievement and pride. It encourages a habit of lifelong learning and curiosity about the world around them.

Expanding World Knowledge

Participating in trivia quizzes regularly helps individuals stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the world. The trivia questions often span a wide array of subjects, including current events, scientific discoveries, cultural phenomena, and historical facts. By engaging with such diverse topics, children and adults alike expand their horizons and deepen their understanding of the world. This broad knowledge base can be particularly beneficial in academic settings, where a well-rounded understanding of various subjects is valued. Additionally, it promotes intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn more about different topics, fostering a lifelong passion for knowledge and discovery. Business – Money Making – Marketing – E-commerce

Hello learner, let’s solve the easy miscellaneous trivia questions and answers in English now, full of fun, adventure, and entertainment. When you successfully solve quizzes like these easy miscellaneous trivia questions and answers in the English quiz printable, you will feel encouraged with a different tire of worldly knowledge.


Easy miscellaneous trivia questions and answers

1. Mugodzhar Hills is located in which country?

Mountain range in Kazakhstan

2. How many people speak the Bulgarian language?

8 million

3. Ibadan is the capital and most populous city of which state in Nigeria?

Oyo State

4. ŠKODA car brand originated from which country?

Czech Republic

5. Savignano sul Rubicone city is located in which country?


6. Maidenhead is located in which country in England?


7. ASICS is a cloth brand in which country?


8. The most used operating system is what?

Windows operating system

9. What is Kristin Lavransdatter?

A 1995 Norwegian film

10. How did Sigmund Freud die?


11. What is modern-day Bithynia, an ancient state during 297–74 BC?


12. What is the depth of the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal?

5,315 feet/ 1,620 meters

13. Carl Froch defeated which opponent at Wembley in 2014?

George Groves

14. What type of game is the Nerts?

Card game

15. According to the first Census in 1790, what was the population of the USA?


16. Formula One has achieved how much annual income by 2021?

$1,830 million

17. Which element is used in bleach, in chemicals to kill germs in swimming pools, & found with the element sodium in table salt?


18. Which is the longest lake in Africa?

Victoria Nyanza

19. Alexandria Library is located in which state in the United States?

Alexandria, Virginia

20. Where in the human body is the thyroid gland located?

In the Neck

21. Where is the original Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh housed?

Museum of Modern Art, New York

22. Hadda, a Greco-Buddhist archeological site is located in which country?


23. Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1928 from which country?


24. Alton is located in which country?


25. Darzah is a brand in which country?


26. What is the Alpha 2 code for Italy?


27. Café Terrace at Night is an 1888 oil painting by which Dutch master?

Vincent Van Gogh

28. What are Sioux?

A native American tribal group

29. What is the height of Cerberus Falls, British Columbia, Canada?

1,558 feet/ 475 meters

30. The Big Bang theory is about what?

About universe creation

31. What is nationalism?

A nationwide economic and political system that primarily looks out for the nation’s interests, often to the exclusion or expense of other nations

32. What is the average gestation period for Red deer?

238 days

33. Hanoi is the capital of which country?


34. King George V was featured in a postage stamp of which colony in 1937?


35. The famous novel Blown Away was written in which year?


36. Kromeriz is a tourist attraction in which country?

Czech Republic

37. James Franck and Gustav Ludwig Hertz received the Nobel Prize in 1925 in which category?


38. Which country has its Alpha 2 code IE?


39. What was the formal title of the Roman emperor beginning with Heraclius?


40. From the land mammals which animals have the largest heart?


41. What is the internet TLD for Honduras?


42. Beirut is the capital of which country?


43. What is the total area of the National Park of American Samoa?

8,256.67 acres (33.4 km2)

44. Who did Anthony Joshua defeat in 2016 to claim the IBF Heavyweight title?

Charles Martin

45. What is the Alpha 3 code for Iraq?


46. What is the study of the effects of atmospheric conditions on living organisms?


47. What is the capital of New Zealand?


48. Bache Railway Station is located in which country?


49. What is Independence Day in Haiti?

January 1

50. Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1926 for what contribution?

“for his discovery of the Spiroptera carcinoma”

51. The study of the flag is called what?


52. Who was the Earl of Mercia during 1062-1071?

Edwin of Mercia

53. What happens to those who are interested in serial killers?


54. The Herat National Museum was established in 1925 by order of which king?

King Amānullāh

55. How many US Presidents are there in the history of the Democratic-Republican Party?


56. Where is the mythological Biringan city located?

Invisibly lie between Gandara, Tarangnan, and Pagsanghan in Samar province of the Philippines

57. The capital of Iceland is?


58. 2020–21 Four Hills Ski Jumping Tournament is hosted by which country?


59. Which country has its Alpha 3 code JAM?


60. Humidity in the climate is measured with which tool?


61. What percentage of Germany is black?

More than 1%

62. What is Cherokee?

A native American tribal group

63. Ferdinand Buisson and Ludwig Quidde received the Nobel Peace Prize in which year?


64. How many countries are in Russia?

21 republics

65. What is the chemical formula for silver iodide?


66. What is the ancestral home of the Lannister family?

Casterly Rock

67. FIFA Women’s World Cup was founded in which year?


68. What is the UN Code for Kazakhstan?


69. Origin of name element “Beryllium” from what?

beryl, a mineral

70. Abbreviation of HDD is what in computer terms?

Hard Disk Drive

71. Butter Braid is a pastry product that originated from which country?

Butter Braid

72. Acadia National Park was established on what date?

February 26, 1919

73. Coco Bulles is a what type of International event hosted by Ivory Coast?

Cartoon festival

74. ‘All men must die’ translates as what term in High Valyrian?

Valar morghulis

75. Famous fiction I Capture the Castle was written in which year?


76. George Bernard Shaw received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1925 was died in which year?


77. Who wrote the famous novel Blown Away?

Ronald Sukenick

78. Which country has its UN code 404?


79. What is law?

Formal rules that mandate a society’s norms and regulate punishments for breaking those norms

80. What is the capital city of Africa’s Namibia?


81. The chemical sign of Rhodium is what?


82. Atherstone town is located in which country?


83. What is the scientific name for the Arugula plant?

Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa

84. Oilseed rape belongs to which plant family?


85. What US premium cable network made Game of Thrones?


86. What is the name of the Airport in Huntsville, Alabama?

Huntsville International Airport (Carl T. Jones Field)

87. What is the national flower in Japan?

Chrysanthemum (Imperial), Cherry Blossom Sakura

88. Heydar Aliyev International Airport in which country?


89. A Frenchman speaks in which language?


90. What outer part of the ear called?


91. What is the English meaning for the French idiom – chat échaudé craint l’eau froide?

once bitten, twice shy
Literal Translation: a burned cat is afraid of cold water

92. What is the month of August called in the French Language?


93. For holding the presidency, one must be a resident in the United States for how many years?

At least 14 years

94. What is the function of the keyboard shortcut ALT + LEFT ARROW?


95. How does Viserys Targaryen die in season 1?

Khal Drogo pours liquid gold over his head

96. What is meant by report?

An employee accountable to a particular manager

97. What is The Nikkei?

Newspaper in japan

98. Badge of Honour of the Bundeswehr, a military decoration in which country?


99. What is Phylloquinone?

Vitamin K1

100. Canis Majoris is what?

Largest known start name

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