60 Horse Quiz for Beginners Equine Trivia Questions Answer

A horse quiz for beginners will give you an overall concept of many aspects of the horse. about Toed footed animal horse has been domesticated many centuries ago and this intelligent animal has been a great companion of humans since then.

Horse quiz for beginners are quite informative and an expert can also have a look into these 60 questions.

Horse Quiz for Beginners Equine Trivia Questions Answer

Let’s solve these horse quiz for beginners in order to improve your understanding of horses.

1. Fjord horse breeds are bred initially in which country?


2. Your horse’s soft muzzle is covered with what?


3. In 1997, which horse holds the record for winning the Grade One Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris?

Al Capone II

4. Your horse’s height is measured in ‘hands’ at the top of the animal’s which body part?


5. What is considered a is very collected trot?


6. A chestnut horse’s mane and tail are never black — true or false?


7. Saranac S. horse race takes place in which course?

Saratoga Race Course

8. Champion Chase was the breed from which country?

Great Britain

9. Rabicano coat color of the horse is commonly mistaken as to what?


10. What is the name of the technique of working through from behind from an engaged hind leg into a consistent rein contact?

Put the horse up together

11. What was the name of an AQPS top-class National Hunt racehorse in the early 1990s, that won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1994?

The Fellow

12. What is the area called on the hindquarters from the highest point to the tip of the tail?

The croup

13. Birdcatcher spots on the horse’s coat are of what color?

Small white spots

14. Longer races are generally referred to as what in Europe?

Staying races

15. Which track was formerly known as Philadelphia Park and Keystone Park?

Parx Racing

16. What is meant by “hoof it”?

to take a walk or run

17. The Grand National is a significant National Hunt horse race that is held yearly at Aintree Racecourse in which country?

Liverpool, England

18. Which draft horse breed was originated in the Jura Mountains on the border between Switzerland and France?

The Comtois horse

19. How you can mark that your horse is not happy, by observing its ears?

Pinned ears

20. Which body part of a horse includes the chin, nostrils, whiskers, and mouth?

The muzzle

21. Arabe Barbe horse breed was originated in which country?


keepmeinmind horse keepmeinmind preakness keepmeinmind horse next race

22. WHat are conditions races?

For fairness, horses are usually allowed the same weight to carry, with concessions granted to younger horses and female horses competing against men

23. Fast acceleration also means what in horseracing?

A turn of foot

24. Which races are seen as a test of speed?

Sprints, or Short races

25. The Melbourne Cup is held in which racecourse?

Flemington Racecourse, Victoria

26. What is meant by “horse around”?

Play around in a desperate way

27. What was the name of a beautiful palomino horse who starred in a number of films, including The Adventures of Robin Hood and westerns with Roy Rogers?


28. Arab horse breed was originated in which country?


29. Who is Peter Lee?

A racing historian

30. Breeders’ Cup Classic horserace is not restricted to three-year-old thoroughbreds only — true or false?


31. As of 2 September 2021, how many racecourses are being operated in Great Britain?

59 racecourses

32. What is the percent of the risk of generating a deadly white foal when a breeder crosses two frame overo horses that are heterozygous carriers (homozygous carrier)?


33. How many racecourses, the largest commercial horse racing organization in the United Kingdom, The Jockey Club has?

15 racecourses

34. When a horse doesn’t drink enough water, eats too little roughage, or has untreated dental issues, which frequent digestive disorders can arise?


35. Epsom Racecourse is located in which country?


36. What is meant by “a horse of a different color”?

a completely separate matter, anything unrelated to the topic at hand

37. Pinto horses are most commonly found in which country?

the United States

38. Brumby horse breed was originated in which country?


39. What is Tapeta?

A synthetic horse racecourse track

40. Who was the artist of the famous painting “Horse Frightened by a Lion”?

George Stubbs

41. What is the only Paralympic disciplines horseriding?


42. Yargha horse breed was originated in which country?


43. Which horse-related film follows a wild stallion (who is so wild he could only be a cartoon) through the western frontier?

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

44. Aintree Racecourse was opened in which year in England?


45. In the mid-1500s, the Spanish King Felipe II wanted to bring the idealized horses represented in art and statues to reality, so he developed this horse breed?

Pura Raza Espanola

46. What are the variations of Chestnut color in horses?

Yellowish red to a rich mahogany red

47. Horseball is an interesting game played on horseback and like a combination of which three popular sports?

polo, rugby, and basketball

48. Bagual horse breed was originated in which country?


49. What is the meaning of “back the wrong horse”?

to back someone or something that is unable or unwilling to win or succeed

50. In J.R.R. Tolkien’s renowned work Lord of the Rings, who is a grey horse owned by the Sindarin elf Legolas?


51. Where do you see the famous painting “Napoleon Crossing the Alps”?

Musée national du château de Malmaison, Rueil-Malmaison, in France

52. Which breeds of horse are the mutt of the equine world?

Gypsy Vanner

53. Which in the list does not belong to any FEI International Discipline: Dressage, Flat racing, Eventing, Showjumping?

Flat racing

54. What is the oldest horse show in Britain, first held in 1907?

Royal International Horse Show

55. Royal Windsor Horse Show is held in the UK for 5 days since 1943 in which month?

May, or June

56. The Golden Slipper Stakes is held at which racecourse in Australia?

Rosehill Gardens Racecourse in Sydney

57. Who is the youngest Equestrian sports performer in the Olympics?

Luiza Almeida, a 16-year-old from Brazil performed at the 2008 Summer Olympics

58. Royal Windsor Horse Show is held annually for how many days in the UK?

5 days

59. What is the meaning of “If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride”?

Everyone would obtain everything they want if wishing worked

60. Which horse was appeared in 8 films and even got his own fan mail?


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