100 8th Grade Trivia Questions and Answers GK Printable Quiz

There exist numerous avenues through which one can expand their general knowledge, ranging from delving into 8th-grade trivia questions and answers to exploring a plethora of other resources. Diversifying the methods of learning can be incredibly beneficial in broadening one’s understanding of various subjects. Apart from traditional methods like reading books or attending lectures, engaging with trivia questions serves as an interactive and engaging way to absorb information.

Furthermore, revisiting these trivia questions multiple times not only solidifies the acquired knowledge but also allows for tracking personal improvement over time. By adopting a multifaceted approach to learning, individuals can enhance their cognitive abilities and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the world around them.

Engaging with 8th Grade Trivia: An Interactive Learning Experience

Delving into 8th-grade trivia questions and answers offers a dynamic and interactive approach to expanding one’s general knowledge. These trivia quizzes are designed to cover a wide array of topics, ranging from history and science to literature and pop culture. By actively participating in solving these trivia questions, individuals can not only gain new insights but also reinforce existing knowledge.

Moreover, the challenge of recalling information under a time constraint can enhance cognitive processes such as memory retention and critical thinking. Through repeated engagement with such trivia, individuals can witness tangible improvements in their ability to recall and apply knowledge, thereby fostering a sense of accomplishment and intellectual growth.

Iterative Learning: Reinforcing Knowledge Through Repetition

Revisiting 8th-grade trivia questions and answers multiple times can yield significant benefits in terms of knowledge retention and skill enhancement. Repetition plays a crucial role in the learning process, allowing individuals to reinforce their understanding of various concepts and facts. Each iteration offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the subject matter, uncovering new layers of understanding and insight.

Moreover, the act of revisiting trivia questions enables individuals to identify areas of weakness and focus their efforts on improving those specific areas. By incorporating repetition into their learning routine, individuals can optimize their cognitive performance and enhance their overall academic proficiency. Thus, embracing a cyclical approach to learning can pave the way for continuous growth and development.

The Importance of General Knowledge for 8th Graders

In the realm of education, acquiring general knowledge stands as a pivotal cornerstone, shaping not only academic success but also fostering a well-rounded personality. For students embarking on the journey of 8th grade, this quest for knowledge transcends mere rote learning; it becomes a beacon guiding them through the maze of academia. While some individuals may possess an innate flair for absorbing information effortlessly, others tread the path of diligence, relying on sheer hard work to cultivate intellectual prowess.

Delving into the realm of general knowledge, one finds a treasure trove of information waiting to be unearthed. It is not merely about memorizing facts and figures but about understanding the intricacies of the world around us. From the mysteries of history to the wonders of science, each nugget of knowledge serves as a building block, constructing a comprehensive understanding of the universe.

The Journey Towards Self-Improvement

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to overlook the significance of personal growth. Yet, nestled within the pursuit of knowledge lies a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Like a delicate seedling yearning for sunlight, our intellects crave nourishment, seeking sustenance in the fertile soil of curiosity.

As 8th graders navigate the tumultuous waters of adolescence, their quest for self-esteem and validation often hinges on external accolades. However, beneath the surface lies a deeper truth: true fulfillment stems from within. By honing their general knowledge prowess, students not only expand their cognitive horizons but also cultivate a sense of self-worth that transcends societal validation.

Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Trivia Questions and Answers

Embedded within the fabric of education are hidden gems waiting to be unearthed. Trivia questions and answers serve as gateways to this rich tapestry of knowledge, inviting students to embark on an exhilarating journey of discovery. From unraveling the enigmas of ancient civilizations to deciphering the complexities of the natural world, each trivia tidbit offers a tantalizing glimpse into the vast expanse of human understanding.

Beyond the confines of textbooks and classrooms, trivia beckons adventurers to explore uncharted territories, igniting a spark of curiosity that knows no bounds. As 8th graders immerse themselves in the captivating realm of trivia, they not only enhance their cognitive abilities but also foster a lifelong love affair with learning.

The Art of Continuous Practice

In the pursuit of excellence, there exists a fundamental truth: mastery is born not from innate talent alone but from the relentless pursuit of improvement. Like a skilled artisan refining their craft, students must embrace the art of continuous practice, honing their skills with unwavering dedication. Business – Money Making – Marketing – E-commerce

In the realm of general knowledge, proficiency is not an endpoint but a journey—a perpetual quest for enlightenment and understanding. By engaging in regular practice sessions, students not only reinforce their existing knowledge but also lay the foundation for future growth. With each passing day, they inch closer to mastery, armed with a voracious appetite for knowledge and a steadfast determination to succeed. Let’s increase your general knowledge by candidly solving the following 8th-grade trivia questions and answers trivia quizzes GK printable!


8th-grade trivia questions and answers

1. What is the width of the Central Siberian Plateau?

2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi)

2. What type of game is the Shichi Narabe?


3. Is the word “underrated” good or bad?

When something or someone is described as underrated, it does not necessarily mean that they are inferior. Rather, underrated typically refers to the idea that an individual or object is underestimated, or that it does not get enough credit for being exceptional.

4. Which state existed during 297–74 BC in the northwest of Asia Minor?


5. Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia from which year?


6. Uniqlo is a cloth brand in which country?


7. Roman Emperor Vitellius was conferred with what title for being “victorious in Germania”?


8. How did Mobutu Sese Seko die?


9. Acadia National Park is located in which US state?


10. Do you know the scientific name of Wolf?

Canis Lupus

11. The winner of the 2021 PDC World Darts Championship Gerwyn Price is from which country?

UK (Wales)

12. What ancient state owes its name, meaning “seven rivers” in Kazakh?


13. What is “Majestic” or “Venerable”; an honorific cognomen exclusive to the emperor according to the Roman title?


14. What is a light metal used in making airplanes, buildings, pots & pans, etc?


15. What planet is known as the red planet?


16. What is the deepest lake in Florida?

Lake Okeechobee

17. Who is Dmitry Gulia, featured on the postage stamps of Abkhazia?

Abkhazian poet

18. What is the Alpha 2 code for Hungary?


19. What local wind you will find in the hot dry wind in the steppes, semi-deserts, and deserts of Kazakhstan and the Caspian region?


20. Do you know the number of eyes bees have?


21. Zdar nad Sazavou is a tourist attraction in which country?

Czech Republic

22. The United States census was first held in which year?


23. Who was the Roman emperor from 81 to 96?


24. What links the human race Bushmen and Hottentots?

Negroid. Khoisanoids or Capoids

25. Catalonia is a region of what country?


26. Pontedera city is located in which country?


27. What is Lumbee?

A native American tribal group

28. Advocates’ Library, is located in which city in Scotland?


29. What is the third-largest city in Nigeria after Lagos and Kano?


30. Name the animal that has no vocal cords.


31. Aslockton village is located in which country?


32. Which country has its Alpha 2 code IN?


33. How many people speak the Bengali language?

228 million

34. What is the chemical formula for silver fulminate?


35. What color is a giraffe’s tongue?


36. The Museum of Islamic Art is located in which city in Afghanistan?


37. Angel Delight is a popular dessert that originated in which country?


38. The International Festival of Comics is hosted by which country?


39. Four Hills Tournament is associated with which sport?

Ski jumping

40. The Taj Mahal is located in which city in which country?

It is located in India in the city called Agra

41. Portobello is located in which country?


42. An Ethiopian speaks in which language?


43. Nöl Collective is a brand in which country?


44. What is the height of Virginia Falls, Northwest Territories, Canada?

90 meters/ 294 feet

45. In ‘The Jungle Book’, what kind of animal is Baloo?


46. What is the Alpha 3 code for Iceland?


47. The famous novel Scaramouche was written in which year?


48. What is George Bernard Shaw most famous for?

The comedic drama, and literary criticism

49. What is the national flower in Kazakhstan?

Lily (Lilium) serves as the Unofficial National Flower

50. Wellington is the capital of which country?

New Zealand

51. What is Choctaw?

A native American tribal group

52. What is the average gestation period for a Cow?

286 days

53. Origin of the name “Hydrogen” from the Greek elements hydro- and -gen, meaning what?


54. What is the name of the Greek dip consisting of yogurt and cucumber?


55. The brain replays memories and creates perfect moment scenarios what percent of the time?


56. What is the English meaning for the French idiom –battre le fer tant qu’il est chaud?

to strike while the iron is hot
Literal Translation: to strike the iron while it is hot

57. Jean Baptiste Perrin received the Nobel Prize in Physics in which year?


58. Which country has its Alpha 3 code IDN?


59. Renault car brand is originated from which country?


60. The largest state of the USA by area is what?


61. What is the function of the keyboard shortcut ALT + underlined letter in menus and dialog box options?

[Perform the command for that letter]

62. What is the study of interactions between organisms and geomorphological processes?


63. Which race is the richest?

Indian Americans

64. What was the name of Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun?


65. What was the previous name for Catechol?

Vitamin J

66. Who invented the Black Russian?

Gustave Tops

67. Which country is often referred to as White Russia or White Ruthenia?


68. What is meant by puggle?

A dog cross-bred from a pug and a beagle

69. The (Theodor) Svedberg received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1926 for what contribution?

“for his work on disperse systems”

70. The femur is a famous part of the body located where?

In leg

71. What is the scientific name for Potato?

Solanum tubersum

72. What is the UN Code for Italy?


73. What is the name of the Airport in Birmingham, Alabama, USA?

Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport

74. What is the proper term for your funny bone?


75. Huntsville is located in which US state?


76. Gandara, Samar is located in which country?

The Philippines

77. What is Independence Day in Hungary?

23 October

78. Biringan means what according to mythology?

“the black city” or the City of the Unknown in Waray

79. How many teams are to be played in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup?


80. Do you know the name of the national dish in Spain?


81. In which year did Avery Brundage get the first Gold Olympic Order for contribution?


82. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup to be hosted by which country?

Australia and New Zealand

83. Henri Bergson received the Nobel Prize in 1927 in which category?


84. Who wrote the Red Badge of Courage?

Stephen Crane

85. What is the internet TLD for Iceland?


86. Who wrote Oliver Twist?

Charles Dickens

87. What does the red badge of courage stand for?


88. Which country has its UN code 833?

Isle of Man

89. Aspley Guise Railway Station is located in which country?


90. Tea is the invention of which country?


91. What is the IATA code for Bahrain International Airport?


92. What is the month of April called in the French Language?


93. What is the first clause of the US Constitution for holding the presidency?

be a natural-born citizen of the United States;

94. What do you call a group of jellyfish?

A bloom

95. What is Asahi Shimbun?

Newspaper in Japan

96. Eton is located in which country in England?


97. What is common law?

unofficial law that is part of the cultural tradition and upheld as strictly as a written law

98. Sigrid Undset received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1928 from which country?


99. Badge of Honour or Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour, a civil award presented by the governments of which Overseas Territories?


100. Which auto company first time introduced seat belts for safety?

Nash Motors

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