100 Geography General Knowledge Questions and Answers Quiz

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Geography general knowledge questions and answers

1. What is the nickname for nitrogen narcosis?

Raptures of the Deep

2. What is Rio Tinto?

A river in Spain

3. Which desert is only a small Australian desert but is known for its scenic landscape?

Pinnacles Desert

4. Which Russian Hills is spanning the Leningrad, Novgorod, Tver, Pskov, and Smolensk Oblasts?

Valdai Hills

5. What is the Coriolis effect?

Rotation of the earth

6. Boiling Lake is located in which country?


7. Some pine trees in Tasmania’s temperate rainforests can live for how many years?

2,000 years

8. What is the deadliest river?

Zambezi River

9. Scientists estimate that about what of the world’s freshwater flows from the Amazon Basin to be exact?


10. If you like to see the salt and clay pans of Sossusvlei, a dried-up lake, where to go?

Namibia’s Namib-Naukluft national park

11. What is Bol’shoye Bogdo?

Mountain in Russia

12. What are currents that occur on the top layer of the ocean and are primarily driven by wind?

Surface Currents

13. Which is the second largest delta in the world?

Okavango Delta

14. Where is Volga River located?


15. What are coastal wetlands that form in intertidal areas where sediments have been deposited by tides or rivers?

Mudflats or mud flats, also known as tidal flats

16. What is the eleventh most prominent mountain summit in the world?

Mont Blanc

17. What is the size of the Antarctic ice sheet, which was formed during the last Ice Age?

5.4 million square miles

18. A broad, flat region covered with wind-swept sand or dunes with little or no vegetation are called what?

Ergs or sand seas

19. What percent of the species of plants in the tropical rainforests have actually been analyzed?

Less than one percent

20. Which coastal desert is also known as the oldest desert in the world?

Namib Desert

21. Which Plateau is rich in gold?

Ganga-Brahmaputra plains

22. The salinity of the water is a cause of ocean currents. T/F?


23. Turgay Plateau is a plateau in the northwest of which country?


24. What links Bolshoy Solovetsky Island, Bolshaya Muksalma, Kiy Island, Velikiy Island, Anzersky Island?

Islands in the White Sea (Russia)

25. Which desert has some of the highest dunes in the world with heights of over 300 m/ 980 ft?

The Namib

26. What is a U-shaped lake that forms when a wide meander of a river is cut off, creating a free-standing body of water?

An oxbow lake

27. What links of these European countries – France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia?

The Alps is stretching through

28. At the current rate of depletion, what amount of tropical rainforest species will be lost per decade?

5–10 percent

29. Mojave comes from the word for ‘place beside the water’, from which language?


30. Surface Currents are Horizontal currents. T/F?


31. What is the length of the Brisbane River?

214 miles

32. Which country is the plateau of Tibet found?


33. What currents you see when there are tremors or earthquakes on the surface below the ocean and the waves are pushed upwards?

Upwelling currents

34. How much coral has died?

As a result, over 50 percent of the world’s coral reefs have died in the last 30 years and up to 90 percent may die within the next century

35. Which desert is located to the south of the Great Basin Desert and to the north of the Sonoran desert?

Mojave Desert

36. What is a landform composed of wind- or water-driven sand?

A dune

37. Parana River passes through which 3 countries?

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay

38. What is a geological landform consisting of a steep and often vertical column or columns of rock in the sea near a coast, formed by wave erosion?

A stack or sea stack

39. What are currents that move material from the surface of the ocean towards its floor?

Downwelling currents

40. What is a deposition bar or beach landform off coasts or lake shores?

A spit or sandspit

41. The amount of water vapor air can ‘hold’ doubles for how much of F increase in temperature?

each 20 degree

42. Which mountain is part of an ancient stratovolcano that has been inactive for about 220,000 years

Puy de Sancy, France

43. Which desert spreads from Mongolia to China?

Gobi Desert

44. What links Lake Taupo, Cerro Galán, Island Park Caldera, and Vilama?


45. What refers to parts of land adjoining any large body of water, including oceans and lakes?


46. Which state has the record for 9 consecutive days high temperatures with all over 100 degrees and above?

Rockford, IL, 1936

47. The Sea of Azov is a sea in Eastern Europe connected to the Black Sea by the narrow what?

Strait of Kerch

48. What is a broad belt of sand along a shoreline with a surface exhibiting well-defined parallel or semi-parallel sand ridges separated by shallow swales?

A strand plain or strandplain

49. What is located in eastern Asia and is the world’s largest (nonpolar) cold desert?

The Gobi Desert

50. What are long chains of active volcanoes with intense seismic activity found along convergent tectonic plate boundaries?

Island arcs

51. The river acts as an erosional agent by grinding down the rock or soil and creating what?

A valley

52. Which plains are areas of lowlands that stretch along the shore and slope towards it?

Coastal plains

53. Due to the refraction of the sun’s rays, a flash of green light may appear at the instant the sun sets below the horizon called what?

The ‘green flash’

54. Restinga is a type of coastal vegetation and forest in which country?


55. What is situated on a plateau west of the Andes Mountains along the Pacific Ocean coastline?

The Atacama Desert in South America

56. Barun Valley is located in which country?


57. What is the elevation of the Matterhorn Mountain in Europe?

4,478 m

58. What type of volcano is Yellowstone caldera?


59. How long is the Earth’s coastline?

620,000 kilometers

60. Earth’s core is primarily a solid ball with a radius of what?

About 1,220 km (760 mi), which is about 20% of Earth’s radius or 70% of the Moon’s radius

61. What is Grossglockner?

Mountain in Austria

62. Is Mount Everest a volcano?


63. What is known as the youngest desert of our planet?

Aralkum Desert

64. What is an estuary?

An estuary is a partially enclosed coastal body of brackish water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea

65. Kalalau Valley is located in which country?


66. Porto Covo is located on which coast of Portugal?


67. Three tropical climates are confined to a global band known as the what?


68. What are hypoxic (low-oxygen) areas in the world’s oceans and large lakes?

Dead zones

69. Which is the biggest valley in Asia?

Dang District

70. What links Craters, Calderas, Diatremes, and Maars, Lava Flows, Lava Tubes, Fumaroles, and Geothermal Features?


71. What is ‘The Empty Quarter’?

The center Arabian Desert is the Rub’ al Khali, the so-called ‘The Empty Quarter’

72. How deep is the soil on the moon?

4-15 meters

73. Landforms are the what features on the Earth‟s surface?

Topographic features

74. How of the Earth’s landmass is made of plains?


75. What is the area called where land meets the sea or ocean, or as a line that forms the boundary between the land and the ocean or a lake?


76. What is the largest soil particle?

Sand particles

77. What is the term used to refer to a region where interactions of the sea and land processes occur?

Coastal zone

78. What minerals are found in the moon?

oxygen (O), silicon (Si), iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), aluminum (Al), manganese (Mn), and titanium (Ti)

79. The Greenland Sea is a body of water that borders Greenland to which side?


80. Fengbin Township is a rural township located in which county in Taiwan?

Hualien County

81. What geographically links Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, Iran, and Iraq?

Arabian Desert

82. Which type of soil can hold more water?


83. Which volcanoes form very large, gently sloped mounds from effusive eruptions?

Shield volcanoes

84. What is a Caldera?

Large circular or oval depressions more than 1 km (0.6 miles) in diameter—have been formed by the inward collapse of landforms after large amounts of magma have been expelled from underground.

85. Mount Merapi volcano is located in which country?


86. Which planet has plains named ‘Hellas Planitia’?


87. What is the study of earth surface processes and landforms?


88. What is the top layer of soil called?

Topsoil layer

89. Tiburon is an incorporated coastal town in which country in California?

Marin County, California

90. What kind of plains is the Nile River in Africa?

Flood plains

91. How many types of soil are there?


92. Which plains can be classified as alluvial plains or glacial plains?

Depositional plains

93. What is a recessed, coastal body of water that directly connects to a larger main body of water?

A bay

94. The world’s coldest dry desert is located in which continent?


95. How many layers of soil are there?


96. Which plains tend to be large flat surfaces that make up extensive lowlands.

Structural plains

97. Some coasts are more sheltered coast and are called what?

Gulf or bay

98. Galeras volcano is located in which country?


99. What is a landform surrounded by water on most of its border while being connected to a mainland from which it extends?

A peninsula

100. Due to the loss of habitat many desert plants and desert animals face extinction, such as which tree?

Joshua tree, North America

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