100 Random Trivia Questions and Answers GK Quiz Easy

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Random trivia questions and answers easy

1. Volga Upland is located in which country?


2. By 2021 the entire global industry’s market cap has reached $5 billion?

Car racing

3. Who was the King of Bithynia, that state existed during 297–74 BC in the northwest of Asia Minor?

Nicomedes IV Philopator

4. Lake Balkhash is located in this country


5. A Bathing Ape is a cloth brand in which country?


6. The United States census takes place every how many years?

10 years

7. Which element is used in photography, medicines, insecticides, etc?


8. In which year American Samoa was established as the National Park?

October 31, 1988

9. What type of game is Cribbage?

Card game

10. The decrement of motivation is called what?


11. Who is Varvara Bubnova, featured on the postage stamps of Abkhazia?

Russian painter

12. Advocates’ Library, Edinburgh, Scotland was founded in which year?


13. Nangarhar Provincial Museum is located in which city in Afghanistan?


14. What is equity?

the societal agreement that its institutions are fair

15. Which is the deepest lake in India?


16. Who is the winner in the Ski jumping of the 2020–21 Four Hills Tournament?

Kamil Stoch

17. As per the 2020 census, which is the most populous state in the USA?


18. What is a technical aspect of theatrical, film, and video production?


19. Who has the first Gold Olympic Order in 1975 for contribution?

Avery Brundage

20. Which has no electric charge? Proton or Neutron?


21. What is the highest award of the Olympic Movement and is awarded for contributions to the Olympic Movement?

The Olympic Order

22. What links the human races Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and American Indians?

Caucasoid, Mongoloids

23. What is Coco Bulles?

Coco Bulles is the International Festival of Cartoons and Comics of Abidjan

24. Who is the richest black man in America?

Aliko Dangote

25. Bird’s Custard is a popular dessert that originated in which country?


26. What is the total area of the Acadia Nationa Park, Maine, USA?

49,076.63 acres (198.6 km2)

27. The first instance of a Women’s World Cup took place in which country?


28. How many people speak in the Bhojpuri language?

51 million people

29. What is the chemical formula for silver fluoride?


30. The hottest planet in the solar system is what?


31. Origin of name “Helium” from Greek hḗlios, meaning what?


32. Reggio-Emilia city is located in which country?


33. Atherton Railway Station is located in which country?


34. Litomysl is a tourist attraction in which country?

Czech Republic

35. What is Buran?

Local wind in eastern Asia

36. What are Navajo?

A native American tribal group

37. What is a crime?

behavior that deviates from a culture’s norms and accepted values

38. What was the Greek title equivalent to imperator or commander-in-chief?


39. What is the symbol of the element Beryllium?


40. The study of caves is called what?


41. Julius Wagner-Jauregg received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in which year?


42. Roman Emperor Domitian was conferred with what title for his vigor?

Germanicus (“victorious in Germania”)

43. What is the height of Ventisquero Colgante, Cascada de falls, Aisén, Chile?

1,800 feet/ 549 meters

44. Who was the Earl of Northumbria during 1065-1076?

Tostig Godwinson

45. What is the average gestation period for a Fallow deer?

228 days

46. What is the Alpha 2 code for Indonesia?


47. What is globalism?

A worldwide economic and political system in which societies look beyond their own needs and toward a global good

48. Famous novel Cat’s Eye was written in which year?


49. What native American tribal group is the richest?


50. In the human body which substance is considered to be hardest?

Tooth Enamel

51. Aspatria town is located in which country?


52. Watan is a brand in which country?


53. A Fijian speaks in which language?

English, Fijian

54. Charles Jules Henri Nicolle received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1928 for what contribution?

“for his work on typhus”

55. What is the name of the Airport in Dothan, Alabama?

Dothan Regional Airport

56. Rolls Royce car brand is originated from which country?


57. What is the scientific name for Pumpkin?


58. Kalundborg is located in which country?


59. Which country has its Alpha 2 code IR?

Iran, the Islamic Republic of

60. Uranus discovered by which scientist?

William Herschel

61. Havana is the capital of what country?


62. What are Iroquois?

A native American tribal group

63. What is the study of interactions between organisms and geomorphological processes?


64. What is the national flower in Laos?

Champa Flower(Calophyllum Inophyllum), also known as Plumeria.

65. What links Millard Fillmore, William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, and John Tyler?

US Presidents from the Whig Party

66. Birmingham is located in which US state?


67. You tend to recall all your bad deeds what percent of the time when you are told that someone has to ask a question?


68. What is the Alpha 3 code for Ireland?


69. Arthur Holly Compton and Charles Thomson Rees Wilson received the Nobel Prize in 1927 in which category?


70. Decibels is a unit used to measure what?


71. Ballina Byron Gateway Airport is located in which country?


72. What is the English meaning for the French idiom -casser les pieds à quelqu’un?

to drive somebody nuts
Literal Translation: to break somebody’s feet

73. George Bernard Shaw was a playwright from which country?


74. Where do you find Tatar ethnic people?


75. What is meant by quilling?

The action or practice of bribing electors in order to gain their votes, especially by providing free alcohol

76. In which English county would you find Slough?


77. What is the IATA code for Bakersfield (CA) Airport, USA?


78. What is the month of February called in the French Language?


79. Which country has its Alpha 3 code IMN?

Isle of Man

80. Isaac Newton was belonged from which country?


81. What is the function of the keyboard shortcut ALT + ENTER?

[Display properties for the selected item]

82. What name is given to an adult female sheep?


83. What percentage of the UK is black?


84. What is Yomiuri Shimbun?

Newspaper in Japan

85. Owen Willans Richardson received the Nobel Prize in Physics 1928 from which country?

United Kingdom

86. Order of the Badge of Honour, a civilian award of which country?

The Soviet Union

87. Earth is located in which galaxy?

The Milky Way galaxy

88. What is the second clause of the US Constitution for holding the presidency?

be at least 35 years old;

89. What is the UN Code for Japan?


90. Anatidaephobia is the fair of what?


91. What is Independence Day in Hong Kong?

July 1

92. What is the internet TLD for Hungary?


93. Pagsanghan, Samar is located in which country?

The Philippines

94. How did Robert Oppenheimer die?


95. What is the most spoken language in Belarus?


96. Which country has its UN code 388


97. What is David Schwimmer’s character in Friends called?

Ross Geller

98. What is Catechol?

A vitamin

99. Charles Gates Dawes, and Sir Austen Chamberlain received the Nobel Peace Prize in which year?


100. Main function of the urinary system is what?

Eliminate waste materials from the body

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