100 Easy Random GK Trivia Questions General Knowledge Quiz

Lifelong learning is an ongoing journey, and incorporating fun activities like easy random trivia questions can make this process enjoyable. Engaging in trivia quizzes is not just a delightful pastime; it also keeps your mind sharp and attentive. These quizzes are particularly beneficial because they encourage you to focus and think critically, enhancing your cognitive abilities without causing unnecessary stress.

Utilizing time wisely is crucial, and integrating these trivia questions into your routine ensures that you are constantly learning and expanding your knowledge base. Success has no limits; by continuously challenging yourself with new information, you can achieve remarkable growth. Even during holidays, keeping your brain active with trivia can turn downtime into productive learning sessions, making the most of every moment.

Entertainment and Bonding with Family and Friends

Easy random trivia questions are not only educational but also highly entertaining. They provide a perfect opportunity to engage with family and friends in a fun and interactive way. Whether you are on a holiday, at a family gathering, or simply spending a quiet evening at home, trivia quizzes can spark lively discussions and bring people closer together.

These quizzes are designed to be accessible to everyone, ensuring that each participant, regardless of age or background, can join in the fun. Solving trivia questions together can foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, making your leisure time more enjoyable and memorable. Furthermore, sharing trivia knowledge can lead to interesting conversations and deeper connections with your loved ones.

Versatility of Trivia Quizzes

The versatility of easy random trivia questions makes them suitable for various settings and occasions. Whether you are in a classroom, enjoying a picnic, or on a family tour, these trivia questions can seamlessly fit into your activities. They are a wonderful way to keep everyone entertained and engaged, no matter where you are. In a classroom setting, trivia quizzes can serve as an effective educational tool, enjoyably reinforcing learning.

During family outings or picnics, they can act as icebreakers, helping to create a lively and interactive environment. Moreover, in competitive settings such as quiz nights or trivia competitions, these questions can provide a thrilling challenge that tests your general knowledge and quick thinking skills. The adaptability of trivia quizzes ensures that they can be a delightful addition to any occasion, making your moments together even more special.

Lifelong Learning Through Trivia

Engaging in easy random trivia questions can make lifelong learning an enjoyable endeavor. The entirety of one’s life presents a continuous opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills. When you focus on learning, your brain stays active and your attention remains sharp. This mental exercise keeps your mind fresh and free from unnecessary stress. The importance of time cannot be overstated, and using it productively is crucial. Having a repertoire of easy random trivia questions in English is a fantastic way to ensure you are always learning something new. Success is limitless, and even during holidays, you can keep your mind engaged with these trivia questions. They serve as a delightful way to keep learning without feeling like a chore.

Fun and Entertaining Knowledge

These easy random trivia questions in English are designed to be entertaining, making them accessible to everyone. Whether you are at home with family or out with friends, discussing and solving these trivia questions can be a delightful activity. They are perfect for various settings, whether you’re in a classroom, on a picnic, or during a family tour. Trivia questions serve as a great companion, offering amusement and a chance to learn simultaneously. They can turn any ordinary moment into a fun-filled, educational experience. Whether for leisure or competition, these trivia questions are an excellent way to stimulate your mind and engage in friendly discussions. Health books, guides, exercises, habits, Diets, and more

Let’s solve these easy random general knowledge trivia questions in English trivia questions and answers quiz, trivia, printable now!


100 Easy random trivia questions

1. How many US Presidents are there in the history of the Whig Party?


2. Saab car brand originated from which country?


3. Hilweh Market is in which country?


4. Which ancient state during 297–74 BC was adjoining the Sea of Marmara, the Bosporus, and the Black Sea?


5. Who is Alfred Kolakovsky, featured on the postage stamps of Abkhazia?

Russian botanist

6. What is Obshchy Syrt?

Obshchy Syrt is a highland ridge, or plateau, in the European part of Russia.

7. Which element is found in coal, oil gas, living things, & inks?


8. How long is Lake Balkhash in Kazakhstan?

605 km

9. What type of game is Slapjack?

Card game

10. What is the symbol of Gold in the periodic table?


11. How many pro drivers win up to a race in the Grand American Rolex Series?


12. Gerrard’s Cross is located in which country in England?


13. African Heritage Research Library and Cultural Centre, is located in which village in Ibadan, Nigeria?

Adeyipo Village

14. The famous novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter was written in which year?


15. What is the height of Kerepakupai Merú Falls, Bolívar, Venezuela?

2,648 feet/ 807 meters

16. What type of dessert does Bompas & Parr make?

Gelatin desserts

17. Which is the deepest lake in Africa?

Lake Tanganyika

18. Arches National Park is located in which US state?


19. What is the average gestation period for the Mule deer?

206 days

20. The Statue of Liberty is made up of what material?


21. Avery Brundage, who had the first Gold Olympic Order in 1975 for contribution is from which country?


22. What is the Alpha 3 code for the Islamic Republic of Iran?


23. Scota, in Scottish mythology, and pseudohistory, is the name given to the mythological daughter of whom?

An Egyptian Pharaoh

24. Ghazni city is located in which country?


25. What actor feels the need, the need for speed, in Top Gun?

Tom Cruise

26. Kamil Stoch, Winner in the Ski jumping of the 2020–21 Four Hills Tournament is from which country?


27. Coco Bulles is an International cartoon festival hosted by which country?

Ivory Coast

28. Jihad Museum is located in which city in Afghanistan?


29. What is Chartreux?


30. The triangle’s largest side is called what?


31. What is the chemical formula for silver(II) fluoride?


32. Which country has its Alpha 2 code IQ?


33. In which year’s tournament to see the Women’s World Cup expanded from 24 to 32 teams?


34. What’s the main character, played by Ryan Gosling, in Drive called?

His name is never said

35. Origin of the name “Lithium” from Greek líthos, meaning what?


36. When will be the next United States census held?

April 1, 2030

37. Famous fiction Changing Places was written in which year?


38. Lillehammer is located in which country?


39. What title was Greek for king, popularly used in the East to refer to the emperor?


40. Luna means moon in what language?


41. Betta is a what type of pet?


42. Where is the northernmost point of land in the world?


43. What is the name of the Airport in Mobile, Alabama?

Mobile Regional Airport

44. What is the Alpha 2 code for the Isle of Man?


45. What causes John Wick to return to his old life of crime John Wick?

His dog’s murder

46. What is the scientific name for Rice?

Oryza sativa

47. Heinrich Otto Wieland received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1927 from which country?


48. What is Purga?

Local wind in Tundra

49. What links the human races Australian aborigines, Polynesians, Melanesians, and Indonesians?

Pacific races

50. The study of the earthquake is called what?


51. Olomouc is a tourist attraction in which country?

Czech Republic

52. Which country has its Alpha 3 code ITA?


53. Who was the Roman emperor in the year 69?


54. Who plays John J Rambo in Rambo?

Sylvester Stallone

55. Who wrote the famous novel I Capture the Castle?

Dodie Smith

56. How many people speak the Bosnian language?

3 million

57. What is an informal negative sanction?

The nonlegal consequence for deviating from a social norm, usually implemented by other members of society (e.g. loss of friendship, public shaming, disowning)

58. San Giuliano Terme city is located in which country?


59. What is the IATA code for Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, Australia?


60. Which element exists at the first number in the periodic table?


61. What is the month of July called in the French Language?


62. Richard Adolf Zsigmondy received the Nobel Prize in 1925 in which category?


63. What is the UN Code for Jersey?


64. What is the third clause of the US Constitution for holding the presidency?

be a resident of the United States for at least 14 years

65. What iconic weapon does the Bride use in Kill Bill?

Samurai sword/katana

66. Reference News is published in China in the English language. T/F?

False. Chinese

67. What is Chippewa?

A native American tribal group

68. What is Flavin?

A vitamin

69. Which Caribbean country has The Badge of Honour?


70. What is the number of stomachs in cows?


71. What is the function of the keyboard shortcut ALT + SPACEBAR?

[Open the shortcut menu for the active window]

72. Which country has its UN code 400?


73. What is meant by rat tamer?

Colloquial meaning for a psychologist or psychiatrist

74. What is Independence Day in Honduras?

September 15

75. Which area of Birmingham is the show set?

Small Heath

76. Tarangnana, a 4th class municipality in the province of Samar, is located in which country?

The Philippines

77. What is the internet TLD for Hong Kong?


78. What is the black population in Russia?


79. Aristide Briand and Gustav Stresemann received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1926 for what contribution?

“for their crucial role in bringing about the Locarno Treaty”

80. Plastic made from what?


81. What is the national flower in Jordan?

Black Iris (Iris Nigricans)

82. What is the English meaning for the French idiom – casser du sucre sur le dos de quelqu’un?

to badmouth somebody behind their back
Literal Translation: to break sugar on somebody’s back

83. A Finn speaks in which language?


84. The disappearance of which items prompts Inspector


85. What percentage of Russia is Slavic?


86. Aston village is located in which country?


87. Even though you have overslept already, you still tend to desire what?

more sleep

88. What is Blackfeet?

A native American tribal group

89. Who was the captain of the 2002 FIFA WC Champion team of Brazil?


90. In which month of pregnancy human form is recognized?

3rd month

91. Which fishing item is often sold in bulk to be rigged on a hook by the angler?

Soft Plastic Lures

92. Attenborough Railway Station is located in which country?


93. Which character is nicknamed Cap’n Cook in the pilot episode?

Jesse Pinkman

94. What is the study of the relationship of organisms to each other and their environment?


95. What is imperialism?

political and economic control of a dominant culture after taking over other cultures

96. Grazia Deledda received the Nobel Prize in Literature in which year?


97. Tell a word with all vowels in order.


98. Which specific form of cancer is Walt diagnosed with?

Lung cancer

99. Vitamins are necessary for what?

For growth and nutrition

100. How did William Shockley die?


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