50 Trivia and Answers for Adults General Knowledge Quiz

Trivia and answers for adults are an awesome source of general knowledge for crazy learners. Things that were previously tedious will become entertaining and useful in passing the time. The practice of soaking up trivia and answers for adults’ general information will keep you busy watching your surroundings, conversing with people, and reading news websites, periodicals, magazines, films, and just about anything else that comes across your path that can feed your brain full with trivia and answers for adults. Learning is one of the few activities in life that can be habit-forming, innocuous, enjoyable, and beneficial all at the same time for trivia and answers for adults.

I believe it is also critical to examine the most fundamental aspects of general knowledge, such as ethics and money, and infrastructural knowledge like trivia and answers for adults. We wouldn’t be able to survive another day if we didn’t have such information, and society would be in chaos.

Trivia and answers for adults demonstrate a person’s interest in anything. We live with it, and every day, we are bombarded with a deluge of data that keeps our heads spinning with simple and complicated facts. Life is wonderful, and we can always use more useful and productive information based on trivia and answers for adults.

Trivia and answers for adults

1. Malësi e Madhe municipality is located in which country?


2. Bathurst → Banjul (1973) is a renamed place in which country?

The Gambia

3. Which defunct airline in Belize ceased its operation in 1987?

Toucan Air

4. Namadgi National Park is located in which country?


5. In 1965 Gambia achieved independence from which country?

United Kingdom

6. Lofoi, Chutes fall is located in which country?

Katanga, Congo, Democratic Republic of the

7. What is the power provided by evil spirits called?


8. Birkenhead Park is located in which country?


9. What is the language of a Lebanese?


10. What is the scientific name for the gorilla?

Gorilla gorillagorilla

11. What is the meaning of the French idiom – jeter l’éponge?

to throw in the towel

12. Food made by someone else tastes better than your own cooking, despite having the same recipe. True or false?


13. What is a lineage of Late Cretaceous herbivorous eutherians, to the point of being mistaken for stem-ungulates?


14. What is the gestation duration of Rhesus Monkey?

164 days

15. On what common item would you find a harp?

Lamp metal part supporting shade

16. In ethics, what is the study of duty?


17. Cotter Dam is founded in which country?


18. In geology, what is a terrace?

a step-like landform

19. What is the meaning of the New English term UFO?

UnFinished Object: In knitting, sewing, quilting, etc.: an unfinished piece of work

20. What is the most common plastic surgery done on US men?

Breast Reduction

21. George Best (England) was inducted in the English Football Hall of Fame in which year?


22. Trakenen horse breed was originated in which country?


23. What is a form of horse race gambling in which the bettor must fund their account before being allowed to place bets. ADW is often conducted online or by phone?

Advance-deposit wagering (ADW)

24. Lake Ginninderra is located in which country?


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Lake Ginninderra, Australia

25. Coprastastaphobia is the fear of what?


26. What is Kagoshima Berkshire, which originated in Japan?


27. The Netherlands celebrates its independence day on what date?

July 26

28. What is the name of the winner horse in the Winter Derby 1998, a Group 3 flat horse race in Great Britain?

Running Stag

29. What is the internet country domain TLD for Saint Helena?


30. Name Steve McQueen’s Karate teacher – later an actor?

Chuck Norris

31. Name a word with vowels in order.


32. Ob–Irtysh rivers pass through which countries?

Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia

33. Parakeet is a what kind of animal breed?


34. Who wrote the popular fiction Charlotte’s Web?

E. B. White

35. In Bali they observe noebi a day of what?


36. US president Richard Milhous Nixon died in which year?


37. Who was the Earl of Richmond in 1201-1203?

Arthur I, Duke of Brittany

38. Who was the Roman Emperor in 276–282?


39. Akita dog was originated in which country?


40. The paraclete is another name for which Christian religious item?

The Holy Spirit

41. Where is the mouth of Amur–Argun–Kherlen rivers?

Sea of Okhotsk

42. Il Pigmalione opera was composed by whom?

Gaetano Donizetti

43. Bajram Curri city is located in which country?


44. Roman Emperor Diocletian received what prestigious title in 285, 289, 294, and 300?

Sarmaticus Maximus (“great victor of the Sarmatians”)

45. On what common item would you find a keeper?

Belt its loop that holds the end

46. Apalachicola River is located in which country?

USA (Alabama)

47. Sapphire jubilee means what?

45 years

48. According to the French, an Iroquoian story of a kingdom of blonde men rich in gold and fur that existed in northern Canada prior to French colonization called what?

Kingdom of Saguenay

49. Who was the first U.S. president to be born a United States citizen. All previous presidents were born British subjects?

Martin Van Buren

50. The world’s first opened in Los Angeles on April 2nd, 1902 – what?

Motion picture theatre

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