100 General Knowledge Quiz for 12 Year Olds with Answers

A general knowledge quiz for 12-year-olds with answers is a good collection of solving free online GK for learners. What kind of example would you set if your youngster comes to you with a simple scientific or language issue and you’re stumped? As a parent, it is (or will be) critical that you have a firm grip on the fundamentals of common subjects so that you can pass that knowledge on to your children with a general knowledge quiz for 12-year-olds with answers. You’ll be better equipped to keep up with your child’s worldview and state of mind, as well as assist them with projects and schoolwork if you keep up with the newest trends with a general knowledge quiz for 12-year-olds with answers.

There’s a reason that topics like recognizing the capital cities of different nations, identifying their locations on a globe map, and learning about their cultures are prioritized in the school curriculum as well as a general knowledge quiz for 12-year-olds with answers. Children may get perspective on the globe and the people who live in it by learning about nations, regions, faiths, cultures, and geography.

In today’s world, when most cities are vibrant multicultural centers, cultural and geographical understanding are essential. A college student who reads National Geographic on a regular basis, for example, maybe a more efficient employee in a multicultural workplace than one who solely reads Hollywood gossip publications and a general knowledge quiz for 12-year-olds with answers. Staying current with current events, technology, media, and international events can help you be a better-informed participant in whatever you do solve this general knowledge quiz for 12-year-olds with answers.

General knowledge quiz for 12-year-olds with answers

1. Calakmul is a historical Maya site located in which city in Mexico?


2. With its capacity of 17600, Arena Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico was opened in which year?


3. What is Japanese Spitz?


4. Word “pencil” comes from the Old French word “pincel” meaning what?

“a small paintbrush”. Pincel, in turn, comes from Latin “penicillus” meaning a “little tail”.

5. Crab is the only named one in any Shakespeare play – what?

Dog – Two Gentlemen of Verona

6. President Ronald Reagan was a cheerleader for which institution?

Eureka College

7. What is the output of the PC shortcut keys “Win + C”?

[Open Charms]

8. Name a word with all the vowels in alphabetical order.


9. Raw oyster is a delicacy in which countries?

Malaysia, France, United States

10. What is a dogrib?

A Boat

11. Who is the Father of Printing?


12. Memorial to which personality is located at new St. George, Beckenham, Kent (1885–87)?

Hugo Raymond (d.1737)

13. What is the act of doing magic in order to harm another person called?


14. Bishop Auckland is located in which country?


15. What was the first Olympic sport to include women?

Tennis – Paris 1900

16. What is the field of dermatological anatomical pathology?


17. Who is a Libyan?

A person from Libya

18. What is the meaning of the French idiom – la fin des haricots?

the last straw

19. Sidi Garidi Cemetery is located in which country?

Algeria (Kouba)

20. The petawatt is the world’s largest what?


21. Coba is a historical Maya site located in which city in Mexico?

Quintana Roo

22. What is the meaning of the New English term Weak Sauce?

That lacks power, substance, or credibility; pathetic, worthless; stupid.

23. Gran Salon Queretaro arena is located in which Mexican city?


24. What is the month of August called in the Italian language?


25. In which religion are the holy writings called the Adi Granth?


26. Twin Falls is located in which country?

Quebec, Canada

27. What is Heilong Jiang?

Amur River

28. Niger celebrates its independence day on what date?

August 3

29. What is the internet country domain TLD for Saint Lucia?


30. Which of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode a red horse?


31. Who wrote the popular fiction The Thin Man?

Dashiell Hammett

32. Brahmaputra–Tsangpo rivers pass through which countries?

India (58.0%), China (19.7%), Nepal (9.0%), Bangladesh (6.6%), Disputed India/China (4.2%), Bhutan (2.4%)

33. Your memories are easy to manipulate. True or false?


34. What is the gestation duration of Squirrel Monkey?

167 days

35. What of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse is known as?

Christ War

36. Diamond jubilee means what?

60 years

37. What is a set of four small glands behind your thyroid?


38. Cockapoo is a what kind of animal breed?


39. What is “The White City”, a legendary city of Honduras?

La Ciudad Blanca

40. Venus Observa is the technical term for what?

Missionary position

41. Who was the first president to visit all 50 states and the first to visit China?

Richard Milhous Nixon

42. Bhisho, (previously Bisho) city is located in which country?

South Africa

43. What is the Indian dish made from purple rice porridge from Manipur?

Chak-Hao Kheer

44. Name a word with vowels in order.


45. The origin of the word penis is Latin meaning what?


46. James Island → Kunta Kinteh Island (2011) is a renamed place in which country?

The Gambia

47. What is, commonly called SLP or simply San Luis, the capital and the most populous city of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí?

San Luis Potosí

48. Bajzë city is located in which country?


49. Roman Emperor Diocletian received what prestigious title in 297?

Britannicus Maximus (“great victor in Britain”)

50. Ciudad Acuña International Airport is located in which country?


51. Which defunct airline in Belize ceased its operation in 1980?

Belize Airways

52. What bread roll term is used in North Warwickshire, Nuneaton, Coventry and Cheshire as well as on the Wirral, England?


free quiz questions and answers general knowledge fun trivia general knowledge general knowledge trivia and answers general knowledge trivia quiz
Batch roll

53. What is the meaning of the New English term WIP?

Work in progress

54. Who was the 3rd Countess of Salisbury suo jure in 1196-1261?

Ela of Salisbury

55. Which writer invented the word drab?

C S Lewis

56. Corin Dam is located in which country?


57. Chouquette is a choux pastry dish originated in which country?


58. Who is the first woman to win the Grammy Award for Album of the Year two and three times, in 2010, 2016, and 2021?

Taylor Swift

59. What is the official name of Armenia?

Republic of Armenia

60. EL is the international aircraft letters of which country?


61. What is a Commonwealth realm and a federation of six states and 10 territories?


62. What bread roll is doughy, white bread roll, a specialty found in Waterford, Ireland?


63. 6 Feet Beneath the Moon is a 2013 debut album by which English singer-songwriter?

Archy Marshall

64. Who was Bonnie Prince Billy?

gothic country band, American

65. Which animal’s penis is prehensile?


66. 10.5 cm K (gp.Sfl.) prototype self-propelled gun ‘Dicker Max’ (2; Germany), an armored fighting vehicle used in which historic event?

World War II

67. Dangui female upper garment is worn in which country?


68. 361 Degrees fitness wear brand is located in which country?


69. Founded in 2003 by former Elkie Brooks and Iced Earth guitarist Tim Mills, what is a privately owned business based in the South West of England, UK?

Bare Knuckle Pickups (Bare Knuckle)

70. Where are the Canary Islands situated?

Atlantic Ocean

71. Gaskell Ball is a dance of which style?


72. Blacksocks sock manufacturer runs its market in which continent?


73. American term 40, (pronounced ‘forty’) used to indicate what?

a 40-ounce (1.183L) bottle of malt liquor, commonly drunk by American youths

74. What is Electron, produced in 1983?

Home computer

75. What type of creature was an Archelon?

A Turtle

76. What does the idiom ‘a hot potato’ mean?

A controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal with

77. Christmas Island is located in which country?


78. STC, a commercial Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network is operated in which country?

Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia

79. According to the Atlantic hurricane records, how many Tropical storms took place in 1933?


80. Where could you spend a Lempira?


81. On September 23, 1952, who becomes the world heavyweight champion?

Rocky Marciano

82. Ayam balado, chicken in chili came from which country?

Padang cuisine, Indonesia

83. Padang food or Minang food is the cuisine of the Minangkabau people of which country?

West Sumatra, Indonesia

84. Who is a Finnish origin agricultural deity?


85. Shu was an Egyptian God of what?

The Air

86. The durian, a fruit with a spiky outer shell and a characteristic odor is a local tropical fruit widely used in which country’s cuisine?


87. In which year, The Columbus Day Storm strikes Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia?


88. Great Kei river passes through which African country?

South Africa

89. Sunwapta River is located in which country?

Canada (Alberta)

90. Which country has no public toilets?


91. Cedar Creek is located in which country?

USA (Alabama)

92. L’ira di Achille opera was composed by whom?

Gaetano Donizetti

93. Kukës county is located in which country?


94. Belconnen region is located in which country?


95. And what is the least?


96. Arabe horse breed was originated in which country?


97. Eric Cantona (France) was inducted in the English Football Hall of Fame in which year?


98. What are Allowances in horse racing?

Adjustments in weight “allowed” in a race.

99. What is the name of the winning horse in the Winter Derby 2000, a Group 3 flat horse race in Great Britain?


100. Which is the only middle eastern country without a desert?


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