50 Team Quiz General Knowledge Questions Answer Test

Team quiz general knowledge is here with fresh interesting GK facts. Not only does broad knowledge have several practical applications, but it may also help you become more fashionable team quiz general knowledge. Current events are an important aspect of general knowledge, and skimming through publications, newsletters, and websites may keep you up to date on the newest developments of IQ based on team quiz general knowledge.

Being trend-aware entails keeping up with the newest in fashion, media, goods, technology, music, and anything else that keeps you young and vibrant with team quiz general knowledge. In 2013, this would have meant seeing PSY’s Gangnam Style viral video, knowing how to find a Tesla electric vehicle on the road, and keeping up with the Syrian Civil War.

It’s much simpler to develop a decent sense of humor if you have solid observational abilities and a basic understanding of a number of things like team quiz general knowledge. With a lot of knowledge, like team quiz general knowledge you’ll be able to effortlessly crack a joke or play a pun. Incorporating a few facts into a satire of a current issue exhibits both wit and intellect.

Team quiz general knowledge

1. In which year Apollo 7 was launched from Cape Canaveral?


2. Asam padeh, sour and spicy fish stew dish came from which country?

Padang cuisine, Indonesia

3. Who is a Celtic-origin agricultural deity?


4. Cuanza river passes through which African country?


5. Which organization began in a converted toilet in central London?

Lords cricket

6. Aguada Fénix is a historical Maya site located in which city in Mexico?


7. Who composed the operas After Life, One?

Michel van der Aa

8. Which peninsula extends towards the northeast, separating the Gulf of Mexico to the north and west of the peninsula from the Caribbean Sea to the east?

Yucatán Peninsula

9. With its capacity of 22000, Mexico City Arena was opened in which year?


10. In the UK today 16000 people die annually from what?

Illness caught in hospital

11. Which fruit is known as the “King of the Fruits” in Malaysia?

The durian

12. The calamansi lime, or limau kasturi is widely used as a souring agent in which country’s cooking?


13. El Ceibal (also known as Seibal) is a historical Maya site located in which city in Guatemala?

Petén Department

14. Peace Corps was established in which year?


15. In which TV program did Sergeant Bosco appear?

A Team

16. According to the Atlantic hurricane records, how many Tropical storms took place in 2020?


17. Batelco, a commercial Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network is operated in which country?


18. What is the capital and largest city of the northeastern state of Nuevo León, Mexico?


19. Who cast as the steel-toothed henchman Jaws in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME on this day in 1976?

Richard Kiel

20. In ancient Athens every third man worked with what?


21. What does the idiom ‘a bitter pill to swallow’ mean?

A situation or information that is unpleasant but must be accepted

22. What was 16 Horsepower?

gothic country band

23. Bethulie city is located in which country?

South Africa

24. Athabasca River is located in which country?

Canada (Alberta)

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Athabasca River, Canada

25. Whose film debut was Jennings in Revenge of the Creature 1955?

Clint Eastwood

26. What is the Indian dish made from fish with potol, tomato, chillies, ginger, and garlic from Assam?

Maach Jhol

27. Alanic fitness wear brand is headquartered in which city?

North Hollywood, California

28. Plaza Monumental arena is located in which Mexican city?


29. Who was an 18th-century French dancer, ballet master, choreographer, and dance teacher?

Louis-Aimé d’Auvigny

30. What counties national drink is called aizag pronounced I shag?

Mongolian mares milk

31. What inside an accordion is a single full set of the reeds that are the means to achieve the instrument’s sound range?

A reed rank

32. Heard Island and McDonald Islands are located in which country?


33. Baji is a baggy pant in which country?


34. What is the model 6502 for?


35. What are studied by hymenopterists?


36. 1 Girl Nation is a 2013 debut album by which band?


37. 7TP light tank (132; Poland), an armored fighting vehicle used in which historic event?

World War II

38. What is Choux pastry, or pâte à choux?

a light pastry dough that contains only butter, water, flour, and eggs

39. Belvedere is a what clothing brand?


40. What gift is given on behalf of Saudi Arabia King to Mecca pilgrims?

Small Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

41. What is the official name of Angola?

Republic of Angola

42. American term 101 (pronounced ‘one o one’) used to indicate what?

Basic knowledge

43. Beignet is a choux pastry dish originated in which country?


44. Who was the first two-time Grammy Award for Album of the Year and three-time winner, in 1960, 1966 and 1967?

Frank Sinatra

45. All the Richard Hannay books got their titles from where?

Bunyon’s The Pilgrim’s Progress

46. What is an Acorn Atom?

Home computer (1980)

47. What outside of the United States, is a type of raisin of the small, sweet, seedless grape cultivar Black Corinth?

Zante currants, Corinth raisins, or simply currants

48. What is a Commonwealth realm with 1 autonomous region, Barbuda?

Antigua and Barbuda

49. What is a larger soft roll, roughly 5–6 inches (12-15 cm) in diameter, that may contain fats such as lard or butter to provide tenderness?


50. What did Sir Humphry Davy say was his best discovery?

His student Michael Faraday

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