Some 50 General Fun Trivia Questions and Answers for Friends

Some trivia questions and answers for friends general knowledge are all about survival. Without information, we would perish in a fire, starve or dehydrate to death, or fall over a cliff. All living creatures have some trivia questions and answers for friends general knowledge because they would perish if they did not. Human existence is made up of two elements: consciousness and knowledge. Consciousness, in its normal condition, creates, stores, and applies knowledge in daily life.

In the 1967 Ballon d’Or, Ferencváros striker Flórián Albert defeats Manchester United midfielder Bobby Charlton and Celtic winger Jimmy Johnstone to win the title for a best European football player. Enjoy some trivia questions and answers for friends general knowledge.

Are you aware of the oldest flower? Scientists discovered a relic of the world’s oldest flower in 2002. The Archaefructus sinensis, dubbed “the mother of all flowers,” is considered to have flowered more than 125 million years ago in China. Explore some trivia questions and answers for friends general knowledge!

Find below some trivia questions and answers for friends general knowledge. Let’s take a look at gas plants. The lovely white and pink blossoms of gas plants are well-known, but the plants generate more than simply flowers. They release a colorless gas on warm evenings, which some say maybe lit.

Investigate the resurrection lotus. The Egyptians were enamored with the lotus blossom, which they revered as sacred. They claimed the flower symbolizes resurrection since it can lay dormant for years during droughts before blossoming once the earth is sufficiently moist. Even during graves, Egyptians utilized the resurrection flower. Have fun with some trivia questions and answers for friends’ general knowledge.

Some General Fun Trivia Questions and Answers for Friends

1. What was the UN International year 1961?

International Health and Medical Research Year

2. What are Grebes?


3. Bertha of Kent glorified the throne as the Queen of England in which year?

c. 565

4. In astronomy, what is Melpomene?

An asteroid

5. Dutch government of De Master falls due to war budget in which year?


6. Who said, “Where there is love there is life”?

Mohandas K. Gandhi

7. Alice Sebold wrote which fiction in 2002?

The Lovely Bones

8. What is Autumn Trophy?

A figure skating competition

9. What is the highest level of baseball in Japan?

Nippon Professional Baseball or NPB

10. In which year, 1st game of basketball, based on rules created by James Naismith, played by 18 students in Springfield, Massachusetts?


11. Clevinger’s Trial (1973) is a famous work by whom, with Captain John Yossarian?

Joseph Heller

12. In 1784, who becomes acting US Secretary of State (1789-990)?

John Jay

13. Russian military aircraft type “Antonov An-26” was introduced in which year?


14. More than 2 million people signed a petition at, and a petition on garnered more than 300,000 signatures – for whom?

Death row prisoner Rodney Reed

15. In which year, Pim Mulier’s 1st & only trip to “Alvesteddetocht”?


16. The Middle Ages started in which year?

A.D. 476

17. In 1788, who becomes emperor Quang Trung of Vietnam?

Hue Tay Son

18. What is Abaya?

A hijab

19. Aden Emergency began in which year?


20. Corgi Socks brand is located in which city in Wales, UK?


21. Who was the Men’s Ballon d’Or award winner in 2014?

Cristiano Ronaldo

22. Who ended his Presidentship of France in 1981?

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing

23. Talk to =?

to rebuke

24. Who wrote the fiction “Fingersmith” in 2002?

Sarah Waters

25. In 1829, the 1st stone arch railroad bridge in the US was dedicated to which city?


26. What zodiac has its sign “0”?


27. In ballet, what is À la quatrième?

One of the directions of body, facing the audience (en face), arms in the second position, with one leg extended either to the fourth position in front

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28. In 1835, which ship sails into the Bay of Islands, New Zealand?

HMS Beagle

29. Edmund Burke was a statesman, economist, and philosopher from which country?


30. In 1849, 1st US skating club was formed in which city?


31. What is the boiling point (°C) of Helium-3?


32. Who was the 1st American Poet Laureate, established in 1985?

Robert Warren

33. Zambeef Products is a what type of company?


34. Außensatz is a term related to what in Germany?


35. In which year, 10.17″ (25.83 cm) of rainfall, Glenora, Oregon (state record)?


36. Who is the mother of chemistry?

Marie Anne Paulze Lavoisier

37. In which year, The Rochdale Pioneers commence business at their cooperative in Rochdale, England, starting the Cooperative movement?


38. Which treaty in 1918, ended hostilities in the Middle Eastern theatre between the Ottoman Empire and the Allies of World War I?

Armistice of Mudros

39. “Thirteen Colonies” were formerly under which country?


40. In which year, Beatles record “Sweet Georgia Brown” & “Ready Teddy”?


41. Memoir of which Secretary-General of the United Nations is “Interventions: A Life in War in Peace”?

Kofi Annan

42. The Eighty Years’ War or Dutch War of Independence (1568–1648) was a revolt against which ruler of Spain?

Philip II

43. Which Provisional Governor left his office in Cuba on 13 October 1906?

William H. Taft

44. Skating Federation Of Bosnia and Herzegovina was admitted to the International Skating Union in which year?


45. In 1959, who accepted a coaching job with Dallas Cowboys (stays until 1988)?

Tom Landry

46. Raymunda Torres y Quiroga – 19th-century writer and women’s rights activist from which country?


47. “All through the Day” song was recorded by whom on March 6, 1946?

Doris Day

48. In 1960, who recorded his influential album “Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation”, establishes the name for the Free Jazz sound?

Ornette Coleman

49. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is headquartered in which city?


50. Saint Dionysius, Roman Pope (259-260), dies in which year?


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