100 General Knowledge Fun Trivia Questions and Answers

General knowledge fun trivia questions and answers quiz in English printable can be used to encourage individuals to “want to” study. A pre-test at the start of an e-learning course is one approach to do this. This general knowledge fun trivia questions and answers is a non-graded exam given at the start of an e-learning course to allow learners to see what they already know and what they don’t know. These general knowledge fun trivia questions and answers must include important learning areas in the course, make clear that it is not scored, and allow participants to go back and repeat the questions in order to be effective. The learner is completely in charge of these general knowledge fun trivia questions and answers.

You may give relevant pre-test questions using a range of general knowledge fun trivia questions and answers, and true/false questions to prepare your learners for what they need to pay attention to during the course. When people miss a question, they are more inclined to pay attention to that topic in the course when it comes up again, so they don’t miss these general knowledge fun trivia questions and answers again. Use general knowledge fun trivia questions and answers to assist your students to anticipate what will happen next so they can prepare to pay attention during the course.

Stopping and reviewing what you’ve learned during your e-learning course is a smart idea. General knowledge fun trivia questions and answers are one way to repeat material and are an important part of learning. It’s critical to note that these review quizzes will not be evaluated. The goal isn’t to evaluate learning, but to help learners remember what they’ve learned. Using different general knowledge fun trivia questions and answers kinds, such as sequencing and labeling, is one method to achieve this, in addition to just teaching people.

There are general knowledge fun trivia questions and answers that fit under these two categories. A sequencing quiz is one in which the student is given multiple steps in a process and must drag and drop the steps into the right sequence. This general knowledge fun trivia questions and answers is a fantastic quiz type for any process: sales, customer escalation procedures, or even supply chain management.

General knowledge fun trivia questions and answers

1. What is the official name of Andorra?

Principality of Andorra

2. What is the baby Turkey called?

Poult, jake (male), jenny (female)

3. A popular swimwear brand “Arena” was originated in 1973 in which country?


4. What is the brand of the basketball shoe worn by Patrick Ewing in 1987?

Ewing Attitude

5. What English word meaning disaster comes from Italian for flask?


6. What is Zhiju?

A Chinese straight lapelled, full body garment, mostly informal

7. Quartz is the state mineral of which US state?


8. What is the National Princess Peach Month in the USA?


9. What is an American Southern rock band, formed in 1970 by Rodney Justo?

Atlanta Rhythm Section

10. What English word meaning disaster comes from Italian for flask?


11. Drei is a telecommunication operator in which country?


12. What is LTE networks?

Long-Term Evolution

13. What was the name of the North Atlantic cyclone in 1924 with 270 km/h (165 mph) speed?


14. What is the common name of Decanoic acid, a saturated fatty acid?

Capric acid

15. What character in the Jungle Books name means frog?


16. What occurs when the continental plate is pushed under the oceanic plate, but this is unusual as the relative densities of the tectonic plates favor subduction of the oceanic plate?


17. What is the Uzbek dish made of stuffed grape leaves?

Oshi toki

18. With its 84 floors, 111 West 57th Street is located in which city?

New York City

19. Who released the country-rock album “Bright Lights & Country Music” in 1966?

Rick Nelson

20. What is an Umiak?

Eskimos’ large open skin boat

21. Seward Park Housing Corporation, has developed Cooperative Village with 1,728 units in which city?

New York City

22. When does the Libra end?

October 23

23. Aliv is a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network being operated in which country?


24. What was the birthstone for the month of April during the 15th–20th century?

diamond, sapphire

25. What’s the more common name for prepatellar bursitis?

Housemaid’s Knee

26. FV L’Acadien II which was lost in 2008 somewhere off Cape Breton (missing wreck) was a ship owned by which country?


27. What is RSMC?

Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre

28. On 27 September 1647, Captain Bol mistook the Bristol Channel for the English Channel and ran which Dutch ship aground off the Mumbles, Wales where it broke apart with 107 passengers aboard?

Princess Amelia

29. What is The Ace of Cups in the United States?

an all-female band

30. In Yugoslavia if you asked for Pljeskavice what do you get?


31. First Cannes Film Festival took place on September 18 in which year?


32. The first television network dramatic serial, “Faraway Hill,” ended after a two-month run in which year?


33. What was Vaudeville?

Entertainment that sprang in the late 19th and early 20th centuries from a variety of roots, including saloon shows, minstrel performances, freak shows, dime museums, British pantomimes, and other popular forms of entertainment in America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

34. What is chin jiew chicken?

Teochew (China) cuisine

35. In Minneapolis what is the maximum penalty for double parking?

The Chain Gang

36. With 50+ locations, AMT Coffee coffeehouse chain is founded in which country?

United Kingdom

37. In legend, what is said to have been deliberately wrecked on 13 February 1748 off Goodwin Sands, Kent, England, and to reappear off the Kent coast every fifty years?

The Lady Lovibond

38. Which company is best known for its café au lait and its French-style beignets?

Café du Monde

39. Which mountain is the geographical border with Asia in the south, Georgia, and to a lesser extent Armenia and Azerbaijan?

Caucasus Mountains

40. Who served under Nelson commanding the Glatton in 1801?

William Bligh

41. Where do you eat Daxi dried tofu?

A Taiwanese cuisine

42. Pyott’s Mill (windmill) was founded in which city?

Woodstock, Cape Town

43. Where is the mouth of the River Wye, England?

Severn Estuary

44. Which country led the “Kaiserschlacht” during WW1?

German Empire

45. What was Auguste Bartholdi’s most famous work in 1886?

Statue of Liberty

46. the Mekong, the fourth-longest river in Asia pass through which countries?

China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

47. In which country do you find Yerevan City, a supermarket chain?


48. What is the name of Singaporean Chinese flat rice noodles stir-fried with beef, served dry or with soup?

Beef kway teow

49. Who are the descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia, inter-marrying with local Malays?


general knowledge fun trivia questions and answers
Chicken with keluak

50. In literature who taught at the Marcia Blain school for Girls?

Miss Jean Brodie

51. Earl of Norfolk was a prestigious title under the reign of which king?

King John

52. What was the Roman title for the emperor?


53. What does the ancient Roman title Tribunicia Potestas mean in English?

“Tribunician Power”

54. Carpinteiro is a local wind in which region?

strong southeasterly wind along the southern Atlantic coast of Brazil

55. He was R C Robinson in 1948 what name famous now?

Ray Charles

56. How many outlets are there of the Angel-in-us, a popular coffeehouse chain in South Korea?


57. Santa Maria da Feira city is located in which country?


58. What is Hausa?

a language

59. Benjamin List received Nobel prize 2021 in which category?


60. Acrotomphillia is having sex with who or what?


61. Name a word with all the vowels in alphabetical order.


62. Surobi Dam in Surobi District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan is located on which river?

Kabul River

63. Which club trophy Association football was first played in 1881?

Irish Football Association Challenge Cup

64. What is Echigo-Nankin-Shamo?

a Japanese chicken breed

65. Creme de Menthe Creme de Cacao and light cream what drink?


66. What is Hutki Shira?

a delicacy in Sylhet, Bangladesh

67. Who was Élie, 1st Duke of Decazes and Glücksbierg?

a French statesman, leader of the liberal Doctrinaires party during the Bourbon Restoration.

68. There are currently how many space stations in orbit around Earth?

Two- the International Space Station and Tiangong-3 the Chinese large modular space station.

69. As of 2021, how many Nobel laureates are there in France?


70. Girls’ name can mean big fruit basket or a meeting whaling captains?


71. What is Original Braunvieh?

an Austrian cattle breed

72. In c 1260 who discovers arsenic and silver nitrate, also made one of the first references to sulfuric acid?

St Albertus Magnus

73. The Ramon Magsaysay Award was founded in which year?


74. As of 2021, which country has the second most Nobel laureates after the USA (398)?

United Kingdom (137)

75. Who did Fess Parker play in on TV in 1964?

Daniel Boone

76. What is the month of December in Chinese?

shíèr yuè

77. What is Bora?

northeasterly from eastern Europe to northeastern Italy and northwestern Balkans

78. What does the Latin term Quadranscentennial mean?

25 years

79. What is Brabanter?

a Dutch chicken breed

80. Cry Freedom was Richard Attenborough’s film about who?

Steve Biko

81. Sydney was founded in which year?


82. What is the French name of Barbados?


83. Which spacecraft orbited Jupiter for eight years?


84. In c. 50 BC, who publishes De Rerum Natura, a poetic description of the ideas of atomism?


85. In WW2 what was the German codename for the invasion of Russia?


86. Which element has its chemical name Kr?


87. The Japanese language has a word to denote letting reading materials pile up in one’s home and never read them – what is that?


88. What is the scientific name for House sparrow?

Passer domesticus

89. What is Racing Stripes?

a 2005 American sports comedy family film

90. Caractacus Potts drove what car?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

91. Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder affecting which gender?

Girls and women

92. Canberra was founded in which year?


93. What is Grand Noir du Berry?

French donkey breed

94. What is Azari breed?


95. Who failed an audition for Fame because was not pretty enough?

Tom Cruise

96. What is the baby Loon called?


97. Agrupación de las Mesetas goat species was originated in which country?


98. What is Equus capensis?

an extinct species of zebra

99. What is Zou?

a French-Australian animated children’s television series

100. What sport in Belgium do people compete in the Fleche Wallonne?


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