100 General Knowledge Trivia Questions about World History

General knowledge quiz questions answer in English free trivia interesting fun facts about world history aids in the development of a more comprehensive understanding of the world. You can’t establish a foundation for your life until you grasp how things function in the real world. General knowledge about world history provides us with a thorough picture of how society, technology, and government functioned in the past so that we may better comprehend how they function today. General knowledge about world history also aids us in determining how to approach the future by allowing us to learn from our collective errors (and achievements).

History aids in our understanding of ourselves. You must establish a sense of self in order to comprehend who you are by dint of general knowledge about world history. Learning where you fit within the story of your nation or the global community in the larger scheme of things is a big part of that. General knowledge about world history provides the tale of how your country, city, or community came to be what it is now. It informs you where you originated from and who your forefathers and mothers were. Most importantly, general knowledge about world history enables you to recognize (and value) whatever legacies you may have acquired from them.

General knowledge about world history

1. On September 1847, which stamps were issued by the British Colony Mauritius?

The Mauritius “Post Office”

2. Hugo Award for Best Novel was first given in which year?


3. World Science Fiction Convention, or Worldcon, has been held annually since which year?


4. On 5 November 2019, the BBC published a list of novels named what, selected by a panel of six writers and critics?

BBC list of 100 “most inspiring” novels

5. What is a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published on 25 April 1719?

Robinson Crusoe

6. Who was the champion in the 2005 Copa Peugeot Argentina de Tenis?

David Nalbandian (Argentina)

7. Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana is a Catalan-language encyclopedia, started in fascicles, and published in which year by Edicions 62?


8. Who was Apuleius?

author of a magical novel of the Antiquity

9. Drammen, Norway gained its city status in which year?


10. Le Morte d’Arthur is a 15th-century Middle English prose reworking by whom?

Sir Thomas Malory

11. Name the first space probe to land on the moon on 13 Sept 1959?

Luna 2

12. The compilation of the Encyclopedia of China began in which year?


13. With its surname Thorkell, Earl of East Anglia was created in which year in England?


14. In which country, Tlapacoya city was founded in Ixtapaluca region in 7500 BC?


15. In what film did Paul Robeson sing Old Man River in 1936?


16. What was the name of postage stamps were the first stamps issued by Brazil, on 1 August 1843?

The Bull’s Eye (Portuguese Olho-de-boi)

17. Which Norwayian city gained int city status in 1070?


18. Alfred the Great or William the Conqueror was the First Monarch of which Monarchy?

British Monarchy

19. Early Homo sapiens migrated out of Africa from how many years ago?

as early as 270,000 years ago

20. Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit, is a didactic romance written in 1578 by whom?

John Lyly

21. At which location in the present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo, a human settlement record of the Middle Paleolithic era at about 90 kya discovered?

Katanda, Upper Semliki River

22. What is the second oldest city in the Americas, dating back to 4000 BC, after Tlapacoya (Mexico)?

Puerto Hormiga Culture (Colombia)

23. During 7000 BC, which Neolithic settlement town had a population of 2500?

‘Ain Ghazal

24. Who painted the first Christmas card in 1843?

John Callcott Horsley

25. Who was the artist of the song “Don’t Fence Me In” in the film Adios Argentina (1934)?

music by Cole Porter, lyrics by Robert Fletcher and Cole Porter

26. What was the name of the Swedish postage stamp auction house valued between £1.29 million and £1.73 million before the sale?

The “Treskilling” Yellow, or three schilling banco error of color

27. The Afghan Campaign by Steven Pressfield is what?

a novel on Alexander the Great’s invasion of the Afghan kingdoms in 330 BC

28. who ruled England from 871-899?

Alfred the Great

29. During 6000 BC, which Neolithic settlement town had a population of 2,000?


30. Who was Apsethus the Libyan?

a magician who attempted to prove he was divine

31. What was a supervolcanic eruption that occurred around 75,000 years ago at the site of present-day Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia?

The Youngest Toba eruption

32. In 2021, N. K. Jemisin received the Hugo Award for which novel?

The City We Became

33. Middle Paleolithic period was about how many years ago?

before 50,000 years ago

34. In the USA, the double eagle $20 gold coin was created by that name in which year?


35. Mount Everest, Sagarmatha, Chomolungma mountain was first ascended in which year?


36. Kingdom of Denmark was founded in which year?

c.935 AD

37. In 1905, which country dissolved its union with Sweden to become an independent nation and chose Haakon VII as its King?


38. Fightstar is a British rock band from London that formed in which year?


39. In 1925, who achieved the first synchronized transmission of a moving silhouette (shadowgraphs) and sound, using 48 lines, and a mechanical system?

Charles Francis Jenkins

40. Who was Maria Theresa Kemble (1774–1838) (born in Vienna, Austria)?

British actress

41. Who is the architect of the Burj Al Arab?

Tom Wright (Firm: Atkins, United Kingdom)

42. Upper Paleolithic age was about how many years ago?

50,000 to 12,500 years ago

43. What was an American rock band, formed in July 1976 from the remnants of Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue?

The Alpha Band

44. Who was the First Monarch of the Kingdom of Denmark?

Gorm the Old

45. At which location in present-day Democratic China, PRC, a human settlement record of the Middle Paleolithic era at about 80 kya discovered?

Fuyan Cave

46. During 1517 – 3 March 1924, which Caliphate of the Islamic Ummah thrived in the Arabian territory?

Ottoman Caliphate

47. What is a bowed string instrument used in Europe until the end of the 18th century that is similar to the viol but has an extra set of plucked strings?

The baryton

48. Kingdom of Norway was founded in which year?

c.885 AD

49. Lira da braccio was an instrument that originated during which period?

Renaissance (1400–1600)

50. What is the name of the Aircraft carrier ship of the Argentine Navy launched in 1943 and scrapped in 1999?

ARA Veinticinco de Mayo

During exercise Unitas XX, the Argentine aircraft carrier ARA Veinticinco de Mayo (V-2) is viewed from the port bow.

51. Tashkopryu Mosque is located in which country?


52. In which temple, 106 Hindu pilgrims were killed (stampede) on 10 April 2016 in India?

Puttingal Devi temple Kollam Kerala

53. Who was Atomus?

Magus who worked for Antonius Felix at Caesarea

54. Jagaddala Mahavihara, an archaeological site, and Buddhist temple is located in which country?


55. National Archaeological Museum is located in which city in Bulgaria?


56. Da?iya, a Capital Governorate in Kuwait was established in which year?


57. Holocene age was about how many years ago?

12,500 to 500 years ago

58. In which year, the BBC receives its Royal Charter and begins transmitting as the British Broadcasting Corporation?


59. Hosted by Walter O’Keefe, which event was held in Hollywood Athletic Club on January 25, 1949?

First Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony

60. The Academy Award for Best Picture is one of the Academy Awards presented annually by the whom since the awards debuted in 1929?

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)

61. In which theatre in Hollywood, the Academy Awards ceremonies have been held since 2002?

Dolby Theatre

62. American short film “Monkeyshines, No. 2” was released in which year?


63. What is the name of a learned society and educational charity for the study and research of academic dress, founded in 2000 and is named after John William Burgon (1813–1888)?

The Burgon Society

64. Arnold van Gennep wrote which book in 1909?

‘Rite of Passage’

65. What is the name of the first satellite with a radio transmitter launched on October 4, 1957?

Sputnik 1

66. What was the name of the baker in whose bakery the Great Fire of London of 1666 apparently started?

Thomas Farriner (or Farynor)

67. What is the twelfth studio album by Al Stewart, released in September 1993?

Famous Last Words

68. What is the name of the battleship of the Imperial Russian Navy, launched on 1867-09-21?

Admiral Lazarev

69. In which country, the special trading rights for cities were abolished in 1857?


70. Which country owns “Project SCORE”, the first communications satellite, launched on December 18, 1958?


71. In 1963, with its population of 13,098 (2011) which Capital Governorate in Kuwait was established?

Abdulla Al-Salem

72. Who was the best player of the 1934 FIFA World Cup Football?

Giuseppe Meazza, Italy

73. The first of four orbital test flights by NASA occurred in which year, leading to operational flights beginning in 1982?


74. Established on March 30, 1891, what is the first national forest in the USA?

Yellowstone Park Timber and Land Reserve

75. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida was founded in which year?


76. “Grand Hotel” received the Academy Award for Best Picture in which year?

1931/32 (5th)

77. Which two students founded Google in 1998?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

78. What is the name of the submarine of the United States Navy that was deployed in 1775?


79. What was the longest orbital flight of the Shuttle at 17 days 15 hours?


80. Bean pie was originated in which country?


81. American film “Caught” was released in which year?


82. What is the name of the first communications satellite powered by solar cells to recharge storage batteries, launched on October 4, 1960?

Courier 1B

83. The first televised address from the Oval Office was made in 1947 by which President?

President Truman

84. Whose secret marriage to Sir Walter Raleigh precipitated a long period of royal disfavor for both her and her husband?

Elizabeth, Lady Raleigh

85. Mexican Football Federation (FMF) was founded in which year?


86. In UEFA Euro 2020, which team won their second title after beating first-time finalists England on penalties?


87. European Football Championship (UEFA) was founded in which year?


88. By 1907, which US president had more than doubled the forest-reserve acreage?

President Theodore Roosevelt

89. White Tower of the Tower of London was built in which year?


90. What are the two most successful teams in the UEFA European Football Championship?

Germany and Spain (3 titles each)

91. On the coronation of a king, a procession would be led from where to Westminster Abbey from the early 14th century until the reign of Charles II in the 17th century?

Tower of London

92. With its length 2369 miles from Fleming and Whitehead streets in Key West, FL to the Canadian border at Fort Kent, ME, which United States Numbered Highway was founded in 1926?

“US 1”

93. Challenger and Columbia were destroyed in mission accidents in 1986 and 2003 respectively, killing a total of how many astronauts?


94. What is the name of the sweet chocolatey pie best served cold, topped with Bavarian cream?

Bavarian Cream Pie

95. The horror of Guernica was portrayed in a painting by which artist?

Pablo Picasso

96. The Encyclopædia Britannica notes which Brazilian is “officially recognized” by FIFA to have scored 1,329 goals?

Arthur Friedenreich

97. In which year, Lionel Messi (Argentina) starts his career in Football?


98. In which year, Romário (Brazil) ended his career?


99. What is the heaviest Russian spacecraft in service with its mass of 129,700 kg (285,940 lb)?


100. What was the shortest orbital flight at one minute 13 seconds when the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart during launch?


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