100 Fun General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Fun general knowledge questions with answers trivia quiz in English printable for everyone. Labeling involves displaying an image or a sequence of photos to learners and having them label each object on the picture in the form of fun general knowledge questions with answers. Let’s assume you’re working on a security awareness e-learning course and you recently concluded a section on security threats. You might utilize fun general knowledge questions with answers by presenting an image of risky things strewn about a person’s desk, such as sticky notes containing clues. You ask the learners to solve these fun general knowledge questions with answers.

Another important aspect to remember when creating fun general knowledge questions with answers for an e-learning event is to make them basic. It’s critical to keep learners motivated during training so they’ll want to keep learning and finish fun general knowledge questions with answers.

Of course, we’d like to know if individuals learned anything like fun general knowledge questions with answers, and the majority of you will want to track and report that they did. As a result, you may offer a typical quiz with multiple choice and true/false questions at the end of the e-learning course. Grading the quiz is appropriate at this time, and learners should be informed that the final fun general knowledge questions with answers will be evaluated.

Its true, fun general knowledge questions with answers don’t have to be tedious, intelligence-degrading exercises with no other purpose than to tick the box that indicates we evaluated individuals. In e-learning, fun general knowledge questions with answers may be used to inspire students, help them remember what they’ve learned, and measure their progress. This is supported by research and may be used to our advantage if we follow the basic guidelines outlined above to improve the effectiveness of our fun general knowledge questions with answers.

Fun general knowledge questions with answers

1. J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” published in which year?


2. In 1964, a patent was granted to whom for magnetic core memory (first used in a minicomputer)?

Kenneth Olsen

3. Who was Abbott and Costello?

A vaudeville performer

4. What is Bak chor mee?

Teochew (China) cuisine

5. Lily Cauchoin became famous as who?

Claudette Colbert

6. With 94+ locations, %Arabica coffeehouse chain is founded in which country?

Hong Kong

7. In which country, doughnut shops have been described as common and as a “national institution”, and doughnuts have been described as an “unofficial national food.”?


8. Which rice is considered one of the national dishes of Singapore?

Hainanese chicken rice

9. What is the origin of Achar, various pickled meats and vegetable dish?

Peranakan cuisine

10. What vegetable gets its name from old French / Latin for milk?


11. In which country do you find Parma Supermarkets, a supermarket chain?


12. On August 22, 1914, during which battles in the WW1, five separate French armies engaged the German invaders independently of each other?

Battle of the Frontiers

13. Founded in Killaloe, Ontario (1978), which company’s headquarters are in Montreal, Quebec, Canada?

BeaverTails (doughnut shop)

14. What is the length of the Yangtze (Cháng Jiāng), China, the longest river in Asia?

6,300 km (3,915 mi)

15. In The African Queen what was the name of the steam launch?

The African Queen

16. Ghirardelli candy brand was originated in which country?


17. Paska dish was originated in which country?


18. What is ba-wan?

A Taiwanese cuisine

19. How many outlets are there of the Baker’s Dozen Donuts, a popular coffeehoue chain in Canada?


20. Which river in Romania and Ukraine is 726 km long with a basin of 44,000 km2?


21. What is the shallowest of the world’s five major oceans?

The Arctic Ocean

22. What is the magazine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses called?

The Watchtower

23. What is the longest river in the USA?

Missouri River

24. What is Acilius duvergeri?

A vulnerable beetle

25. Richard Roundtree played what detective in three 70s films?

John Shaft

26. Wha tis Lindt & Sprüngli?

Candy brand

27. What is the only spacecraft to have visited Uranus, making a single flyby as part of its grand tour of the outer planets?

Voyager 2

28. Who was the first first lady in the USA to have been born in the 18th century?

Martha Washington

29. What is the longest river in the United Kingdom, with its length of 220 miles?

River Severn

30. Defecolagnia is sexual arousal from what act?


31. In c. 1000 which Persian philosophers, deny the possibility of the transmutation of metals?

Abū al-Rayhān al-Bīrūnī and Avicenna

32. Lord Killanin, who received the Olympic Order in Gold in 1980 was from which country?


33. As of July 2016, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists how many vulnerable insect species?


34. What are the effects of Adrenaline hormone on the human body?

blood pressure, glycogenolysis, lipolysis, etc.

35. Writer who created Hannah Massay Maggie Rowan Tillie Trotter?

Catherine Cookson

36. As of 2019, Japan has won the FIFA Women’s World Cup howe many times?


37. What is Aizu-Jidori?

a Japanese chicken breed

38. What is the storage capacity of the largest dam in Afghanistan, the Naghlu Dam?

550,000,000 m3 (445,892 acre⋅ft)

39. FA Cup (1871), the oldest association football competition in the world was originated in which country?


40. The French call it La Mort aux Trousses what Hitchcock film is it?

North by Northwest

41. What links Claire Taylor (2009), Charlotte Edwards (2014), Heather Knight (2018), Natalie Sciver (2018), Anya Shrubsole (2018), Tammy Beaumont (2019), and Ellyse Perry (2020)?

Seven women have been chosen for the Wisden Cricketers of the Year

42. Mostert’s Mill windmill was founded in 1796 in which city?

Mowbray, Cape Town

43. Where is the mouth of the River Thames, the second-longest river of the United Kingdom?

215 miles

44. What is Ennstaler Bergscheck?

am Austrian cattle breed

45. What did alchemists seek to turn base metals into gold?

Philosopher’s Stone

46. Mount Mitchell is located in which mountain range in North Carolina?

Black Mountains

fun general knowledge questions with answers
Black Mountain range

47. In which years, recipes for the production of aqua ardens (“burning water”, i.e., ethanol) by distilling wine with common salt start to appear in a number of Latin alchemical works?

c. 1100–1200

48. What is Assendelfts Hoen?

a Dutch chicken breed

49. As of 2021, how many Nobel laureates are there in the United States?


50. According to the poem who dug the grave for cock robin?

The Owl

51. Where do Wind of 120 days blow?

a four-month-long hot and dry wind over the Sistan Basin in Iran and Afghanistan

52. What prestigious title did Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax concede for his valor in the year 209 or 210?

Britannicus Maximus (“great victor in Britain”)

53. What is the baby Owl called?


54. Earl of Huntingdon was a prestigious designation under whose reign?

King John

55. What was invented by Henry D Perky in 1893 in Denver, Colorado?

Shredded Wheat

56. What is the Al-Ahwar breed?

Iraqi marsh buffalo

57. What is the population of New South Wales territory?


58. Soyuz is a Russian Earth orbital spacecraft with how many persons?


59. What is the most topographically prominent summit of the United States?

Denali, Alaska

60. Manya Sklodowska became famous under what name?

Madam Curie

61. Cape mountain zebra is originated in which country?

South Africa

62. What is Baudet du Poitou

a French donkey breed

63. What is Poppets Town?

a Canadian-Spanish animated children’s television series

64. WHat is the name of the zebra, an anthropomorphic children’s fictional character created by Scottish-born English author Brian Paterson?


65. In Nevada it is illegal to drive what on the highway?

A Camel

66. What does the Latin term Vicenary mean?

20 years

67. What is the month of June in Chinese?

liù yuè

68. Loures city is located in which country?


69. What is the Australian Call breed?


70. Joel Chandler Harris born December 1848 better known as who?

Uncle Remus

71. What is Gikuyu?

a language

72. What is Böhm?

cold, dry wind in Central Europe

73. Syukuro Manabe received the Nobel prize 2021 in which category?


74. Name a word with all the vowels in alphabetical order.


75. Who would be scored on the Apgar scale?

Newborn Babies

76. What is Haggis?

a delicacy in Scotland

77. What is Abergelle?

a goat species

78. The use of rockets in war became outdated by which century?

15th century

79. Who was Anne-Adrien-Pierre de Montmorency?

1st Duke of San Fernando Luis, 3rd Duke of Laval-Montmorency, GE, and a peer of France and of Spain during the Napoleonic Wars

80. In Fort Madison Iowa Firemen must do what before attending fire?

Practice for 15 minutes

81. What is the local name of Austria?


82. As of 2021, which country has the third most Nobel laureates after USA and UK?

Germany (111)

83. Which element has its chemical name As?


84. What is the scientific name for House mouse?

Mus musculus

85. Amomaxia is having sex where?

Parked Car

86. What is a Birdwing?


87. A total of how many spacecraft have been launched on missions that involve visits to the outer planets?


88. J.K. Rowling’s original Harry Potter pitch was rejected by how many different publishers before Bloomsbury accepted it?


89. Three- Kingdom Classification was invented by whom?

Ernest Haeckel

90. What girls name is also a pass made by a bullfighter’s cape?


91. Kina is the currency of which country?

Papua New Guinea

92. What is also called the rare-earth metals or (in context) rare-earth oxides, or the lanthanides?

The rare-earth elements

93. What is the largest Native American tribe?


94. Nakagin Capsule Tower is located in which city?


95. What was the full name of the butler in soap – later spin-off?

Benson Dubois

96. Himeji-jō is a World Heritage Site in which country?


97. How many spacecraft have visited Saturn so far?


98. What is the lowest minimum prominence threshold of any definition of an Irish mountain?

15 meters

99. Cathair na Féinne, or Caher, Caher East Top peak is located in which mountain range?

MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, Ireland

100. FIDE govern what game?


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