100 Fun General Knowledge Printable Trivia Quiz with Answers

Fun general knowledge quiz with answers, eLearning quizzes, free printable online quizzes general knowledge free facts are designed to measure, report, and assess learning progress and outcomes. A graded assessment is a fun general knowledge quiz with answers given at the end of a course. In the meanwhile, a mini-quiz at the end of each session tries to review essential topics before moving on to new material. Fun general knowledge quiz with answers, in other words, is utilized to check that students have thoroughly absorbed the material before going on to the next subject.

Fun general knowledge quiz with answers can also be used as a self-assessment tool, allowing students to fail if necessary. Consider yourself in a classroom, confronted with a difficult but thought-provoking topic like a fun general knowledge quiz with answers. You feel compelled to give it a go, yet you’re afraid of failing. Fun general knowledge quiz with answers, on the other hand, allows everyone to put their best foot forward, test their ideas, and make mistakes. This enables learners to determine what they know, what they don’t know, what they need to work on, and how they may improve.

You may use an eLearning fun general knowledge quiz with answers to Learners/yourself that may be tested at any time, anywhere, at home, at work, or even on the road on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

To address frequent misconceptions and errors, reinforce essential themes, and reduce knowledge gaps, provide quick grading and dynamic feedback on the basis of a fun general knowledge quiz with answers. To avoid cheating, immediately randomize a fun general knowledge quiz with answers and responses. If you wish to handle all of this using hard-copy quizzes, it’ll be a nightmare.

Fun general knowledge quiz with answers in eLearning can encourage students to stay focused and keep going forward. You can pique learners’ attention by challenging their preconceptions by posing a fun general knowledge quiz with answers about which they are likely to be incorrect. “Wait!” learners will exclaim. They’ll then be inquisitive as to how and why they’ve made a mistake. Fun general knowledge quiz with answers be able to get their attention this way.

Fun general knowledge quiz with answers

1. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales since which year?


2. What is the baby Puffin called?


3. ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 Cricket was hosted by which country in October 2021?

Oman and the United Arab Emirates

4. Caju is a local wind in which region?

stormy gale-force north-westerly in the Atlantic coast of Brazil

5. Who developed the method school of acting?

Konstanstin Stanislavsky

6. Who was the 4th Earl of Leicester during 1191-1204 under the reign of King John?

Robert de Beaumont

7. What prestigious title did Roman Emperor Claudius II concede for his valor in the year 269?

Gothicus Maximus (“great victor against the Goths”)

8. The United States has won which tournament four times, and are the current champions after winning it at the 2019 tournament in France?

FIFA Women’s World Cup

9. Starting in 2012, the Copa Agco Cordoba tennis tournament was last played in which year?


10. In France Pate De Grives a la Provencal is made from what?


11. American film director Sydney Pollack died for what reason?


12. What is Aleuts?

A language is spoken by Unangan people

13. Who is the winner of the 2020 IIHF World Women’s U18 Championship Division I – Group A ice hockey held in Germany?


14. Ahmed Zabana National Museum is located in which city in Algeria?


15. Under Michigan State law who are officially classed, mechanics?


16. Ananiel is a theological angel in which religion?


17. Complejo Jeep Park de Benavídez is a tennis venue located in which country?


18. Neolithic period prevailed during which years?

10,000–3000 BC

19. Tallest living tree, Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is located in which park?

Redwood National Park, California, United States

20. Brother Benedict translated the name of what port and food product?

Fray Bentos

21. Country Club of Buffalo hosts which popular golf cup?

Curtis Cup

22. Where do you see Cronk Howe Mooar, a motte, and bailey built during the 11th–12th centuries?

Isle of Man

23. What is the shape of the Martello tower, built in the 19th century?

Round, 360° circle

24. Who is the winner of the 2020 ATP Cup tennis held in Australia?


25. Iceland Glima Iran Kushti Turkey Yagli Russia Sambo what is it?


26. How many grades are there in The Olympic Order?

3 (gold, silver, and bronze)

27. Melatonin hormone is released from which tissue in the human body?

Pineal gland

28. China and the United States have each hosted which football tournament twice, as of 2019?

FIFA Women’s World Cup

29. What is the color of the diamond What is the 26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?


30. Joseph Hobson Jagger broke it in 1886 broke what?

Bank at Monte Carlo

31. Royal National Park is a protected national park in which city?


32. Newcastle, an enclosure castle built in the 12th century is located in which country?

Wales, UK

33. Who was the champion in the 2009 Copa Peugeot Argentina de Tenis?

David Nalbandian (Argentina)

34. Formby Golf Club hosts which popular golf cup?

Curtis Cup

35. What was the name of the regimental tune of the 7th cavalry?


36. What is the other name of 25 years anniversary?

Silver jubilee

37. What is the month of October in Chinese?

shí yuè

38. Portimao city is located in which country?


39. Giorgio Parisi received Nobel prize 2021 in which category?


40. What African country’s capital is named after a US president?

Liberia – Monrovia — James Monroe

41. What is Haitian Creole?

a language

42. What is Bise?

cold, northern wind in France and northeastern wind in Switzerland

43. Name a word with all the vowels in alphabetical order.


44. What is Huitlacoche?

a delicacy in Mexico

45. In New Jersey it is illegal to frown at who?

Police Officers

46. Who was a French military officer, diplomat, and parliamentarian during Napoleonic Wars (1821–1821)?

Antoine-Louis-Marie de Gramont, 8th Duke of Gramont,

47. Adriel is the angel of My help is god in which religion?

Christianity, Judaism

48. Soyuz was launched in the space in which year?


49. Kenfig Castle in Wales was founded in which century?

12th century

fun general knowledge quiz with answers
Kenfig Castle

50. Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchacevich ze Schluderpacheri – who?

Herbert Lom

51. Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate in Physics in 1979 was an alumnus of which school?

The Bronx High School of Science, NY

52. What is the area of Madagascar (main island)?

587,041 square km

53. What is Tripe?

A dish made of stomach lining of various animals with a sponge-like honeycomb texture

54. What is the name of the reflecting telescope placed in McDonald Observatory, Texas, USA?

Hobby-Eberly Telescope (HET)

55. What is a Tallit?

Fringed prayer shawl for Jewish

56. João Havelange who received the Pierre de Coubertin medal in 1999 was from which country?


57. Mario first appeared in which video game?

Donkey Kong

58. In c. 300, who writes some of the oldest known books on alchemy?

Zosimos of Panopolis

59. Which spacecraft orbited Saturn for thirteen years?


60. Mintonette was the original name of what sport in 1891?


61. Launched in August 1977, which planetary exploration probe flew past Jupiter in 1979, Saturn in 1981, Uranus in 1986, and Neptune in 1989?

Voyager 2

62. Arioka Kofun Cluster is a historic site in which country?


63. MacGillycuddy’s Reeks is located in which country?


64. Bletsoe Castle is located in which country in England?


65. In traditional pantomime who is the sweetheart of Harlequin?


66. Mount Foraker is located in which mountain range?

Alaska Range

67. Greenland (main island) is under which territory?


68. Who was the first first lady to have had children when she became the first lady?

Martha Washington

69. In 2014, which company bought Russell Stover Candies?

Lindt & Sprüngli

70. Shellac dissolved in alcohol makes what type of varnish?

French Polish

71. In c. 800, which anonymous encyclopedic work on natural philosophy records the earliest known version of the long-held theory that all metals are composed of various proportions of sulfur and mercury?

The Secret of Creation

72. Clingmans Dome is located in which mountain range in North Carolina?

The Great Smoky Mountains

73. Olivier Potato Salad was originated in which country?


74. What is Deronectes ferrugineus?

A vulnerable beetle

75. What actress/singer once worked in a doughnut shop?


76. What is the name of the spacecraft launched on 1 February 1958 that discovered Van Allen radiation belts?

Explorer 1

77. Who wrote the novel, Ben Hur?

Lew Wallace

78. What links These were Soyuz 1, X-15 flight 191, Soyuz 11, and the Columbia?

Four missions were successful in achieving human spaceflight, but their crews perished on the way back, making them tragic failures

79. Buddhist Monuments in the Hōryū-ji Area is a World Heritage Site in which country?


80. Arthur Flegenheimer died Oct 1935 was better known as who?

Dutch Schultz

81. What is the Illiniwek or Illini?

a Native American tribe

82. Despite their name, what is relatively plentiful in Earth’s crust, with cerium being the 25th most abundant element at 68 parts per million, more abundant than copper?

rare-earth elements

83. What is an Army insect?


84. Which element has its chemical name Br?


85. Who dropped out of Harvard in 1975?

Bill Gates

86. As of 2021, how many Nobel laureates are there in Germany?


87. In c 1250, who develops fractional distillation, which is much more effective than its predecessors?

Tadeo Alderotti

88. What is the local name of Bahrain?

Al Bahrayn

89. What is the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space at 100 kilometers (62 mi) above sea level called?

Kármán line

90. According to English Church what’s legal only tween 8 am 6 pm?

Getting Married, Canonical Law

91. What is the scientific name for a Great horned owl?

Bubo virginianus

92. What religion is Papua New Guinea?

Christianity (95.6%)

93. Bangladesh is located in which part of Asia?

South-Central Asia

94. Who first discovered Cancer?

Robert Wellberg

95. Ipsisism is what common sexual practice?


96. Which former American President read at least one book per day?

Theodore Roosevelt

97. The Ramon Magsaysay Award was established in April 1957 by the trustees of which fund, with the concurrence of the Philippine government?

Rockefeller Brothers Fund based in New York City

98. Which country produces more coconut?


99. In c. 1530 who develops the study of iatrochemistry, a subdiscipline of alchemy dedicated to extending life, thus being the roots of the modern pharmaceutical industry?


100. Who’s the first film (THX1138) flopped in 1971?

George Lucas

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