100 Common General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Adults

Common general knowledge questions and answers for adults in English are a valuable free offer for avid learners. The links between general knowledge and the other five-component model features are often shaky and uneven. Extraversion and neuroticism were shown to be adversely linked with general knowledge in one research, but not in others. Conscientiousness has also shown inconsistent results by dint of common general knowledge questions and answers for adults.

Several studies have looked at whether a general knowledge exam can predict success in certain domains, such as academics, proofreading, and creativity. Common general knowledge questions and answers for adults have been demonstrated to be a reliable predictor of proofreading abilities. Proofreading was found to have a stronger link to common general knowledge questions and answers for adults than general intelligence, verbal thinking, or receptivity to new experiences in research. Only general knowledge was a significant predictor in a multiple regression study that included general knowledge, general intelligence, verbal reasoning, five-component personality characteristics, and learning styles as predictors.

In a study of British learners, common general knowledge questions and answers for adults were found to predict test scores. Common general knowledge questions and answers for adults were positively connected with GCSE English, mathematics, and total test outcomes, according to the study, which looked at cognitive ability and personality determinants of exam achievement. Even after adjusting for IQ, five-factor model personality characteristics, and learning styles, general knowledge test scores predicted exam performance by studying more and more common general knowledge questions and answers for adults.

Common general knowledge questions and answers for adults

1. “Inspector Tahar scors the goal” is a comedy film from which country?


2. ABC Kids TV channel is being run from which country?


3. Strawberry delight is a dessert salad found in which country?

the United States

4. What is Balamuthia mandrillaris?

a rare infectious disease

5. In Long Beach California where is specifically illegal to curse?

Miniature Golf Course

6. What is Petrified Wood?

a special type of fossilized remains of terrestrial vegetation

7. What is Cruz Azul?

Mexican football club

8. What is Calhikari-201?

Rice variety, California

9. Lonesome George, the last living member of which species, died on June 24, 2012?

Abingdon Island tortoise

10. In El Monte California it’s illegal for who/what to sleep in the bathtub?

Horse – unless ridden

11. Elaeocarpus acmosepalus?

an Elaeocarpus species

12. What is Bloodhound (cocktail)?

a strawberry cocktail prepared with gin, vermouth, and strawberry coulis in a vivid red color

13. What is the Corydoras adolfoi fish?


14. Artsvashen is the enclave within which country?


15. Who competes in the Maccabiah Games?

Jewish world athletes

16. the Dominican Republic has the sea border with which country?


17. Which great Commander in Chief (Head of State) had his nickname “General Vendémiaire”?

Napoleon Bonaparte

18. Siege of Maubeuge was held during which event of history?

World War I

19. Who wrote Oroonoko: or, the Royal Slave in 1688?

Aphra Behn

20. An Ochlophilliac gets sexually aroused from what?

Being in crowds

21. Born in 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938, 1926, 1914 belong to which Japanese Zodiac?

Tiger (tora)

22. Which organization was founded in 2000 to promote the study of academic dress?

The Burgon Society

23. Imagen Televisión (Grupo Imagen) is being run from which country?


24. Which gown has a maroon yoke and collar, usually made of velvet to contrast with the woolen fabric of the main gown?

St Andrews

25. In Oxford university what can you not take into the library by rule?


26. The various phases of the life cycle were described by whom as belonging to six practical categories?

David Lancy

27. Located in Rio Branco, what is Atlético Acreano?

a Brazilian football club

28. What is Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro?

Brazilian film award

29. the Torres Strait Islands is the exclave of which country?

Papua New Guinea

30. Vatican City is bordered by which country?


31. Solana Generating Station is located in which US state?

Gila Bend, Arizona

32. Who is the record holder for the most awards won in the Bundesliga, with seven?

Gerd Müller

33. Kilkenomics Festival is held in which country?


34. What is Campbell’s Kids?

American mascot

35. What common word comes from the French for purse or wallet?


36. What was the title of the 1870 ballet premiere by choreographer Marius Petipa, composer Yuli Gerber by Bolshoi Ballet company held in Bolshoi Theatre?


37. What is Vaccinium angustifolium?

lowbush blueberry: acidic barrens, bogs, and clearings, Manitoba to Labrador, south to Nova Scotia; and in the United States, Maine to Iowa, west to Virginia.

38. Who was Elizabeth Hartley (1750? –1824)?

British actress

39. United States Numbered Highway US 2 was founded in which year?


40. Diamants Sur Canape French translation of what film?

Breakfast at Tiffanys

41. Who was the artist of the song “The Third Man Theme” (also known as “The Harry Lime Theme”) in the film The Third Man (1950)?

Anton Karas

42. Banoffee pie was originated in which country?

United Kingdom (England)

43. Taos Amrouche (1913–1976), novelist, singer, first Algerian woman to publish a novel was born in which country?


44. At which location in present-day Luzon, Philippines, a human settlement record of the Middle Paleolithic era at about 67 kya discovered?

Callao Cave

45. Poland has a coastline along which sea?


46. Author Hans Aanrud (1863–1953) was born in which country?


47. What was the name of the first reusable orbital spacecraft flight?


48. Hosted by Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, which event was held in Cocoanut Grove on February 18, 1952?

Fourth Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony

49. Who was the Top Scorer of the 1930 FIFA World Cup Football?

Guillermo Stábile (8), Argentina

common general knowledge questions and answers for adults
Guillermo Stábile

50. What TV family lived at 1124 Morning Glory Circle Westport Con?

Stevens in Bewitched

51. “All Quiet on the Western Front” received the Academy Award for Best Picture in which year?

1929/30 (3rd)

52. Alejandro Abellan is famous for what contribution?

Canadian actor

53. M. M. Ispahani Limited tea company is located in which country?


54. What is Abaasy (Yakuts)?

Iron-toothed demons in mythology

55. What opera premiered in Paignton Devon on 30th December 1879?

Pirates of Penzance

56. What is Barchi?

a pole weapon, Asia

57. A child could swim through the veins of a blue whale. True or false?


58. Bludgeon, a melee weapon, was originated in which period?


59. “Peter on the White Sea” is a popular music track from which album?

Famous Last Words (Al Stewart album)

60. Richard Attenbourough what character in The Great Escape?


61. In which popular British TV show we see Azal, a villain?

Doctor Who

62. In 1925, who achieved the first live television image with tone graduations (not silhouette or duotone images) in his laboratory?

John Baird

63. What is the name of the battleship of the Imperial Russian Navy, launched on 1867-10-30?

Admiral Greig

64. What is Trutta, transferred to Turkey on 1 July 1972?

A submarine of the United States Navy

65. In the Omen series Damien was the devil – what the second name?


66. A.L.B Atelier Le Brézéguet company manufactures what item?


67. What is Bricfeasta friochta?

Irish dish, naming Full breakfast; Rashers, sausages, and eggs are frequently served with fried mushrooms, soda bread, and puddings as side dishes

68. Heterodontosaurus dinosaurs lived in which continent?


69. Who cast and directed the 1891 American short film “Dickson Greeting”?

William Kennedy Dickson

70. Phil Collins played what character on the London stage 1960s?

Artful Dodger

71. In which year, Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal ) starts his career in Football?


72. In your lifetime, you’ll produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. True or false?


73. What is Alice variety?

A strawberry cultivar

74. Who cast the role of Willow Rosenberg in the popular American TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”?

Alyson Hannigan

75. A menial working class in Old Japan and Greek letter what word?


76. What is Abarimon (Medieval Bestiaries)?

a savage humanoid with backward feet in mythology

77. Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape, a UNESCO world industrial heritage site is located in which country?


78. What is the name of the first test of a space communications relay system, launched on December 18, 1958?

Project SCORE

79. What is Bouneschlupp?

Green bean soup with potatoes, bacon, and onions, as served in Luxembourg.

80. In Guernee Illinois women over 200lb are banned from what?

Riding Horses wearing shorts

81. What is Bratwurst?

German dish, Sausage that is usually composed of veal, pork or beef

82. In Africa, forest area has been increased from 2010 to 2020. True or False?

False, 676,015 to 636,639 hectares

83. American film “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Parad” was released in which year?


84. The Royal Family is not allowed to play Monopoly. True or false?


85. In Greek mythology Atlas was a member of what group?

The Titans

86. Upto 20th century, executions were more commonly held on the notorious Tower Hill to the north of which castle?

Tower of London

87. Russia produces more squash than that of the USA. True or false?


88. In which part of the continent, there are 69 cultural, 8 naturals, and no mixed sites.

Eastern Europe

89. Allegheny Reservoir is located in which US state?


90. The brutal treatment of Billy Hayes was the inspiration of what film?

Midnight Express

91. Who is Michael Nee?

a Cucurbita expert

92. With its mass of 122,683 kg (270,470 lb), a heavy spacecraft “Space Shuttle” ended its service in which year?


93. What is Ackee and saltfish?

a fish dish, Jamaican national food

94. Angeles forest is located in which US state?


95. In The Arabian Nights what was Ali Baba’s job?


96. You only use 10% of your brain. True or false?


97. What is pretzel?

Baked pastry, German

98. Stuzhytsia-Uzhok UNESCO World Heritage Site in Carpathian Beech Forest Region is located in which country?


99. Who casts the role of the Wesley Wyndham-Pryce in the popular American TV show “Angel”?

Alexis Denisof

100. The Indestructible Iron man fights against the Electronic GangHong Kong translation of what film?

A View to a Kill

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