100 General Knowledge Quiz Questions with Answers for Adults

General knowledge questions with answers for adults trivia quiz in English for avid learners. Information that has been gathered through time through numerous channels is referred to as general knowledge. General knowledge questions with answers for adults exclude specialized learning that requires substantial training and knowledge that is limited to a single medium. General intelligence necessitates the acquisition of general knowledge. It has a significant link to general intelligence and receptivity to new experiences.

People who are extremely informed in one topic are likely to be knowledgeable in others, according to studies, where a quiz like general knowledge questions with answers for adults can greatly help. Long-term semantic memory capacity is supposed to assist general knowledge Schemata for textual comprehension are also aided by general knowledge.  In a poll conducted in 2019, New Zealanders were found to have “concerning” gaps in their general knowledge, since they love quizzes and trivia, like general knowledge questions with answers for adults.

People who do well on general knowledge examinations also do well on IQ tests as well as general knowledge questions with answers for adults. Even after accounting for variations in age and five-factor model personality characteristics, IQ has been demonstrated to predict general knowledge scores reliably.

Many general knowledge exams, on the other hand, are designed to produce a bell-shaped curve with a normal distribution of responses. General knowledge questions with answers for adults are linked to verbal ability in a moderate way, but either weakly or not at all to numerical and spatial abilities. General knowledge, like crystallized intellect, has been observed to increase with age.

General knowledge questions with answers for adults

1. What is Banhu in China?

a string instrument

2. Who was the artist of the song “On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe” in the film The Harvey Girls (1944)?

Judy Garland

3. What was the title of the 1870 ballet premiere by choreographer Arthur Saint-Léon, composer Léo Delibes by Paris Opera Ballet company held in Théâtre Impérial de l´Opéra?


4. What has made Josephine Baker popular?

a French-language singer of the United States

5. In Key West Florida what is barred from racing in city limits?

Turtles, illegal

6. What is the meaning of “Ar-Raheem”, one of the 99 names of Allah, the God in Islam?

The Most Merciful/ Ever-Merciful/ Merciful/ Most Clement

7. General Belgrano Bridge is located in which country?


8. What is Tenoroon?

a Bassoon, a musical instrument that uses double reeds

9. Cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, and tailbone (coccyx) are called what?


10. In 1659 Massachusetts outlawed what?

Christmas – it was

11. Viol was an instrument that originated during which period?

Renaissance (1400–1600)

12. Which country is the second freest in the 2021 Index of Economic Forum?

New Zealand

13. What is an accent?

Any noun that refers to the emphasis placed on a certain syllable when uttering a word.

14. What was All Saved Freak Band?

1970s Christian pop musical band group

15. When a satellite is closest to Earth its position is called what?


16. Why is AleXa popular in the USA?

a Korean-language singer of the United States

17. On which country’s coin, two 1p coins weigh the same as two 2p coins, and two 5p coins weigh the same as one 10p coin?


18. The U.S. Dollar was based on which country’s coin?


19. Makalu mountain is located in which mountain range?

Mahalangur Himalaya

20. What book translates as My Struggle?

Mein Kampf

21. “Hassan Taxi” is a comedy film from which country?


22. Who was Henry Gattie (1774–1844)?

British actor

23. ABC TV Plus channel is being run from which country?


24. Why is Wally Badarou popular?

a musician in Benin

25. Which Nobel Prize is not awarded annually in Stockholm?


26. Vertue Rewarded; or, The Irish Princess is a novel published in London, is one of the earliest examples of Irish prose fiction in the English language was written in which year?


27. Hosted by Earl Warren, which event was held in Ambassador Hotel on January 23, 1951?

Third Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony

28. Alistair Abell is famous for what contribution?

Canadian actor

29. “Autumn: October in Algiers” is a drama film from which country?


30. In Washington it’s illegal to buy what on Sunday?

A Mattress

31. What is the highest point of Bhutan?

Gangkhar Puensum; 7,570 m (24,836 ft)

32. “The Broadway Melody” received the Academy Award for Best Picture in which year?

1928/29 (2nd)

33. What is the Northernmost Point (mainland) of the European part of the Netherlands?

near Roodeschool

34. What is the highest capital city by altitude?

La Paz (and Sucre)

35. In what sport would you see a Chistera?


36. Mimoza Ahmeti (born 1963), poet, short story writer, essayist was born in which country?


37. Dhaulagiri I mountain was first ascended in which year?


38. What is the common name of Acacia pennata, a leaf vegetable?

Climbing wattle

39. Who was the Winning Coach of the 1930 FIFA World Cup Football?

Alberto Suppici (Uruguay)

40. Name the superspy man from Z.0.W.I.E. played James Coburn?

Our Man Flint

41. What is the height of Ecuador’s capital, Quito, by altitude?


42. What is Banania?

a chocolate drinks

43. Earth’s Orbiter Endeavour was built in 1991 to replace whom?


44. Which academic robe is derived from the roba worn under the cappa clausa, a garment resembling a long black cape?


45. What was the name of Alistair Maclean’s first best-selling novel?

HMS Ulysses

46. Las Estrellas (Televisa) is being run from which country?


47. At which location in present-day Libya, a human settlement record of the Middle Paleolithic era at about 80–65 kya discovered?

Haua Fteah

48. What was the first reuse of a crewed orbital space vehicle?


49. Fadhma Aït Mansour (c.1882–1967), autobiographer was born in which country?


50. Batrachophobia is a fear of what?

Frogs and Toads

51. Author Patricia Aakhus (1952–2012 was born in which country?


52. A fruit pie (or tart) in which the principal filling ingredient is crisp and acidic cooking apples such as the Bramley or Granny Smith is named what?

Apple pie

general knowledge questions with answers for adults
Apple pie

53. Buzz Aldrin was the first person to ever urinate on the Moon. True or false?


54. Norway is both a constitutional and hereditary monarchy with a parliamentary system. True or false?


55. In the game of Bridge what are the first six tricks won called?

The Book

56. Which gown is entirely scarlet?


57. When was the British Monarchy founded?

871 AD or 1066 AD

58. “Don’t Forget Me” is a popular music track from which album?

Famous Last Words (Al Stewart album)

59. What is the name of the battleship of the Imperial Russian Navy, launched on 1868-10-13?

Admiral Chichagov

60. Nessiteras Rhombopteryx Latinised name of what – as a Hoax?

Loch Ness Monster

61. City of Potosí, a UNESCO world industrial heritage site is located in which country?


62. What is the name of the satellite to send the first (recorded) voice transmission (U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower)?

Project SCORE

63. What is S-49, used as a privately owned traveling tourist attraction from 1931 to 1941?

A submarine of the United States Navy

64. The youngest person to climb Everest was 10-years-old. True or false?


65. Tracy Marrow a former convict born in 1958 changed his name to what?


66. Adriatica company manufactures what item?


67. Black pudding dish was originated in which country?


68. What is the name of the Indonesian sweet pie or tart made from coconut milk with pineapple jam or coconut jam as filling?

Bay tat

69. “100th Day Anniversary” is a popular song by which Korean band?


70. Fritz Von Werra was the only German pilot in WW2 to do what?

Escape – The one that got away

71. What is Bratkartoffeln?

German dish, fried potato slices, often with diced bacon or onions

72. What is Sauerkraut?

Raw cabbage that has been fermented by lactic acid bacteria in little pieces

73. Who ascended the throne in 1952, is the longest-reigning British monarch?

Queen Elizabeth II

74. Banana cream pie was originated in which country?


75. What pop group saw their first 5 singles enter UK charts at No 1?


76. In which popular British TV show we see Adipose, a villain?

Doctor Who

77. Who showed 40 members of the Royal Institution the world’s first television system, which transmitted live moving pictures with tone graduations, in 1926?

John Logie Baird

78. What is the name of a cream pie with sliced bananas in a pastry or graham crumb crust and a whipped cream topping?

Banana cream pie

79. Which gown permits a “narrow band of silk on the breast of each side of the gown of the color of the hood-lining proper to the lowest degree in the Faculty” to adorn the gown?


80. Mastigothymia is sexual arousal from what?

Flagellation whipping

81. Who cast the role of Cordelia Chase in the popular American TV show “Angel”?

Charisma Carpenter

82. “99” is a popular song by which British rock band?


83. HHHR Tower, a supertall building is located in which city?


84. Who directed the American short film “Monkeyshines, No. 3” in 1890?

William K.L. Dickson, William Heise

85. What US president was born in Corsica?

William Harding, Corsica Ohio

86. Which phase of life is marked by a term known as “Coming of Age”, which is the transition period between childhood and adulthood?


87. As of 2012, what is the second top squash-producing country after China?


88. Lightning never strikes the same place more than once. True or false?


89. Who casts the role of Buffy Summers in the popular American TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”?

Sarah Michelle Gellar

90. Where did John Lenon marry?

Yoko Ono (place name) Gibraltar – Flew from Paris – back

91. How many sites are shared between several countries with some of them located partially in Northern or Western Europe?


92. Maramorosh UNESCO World Heritage Site in Carpathian Beech Forest Region is located in which country?


93. American film “Boarding School Girls’ Pajama Parade” was released in which year?


94. Kinzua Dam is located in which US state?


95. Rhus Radican’s shrub green flowers white berries common name?

Poison Ivy

96. What is the heaviest spacecraft in service with its mass of 440,725 kg (971,632 lb)?

International Space Station

97. In Oceania, forest area has been increased from 2010 to 2020. True or False?

True, 181,015 to 185,248 hectares

98. It’s possible to hear a lion’s roar from five miles away. True or false?


99. What is Acqua pazza?

a fish dish, Italian

100. What word – last arrow in archery contest or the final outcome?


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