100 Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge for Fun

Quiz questions and answers general knowledge in English printable free quizzes for fun. Psychological quiz questions and answers for fun have shown that practicing retrieval after learning something, such as by taking a quiz or test, makes you more likely to remember information in the long run. The quiz questions and answers for fun identify knowledge deficiencies. Students learn more from the following study episode as a result of the quiz. In essence, it minimizes forgetting, making the following study area more fruitful.

Quiz questions and answers for fun improve knowledge organization by assisting the brain in clustering information for easier recall. The ability to transfer information to new situations is improved by quizzes. Tests and quizzes are used in numerous studies in the article to aid knowledge transfer and application. Quiz questions and answers for fun can make it easier to find information that hasn’t been tested. Surprisingly, there are times when quizzes or exams, especially if they are postponed, might assist people in retrieving/retaining material that is relevant to but not directly addressed in the questions.

Quiz questions and answers for fun enhances metacognitive monitoring because learners can better forecast their knowledge and be more confident about what they know and what they need to know by receiving scores or self-assessments. When learning new content, testing removes distractions from previous material. If you have a test after studying one piece of information before moving on to the next, the second session is less likely to be successful.

Instructors receive feedback form quiz questions and answers for fun, which informs them of what has been taught and what has not. Students are more likely to study if they are tested frequently. The presence of regular quiz questions and answers for fun and examinations encourages students to study and decreases procrastination.

Quiz questions and answers for fun

1. With 994 locations, 85C Bakery Cafe coffeehouse chain is founded in which country?


2. Which doughnut shop is founded in 1953 by Angelo (Bangy) Gencarelli Jr. in the USA and was known for its coffee and hand-cut donuts?

Bess Eaton

3. Bak kut teh is one of the foods often associated with which country?


4. What prestigious title did Roman Emperor Caracalla concede for his valor in the year 235?

Germanicus Maximus (“great victor in Germania”)

5. Margin Gauging Angle Corner Flooring types of what tool?


6. What is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty?

17 October

7. Abrolhos is a local wind in which region?

Portuguese elisions of Brazil

8. New Guinea island is under which territory?

Indonesia (Papua and West Papua) and Papua New Guinea

9. Gianni Agnelli who received the Pierre de Coubertin medal in 1999 was from which country?


10. Who was the last British king born outside the UK?

George II – Hanover

11. As of 2019, Germany has won the FIFA Women’s World Cup howe many times?


12. Haggis is a popular food in which country?


13. Who received the Pierre de Coubertin medal for the first time in history?

Juan Antonio Samaranch (Spain)

14. During WW1, the Battle of the Frontiers was led by which country?


15. What US ports name means in Choctaw long-haired people?

Pensacola in Florida

16. In Singapore, what is the glutinous rice dumplings, usually filled with pork, mushrooms, and stewed egg, steamed in bamboo leaves?

Bak Chang

17. How many outlets are there of the Au Bon Pain, a popular coffeehouse chain in the United Kingdom?


18. What is the length of the Missouri River, the longest river in the USA?

2,341 mi; 3,768 km

19. In which country do you find SAS Supermarkets, a supermarket chain?


20. Acmegenesis is a fancy name for what?


21. What is the origin of the Apam balik or terang bulan, a bread-like puff with sugar, corn, and coarse nut in the middle?

Nyonya dish

22. What is the length of the Yellow River (Huang He), China, the second-longest river in Asia?

5,464 km (3,395 mi)

23. What is USGS?

The United States Geological Survey

24. What is Europe’s second-longest river?


25. Who was the leader of the wolves in Kipling’s Jungle Book?


26. What is the month of July in Chinese?

qī yuè

27. Onze Molen windmill was founded in 1801 in which city?

Durbanville, Cape Town

28. What links George Lohmann, Johnny Briggs, John Ferris, Charles Turner, Sammy Woods, and Bobby Peel?

Cricketers awarded Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 1889

29. Where is the mouth of River Severn, the longest river in the United Kingdom?

Severn Estuary

30. Jill Oppenheimer changed her name to become famous as who?

Jill St John — Tiffany Case in Bond film

31. What is the other name of the 20 years anniversary?

Porcelain/ Score

32. In Mississippi it is still legal to kill who?

One’s Servant

33. What is Autan?

warm, föhn-type southeasterly wind in the Mediterranean Languedoc region

34. What is the second-longest river of the United Kingdom, with its length of 215 miles?

River Thames

35. A Curofact is a sexual fetish about what?


36. Qargha dam, in Kabul Province, Afghanistan is located on which river?

Paghman River

37. Which club trophy Association football was first played in 1877?

Welsh Cup

38. What is Daigiri-Shamo?

a Japanese chicken breed

39. What is Guarani?

a language

40. Roman orator Marcus Tillius nicknamed what for a wart on the nose?


41. Oeiras city is located in which country?


42. What is Kärntner Blondvieh?

an Austrian cattle breed

43. What is Raa Raa the Noisy Lion?

a British stop motion animated children’s television

44. What, named after its discoverer James Chapman, is a subspecies of the plains zebra?

Chapman’s zebra

45. Agew goat species was originated in which country?


46. Where is the Bourbonnais Donkey breed from?


47. What is Australian Spotted breed?


48. What is Baardkuifhoen?

a Dutch chicken breed

49. What is the capital of New South Wales?


50. Who wrote Whip Hand Proof and Flying Finish?

Dick Francis

51. Klaus Hasselmann received Nobel prize 2021 in which category?


52. Name a word with all the vowels in alphabetical order.

53. What is Hákarl?

a delicacy in Iceland


54. François-René, vicomte de Chateaubriand was a French writer, politician, diplomat and historian during which century?


55. What Rock group is named for a split paper match spliff holder?

Jefferson Airplane

56. As of 2019, how many countries have hosted the Women’s World Cup?


57. What is Al Jamoose or Jimes breed?


58. What is the population of Canberra?


59. As of October 2021, which spaceship has made 146 crewed spaceflights, including two emergency sub-orbital flights, Soyuz 18a and Soyuz MS-10?


60. Musical instrument is named from the Greek wooden sound?


61. Chicken Kyiv dish was originated in which country?


62. Mount Saint Elias is located in which mountain range in Alaska, USA?

Saint Elias Mountains

63. Abuyama Kofun is a historic site in which country?


64. Mount Craig is located in which mountain range in North Carolina?

Black Mountains

65. What Hollywood star was the inspiration for Bugs Bunny?

Clark Gable

66. Binn Chaorach, Beenkeragh, Benkeeragh peak is located in which mountain range?

MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, Ireland

67. In British definitions, how much height is required for a mountain?

600 metres (1,969 ft)

68. What is Ghirardelli?

Candy brand

69. What is Deronectes depressicollis?

A vulnerable beetle

70. Amatripsis is what sexual practice?

Female masturbation rubbing labia

71. What is the only spacecraft to have visited Neptune, making a single flyby as part of its grand tour of the outer planets?

Voyager 2

72. In c. 900 which Persian alchemist represented the first step in a long process that would eventually lead to the thirteenth-century discovery of the mineral acids?

Muhammad ibn Zakariya ar-Razi

73. Who was the first first lady in the USA?

Martha Washington

74. What is the fourth largest continental landmass on the planet?


75. Who was dropped by 20th cent Fox for being too ugly?

Marilyn Munroe by Darryl Zanuck

76. Biggleswade Castle is located in which country in England?


77. How many spacecraft have been launched to explore Jupiter, with spacecraft making gravity-assist flybys?


78. What are the effects of the Melatonin hormone in the human body?

blood pressure, glycogenolysis, lipolysis, etc.

79. Which element has its chemical name Se?


80. Who won the Formula 1 championship after death at Monza?

Jochen Rindt – 1970

81. As of 2021, how many Nobel laureates are there in the United Kingdom?


82. In c. 1220 who publishes several Aristotelian commentaries where he lays out an early framework for the scientific method?

Robert Grosseteste

83. The Ramon Magsaysay Award is named after Ramon Magsaysay, the seventh president of which country after World War II?

the Republic of the Philippines

84. What is the local name of Azerbaijan?


85. Where would you find a Terret?

Dogs Collar — ring lead fits on

86. What is the scientific name for Rabbit?

Oryctolagus cuniculus

87. Nearly 90 percent of the global area occupied by coconut trees is located in which region?

Asia-Pacific region

88. Stephen King’s which work was the world’s first mass-market ebook?

Riding the Bullet

89. How many nearly-indistinguishable lustrous silvery-white soft heavy metals, named Rare-earth elements are there on earth?


90. What group’s demo was rejected by EMI in 1965 because it was not its own song?

The Who

91. Thyroxin was discovered by whom?

Edward Calvin

92. What is the Ambrosia insect?


93. Who was the 5th Earl of Leicester during 1207-1218 under the reign of King John?

Simon de Montfort

94. What is Choctaw?

A Native American tribe

95. What sporting trophy is named after the US sec of war in the 1920s?

Davis Cup — Dwight Filley Davis

96. What is the baby Guineafowl called?


97. Yakushima, a warm-temperate ancient forest is a World Heritage Site in which country?


98. The first Olympic Order in 1975 in Gold was received by which American?

Avery Brundage

99. What is the height of the Tokyo Tower?

1092 feet

100. The density of what is measured on the Rngelmann scale?


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