60 Horse Quiz Questions and Answers Equestrian Facts Printable

Among many of us, there is a lot of curiosity, interest, confusion, passion, hobby, and debate about horses. Horse quiz questions and answers. Horse and horseriding are very challenging with a lot of fun and adventure. Every moment with the horse is memorable

When you have a good stock of knowledge about horses and racing, horse quiz questions and answers will be more interesting!

Horse quiz questions and answers

Here are some valuable and useful horse quiz questions and answers you must love to learn.

1. What is located just between, or immediately behind a horse’s ears?


2. How long does it take for the hoof of the horse to completely regenerate?

every eight to twelve months

3. How many horse breeds are there in the world today?

over 600

4. Which of the breed does not match in the horse list: Connemara, Trakehner, Criollo, and Sheltie

Sheltie (Dog)

5. A pregnant horse’s typical gestation period is around how many months?

11 months

6. What is Flehmen?

A type of horse’s body language

7. Which from the list is not used as a cue riders use in order to guide a horse: Voice, Elbows, Seat, and Heels?


8. A light bay coated horse shows more what color?


9. What are the long hairs on the legs of certain horses called?


10. How do you understand if your horse may be trying to locate the source of a frightening sound or smell?

Rapidly swiveling ears

11. What is the name of brush you use on the less sensitive areas of the horse, such as the horse’s back, shoulder, and rump?

Dandy brush

12. Falsterbo Horse Show is held in which country?


13. Which body part of the horse is also called the ‘rump’?


14. Which saddle is much smaller and lighter compared to the western saddle?

The English saddle

15. A small, prominent white star on a horse’s forehead is called what?


16. Who is the breeder of the horse Hudson Ridge?


17. The most common categories of horse tack are divided between what?

Western and English

18. Which muscle of a horse is found above the hock and below the stifle


19. What is a leg marking where the white color goes up past the horse’s knee or up to the hock of the animal?


20. Which horse was bred by Kirk Robison and Judy Robison in California?

None Above the Law

21. Which horse escapes and learns to survive on his own in the wilderness in the film Running Free?


22. Which racecourse hosts 13 of Britain’s 36 annual Flat Group 1 horse races along with three Grade 1 Jumps races?

Ascot Racecourse

23. Which sort of horseriding is most often done in competitions aired on television?

English riding

24. What is a sort of ridden show horse that is judged according to a set of rules developed in England?

The show hack

25. What is a narrow blaze marking of a horse called?


26. The four kinds of natural, diagonal gaits that most of the horses can perform is what?

the walk, trot, canter, and gallop

27. Founded in 1933, Tokyo Racecourse was founded in which city in Japan?


28. The horseriding in the Olympics is of which discipline?

English riding

29. What do you understand if someone says “Every Horse Thinks Its Own Pack the Heaviest”?

Everyone in a group or team feels they are the hardest workers.

30. What is the name of a type of horse show competition in which the horse’s performance, soundness, and, where appropriate, conformation, appropriateness, or manners are judged?

The Hunter division

Essential Quality
Essential Quality

31. Kincsem, a Thoroughbred racehorse with undefeated 54 wins was originated from which country?


32. What is the oldest continuously run race in North America?

The Queen’s Plate (Canada)

33. What is the name of a brave and daring horse owned by the palace guard in the animation film Tangled?


34. Gran Premio Nacional is a horserace hosted by which country?


35. Equine events began at the Olympics in which year?


36. What is four-in-hand driving?

hitching equines to a carriage, cart, wagon, sleigh, or other horse-drawn transport

37. In which database, there are about 4150 horse breed entries, reported by almost 200 countries?

DAD-IS, the Domestic Animal Diversity Information System

38. What does “Eat Like a Horse” mean in English?

Have a voracious appetite and consume a large amount of food.

39. Kohband horse breed is originated from which country?


40. What term is used for letting out pasture to horse (or other livestock) owners in Australia?


41. What links bits, whips, spurs, and martingales?

Artificial aids

42. Who invented the horse trailer (“horsebox”)?

Lord George Bentinck (UK)

43. Peppers Pride, a Thoroughbred racehorse from the United States has how many undefeated wins?


44. Male and female horses have the same advantages in racing – true or false?


45. Eclipse a Thoroughbred racehorse with undefeated 18 wins was originated from which country?

Great Britain

46. Show Jumping is from which discipline?

English Style Disciplines

47. In 1872, who declared that at some point in the gallop all four of a horse’s legs are off the ground at the same time?

Leland Stanford

48. During which years, the number of horses shot up from 7.8 million to 25 million because of the increase of vehicles?

1867 to 1920

49. Goteborg Horse Show is being held in Sweden since which year?


50. Which horse breed has one less rib, tail bone, and lumbar vertebrae?


51. What is the maximum number of teeth that a horse can have?


52. What’s the name for the part of the mouth where the bit sits?

Bars of mouth

53. Cross Country horse racing is from which discipline?

English Style Disciplines

54. Why are male horses often retired after only a few years of racing?

For great economic value at stud

55. When your horse’s shoulders and forelegs go on the inner track but his hindlegs remain on the outside track, what is the word for it?


56. You need to apply your inside leg on the girth in order to ensure what?

to keep your horse moving forwards well as activate his inside hind

57. What is among the most popular sporting events in Panama and is unofficially considered the national sport of the country?

Deporte de Lazo

58. Which country has the greatest number of racing horses after Japan and the USA?

Hong Kong

60. Which horse coat is almost the color of blood, but without the red overtone?

Mahogany Bay

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