100 Free General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Games for Adults

General knowledge games for adults are a set of trivia question answer quiz in English. Assemble a variety of question kinds, each with its own evaluation goal. General knowledge games for adults are all possibilities for your exam questions. Quizzes may be useful tools for both supporting and measuring learning.

Get things as simple as possible. Don’t cram too many questions into your general knowledge games for adults. We all have a short attention span and can’t stay concentrated for long periods of time. A 2- to 3-minute quiz with 6 to 10 questions should be enough, but this general knowledge games for adults is more than that to prepare and pick the best. Learning, as described by The Learning Spy, is “the long-term retention of information and abilities, as well as the capacity to transfer between settings.” such as these general knowledge games for adults.

Make your general knowledge games for adults more interesting. Talk to your students as though you were speaking to them face to face. It’s as simple as changing the “Retry” button to “Take a second chance!” or the “Submit” button to “Go!” To make learners feel at ease and excited, use a warm, lively tone of speech by dint of these general knowledge games for adults.

General knowledge games for adults

1. The United States awards astronaut wings to qualified personnel who pilot a spaceflight above an altitude of what?

50 miles (80 km)

2. What is the 26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?

A diamond the size of a pigeon’s egg and is currently kept (as of 2016) in the Russian Diamond Fund (Moscow Kremlin.)

3. Ancient Egyptian period prevailed during which years?

3000 BC–373 BC

4. What is Hyperion?

Tallest living tree

5. Maschalophilous people get sexually aroused by what?


6. In 2019, which country had the most international visitors after France?


7. What type of element is Epoxyeicosatetraenoic acid?

Fatty acid

8. What is the “Kneeling” position of the human body?

Kneeling is a fundamental human stance in which one or both knees are in contact with the earth

9. At which location in present-day Ethiopia, a human settlement record of the Middle Paleolithic era at about 200–190 kya discovered?

Omo Kibish Formation

10. What were H47 and L12 that collided causing deaths in the 1920s?


11. During 661–750, which Caliphate of the Islamic Ummah thrived in the Arabian territory?

Umayyad Caliphate

12. What is the Fan effect?

Psychological phenomenon

13. What sport is played 11 a side on ice with a ball – variable pitch?


14. Where is the location of the Bauhin’s glands, anterior lingual glands in the human body?

tongue, near the tip

15. In Yuma Arizona what is the punishment for citrus fruit thieves?

Lots of Castor Oil

16. Where do you find the Cerebral hemisphere?


17. What is Arp2/3?

a Fibrous protein

18. In physiology and medicine, what is the body surface area (BSA)?

the measured or calculated surface area of a human body

19. Since 1961, how many countries and one former country (Soviet Union) have conducted human spaceflight using thirteen different spacecraft series?

Three (China, Russia, and the United States)

20. What light operas name literally means Honourable Gate?

The Mikado

21. United Kingdom Akrotiri and Dhekelia (United Kingdom) has a marine border with whom?


22. What are the major types of settlement?

compact, semi-compact, and dispersed

23. Which British novelist wrote Small Island in 2004?

Andrea Levy

24. During 6000 BC, which Neolithic settlement town had a population of 500–700?

Nea Nikomedeia

25. The Paramours changed their name to what gaining fame?

Righteous Brothers

26. Who was the champion in the 2006 Copa Peugeot Argentina de Tenis?

Guillermo Cañas (Argentina)

27. What is the name of the largest Czech-language encyclopedia published between 1888–1908 and 1930–43?

Otto’s encyclopedia

28. Sputnik 2, Earth orbiter, with the first animal in orbit, a dog named Laika was launched on what date?

3 November 1957

29. What was Abaris the Hyperborean?

a legendary sage, healer, and priest of Apollo

30. Action Comics 720 after 58 years who returned engage ring?

Lois Lane to Superman

31. Afghanistan has marine borders with how many countries?


32. Where do you see Castle Rushen, a Keep, and bailey built during the 13th–14th centuries?

Isle of Man

33. Who is the winner of the United States 2020 NHL Winter Classic domestic Ice hockey?

Dallas Stars (Texas)

34. French Southern and Antarctic Lands Adélie Land (France) has a land border with whom?

Australian Antarctic Territory (Australia)

35. Who born US Edu UK Expelled West Point Died Baltimore 40?

Edgar Alen Poe

36. What is the only country that Abkhazia has a marine border with?


37. Melvin Schwartz, Nobel laureate in Physics in 1988 was an alumnus of which school?

The Bronx High School of Science, NY

38. What is the name of the reflecting telescope placed in Roque de Los Muchachos Obs., Canary Islands, Spain?

Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC)

39. Coity Castle in Wales was founded in which century?

12th – 14th centuries

40. What is a Paradiddle?

Drum Roll

41. Launched in September 1977, which planetary exploration probe flew past Jupiter in 1979 and Saturn in 1980, making a special close approach to Saturn’s moon Titan?

Voyager 1

42. Archangel (representative of type) is a theological angel in which religion?

Christianity, Islam, Judaism

43. Who is the winner of the 2020 IIHF World Women’s U18 Championship Division I – Group B ice hockey held in Poland?


44. Bergen city is located in which country?


45. What European countries national anthem has no official words?


46. Broadmoor Golf Club, Seattle, Washington hosts which popular golf cup?

Curtis Cup

general knowledge games for adults
Broadmoor Golf Club

47. Saint Mary’s Church, Jajce was located in which country?

Bosnia and Herzegovina

48. Facundo: Civilization and Barbarism novel was written by Domingo F. Sarmiento based on which historic event?

19th century

49. Who was Empedocles?

A philosopher who advocated the idea that all matter is composed of water, fire, air, and earth

50. Name of Shakespeare’s simple constable in Measure for Measure?


51. Ta’izz city is located in which country?


52. Which Ghanaian-American novelist wrote Homegoing in 2016?


53. Rothmans International Series‎ (auto racing) is held in which country?


54. Autódromo de Benguela, Benguela is a what is Angola?

Permanent circuits for auto racing

55. What girl’s name is a type of Australian throwing stick?


56. What is the name of the battleship of the Argentine Navy launched in 1880 and decommissioned in 1932?

ARA Almirante Brown

57. Church of the Assumption (Uzundzhovo) is located in which country?


58. In which temple, 430 Hindu pilgrims were killed (stampede) on March 1820 in India?

Kumbh Mela, Haridwar

59. With its surname Godwine, Earl of Wessex was created in which year in England?


60. Susannah Yolanda Fletcher became famous as who?

Susannah York

61. Fanling Wai village is located in which country?

Hong Kong

62. Name a glucose homeostasis disorder.

Type 2 Diabetes

63. Viken county is located in which European country?


64. Daʿiya, a Capital Governorate is located in which country?


65. Churchill It’s a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery in an Enigma what?


66. Barguzin Nature Reserve was located in which territory?

Imperial Russia

67. What is the capital and the largest city of the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico?


68. What is this number called: 1,000,000,000,000?

1 trillion

69. Sydney Shakti Temple is dedicated to which Hindu goddess?


70. What US film was based on Thomas Dixons The Clansman?

Birth of a Nation

71. What links Surya (Sun), Dyáuṣ Pitṛ́ and Pṛthvī Mātṛ́, Apas (Waters), Adityas, Vishnu, Rudra, Dadhikras, and Yama (Death)?

Rigvedic deities

72. Conwy Golf Club hosts which popular golf cup?

Curtis Cup

73. Who was the champion in the 2010 Copa Peugeot Argentina de Tenis?

David Nalbandian (Argentina)

74. In which city, The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities located?


75. At which location in present-day Israel, a human settlement record of the Middle Paleolithic era at about 195–177 kya discovered?

Misliya Cave, Mount Carmel

76. Aglibol is the angel of “Calf of Baal”; the Moon in which religion?

Ancient Canaanite religion

77. What is British Guiana 1c magenta?

a historic postage stamp in the UK

78. What is the symbol of billion?


79. Bou Zizi mountain is located in which country?


80. Gynecomania is what compulsion?

Female sex partners

81. Kamalapur Dharmarajika Bauddha Vihara is located in which country?


82. How many North Atlantic right whales are there in the world?


83. Club Banco Hispano is a tennis venue located in which country?


84. What is Lagophthalmos?

Eyelid disease

85. What food item literally translates as little donkey?


86. Black Sea remains at which side of the Balkan Peninsula?


87. What is Acne conglobata?

a Skin disorder

88. In 2021, Susanna Clarke received the Hugo Award for which novel?


89. Formula 3 Sudamericana‎ Auto racing series is held in which country?


90. Who directed the film The African Queen?

John Huston

91. On Heroes and Tombs novel was written by James Ernesto Sabato based on which historic event?

19th century, during the Civil War

92. In which country, Aspero city was founded in the Norte Chico region in 3710 BC?


93. On 14 May 1962 over 300 works of art were brought to the Louvre in Paris from the Museum for which museum?

The National Museum of Fine Arts of Algiers

94. Athabaskan-speakers are found in which region in America?

Western North America

95. Danes Overstock Senap Spanish Marques de Marina what in the UK?

Colonel Mustard Cluedo

96. David Lloyd George, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom died of what reason?


97. Baja California state is located in which country?


98. Copa Ciudad de Tigre tennis tournament was first played in which year in Argentina?


99. In which year, Mary Robinette Kowal receive the Hugo Award for the novel The Relentless Moon?


100. What is Mexico’s largest seaside resort?


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