50 Quiz Questions for the Over 50s Fun General Knowledge Pub

The quiz questions for the over 50s fun general knowledge pub are a good way to pass the productive time! I believe I think about mortality and dying more today than when I was younger. It’s all too simple for others to assume that as you get older, thoughts of death become more prevalent. I enjoy quiz questions for the over 50s fun general knowledge pub. The reality is that individuals do not have time to be worried about mortality if they are living their lives. It’s possible that folks who are so focused are just as depressed in their old age as they were when they were young.

It’s easy to develop assumptions about what aging is in our youth-oriented world. It isn’t dreary, sad, or tragic in any way. Tragedy and loss may and can strike anyone at any time in their lives, regardless of their age. Explore quiz questions for the over 50s fun general knowledge pub.

I am much better at living in and appreciating the present moment. I’m not under as much pressure to be there, to fulfill a deadline, or to achieve a challenging objective. Find below quiz questions for the over 50s fun general knowledge pub. Perhaps this is part of the solution to the strains of life and aging: live deliberately, appreciate the present, experience it, and don’t be in such a rush to go to the next place, next time, or next duty. To put it another way, the past is gone, the future may never be, but we still have today. Live fully in the moment, regardless of your age. Hang on with quiz questions for the over 50s fun general knowledge pub.

Have fun with quiz questions for the over 50s fun general knowledge pub In the year 1945, Don Bradman achieves his first post-WWII century in front of the largest Adelaide Oval crowd of the season; 112 for South Australia v Australian Services.

Vic Seixas defeats Ken McGregor in four sets, but Australia maintains the Davis Cup title for the third year in a row; Australia defeats the United States 4-1 in Adelaide. It’s time to ponder over the quiz questions for the over 50s fun general knowledge pub!

Quiz Questions for the Over 50s Fun General Knowledge Pub

1. What was the name of the British coin used in 1827–1913?

Third farthing

2. Which zodiac represents 330°?


3. Atlas is a famous Piano manufacturer in which country?

Hamamatsu, Japan

4. Symphony No. 1 (1951) was composed by Robert Simpson on which occasion?

Doctorate thesis for the University of Durham

5. “Messiah” Sjabtai Tswi departs to Constantinople in which year?


6. Famous singer Stevie Wonder released which album in September 1962?

The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie

7. Jack Alderman was executed in which year for murder?


8. In 1672 which Baron occupies Coevorden Neth?

Karl Rabenhaupt

9. What was the name of the recession in the United Kingdom ended in c. 1490?

Great Slump

10. In 1460, Wars of the Roses: Battle of Wakefield (Northern England), Duke of York killed and his forces soundly defeated by forces for which king?

King Henry VI

11. The Halifax Explosion was held in which year, when a ship loaded with about 9,000 tons of high explosives, exploded killing about 2,000?

December 6, 1917

12. “Please Please Me” was one of the Beatles’ primary “core catalogue” of 14 albums, released in which year?


13. In 1666, Abraham Crijnssen departs to which country?


14. Heraldic Crown of Belgium has how many half-arches?


15. In 987, which French King crowns his son Robert the compassionate king?

Hugo Capet

16. Estate of Mike Ilitch is the Principal owner of which NHL franchise?

Detroit Red Wings

17. Who is the writer of the architecture book “Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture”?

Robert Venturi

18. In 1610, which Hungarian aristocrat was arrested at Csejte Castle on suspicion of killing and torturing hundreds of young girls and women?

Elizabeth Báthory

19. Who was the Mayor (colonial period) of New York in 1665?

Thomas Willett

20. In 1970, Occupational Safety and Health Act (United States) was signed into law by which President?

Richard M. Nixon

21. Kashchey the Deathless was a popular sword and sorcery film, released in which year?


22. Deir ez-Zor city is located in which country?


23. In which year, Pontifical decree “Sancta Romania” against spiritualists?


24. What is Cuscuta?

A parasitic plant

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25. In 1949 1st UHF television station operated on a regular basis in which city in Connecticut?


26. Arash is a fictional character of which Persian epic poem?

Shāhnāmeh by Ferdowsi

27. Israeli commandos destroy 13 Lebanese airplanes in which year?


28. Adirondack Bank Center is the American Hockey League home arena for which team?

Utica Comets

29. Allegany High School is located in which city in Maryland?


30. In which December, US State Department announces work on placing objects into Earth orbit?


31. Which defunct American magazine was first published in 1979?

3-2-1 Contact, Sesame Workshop

32. In 1965, which 4th James Bond film starring Sean Connery and Claudine Auger premieres in Tokyo?


33. What is Enterobius vermicularis?


34. The Three Singers (Hearing) is a famous painting by whom?


35. In which country, Canada recognizes Israel?


36. What is Moscow Yaroslavsky in Russia?

Railway station

37. In 1959, Saul Levitt’s which musical was premiered in NYC?

“Andersonville Trial”

38. Which character has a “cheerful” and compassionate personality and is someone whom Pooh and the others look up to in Winnie-the-Pooh?

Christopher Robin

39. Aulus Cornelius Cossus, a Roman general awarded the spolia opima, killed the King of the Veientes, Lars Tolumnius, in single combat in which century?

5th century BC

40. In 1948, which musical was opened at Ziegfeld Theater NYC for 23 performances?

“Rape of Lucretia”

41. What is Rafflesia?

A parasitic plant

42. TV soap “Young Dr. Malone” debuted in which year?


43. What is a fiber obtained from cashmere goats, pashmina goats, and some other breeds of goat?

Cashmere wool, or Cashmere

44. What is the Proclamation 10140 of United States President Joe Biden, signed on January 20, 2021?

A National Day of Unity

45. In 1944, which Belgian Walloon Nazi collaborator was sentenced to death?

Léon Degrelle

46. In the ancient period, various city-states in the Peloponnese, dominated by Sparta formed which military alliance?

Peloponnesian League

47. National Football League Championship, Briggs Stadium, Detroit: Detroit Lions beat which team by 50-14; Lions score 2 touchdowns in each quarter in 1957?

Cleveland Browns

48. Who is the NHL franchise owner of the Arizona Coyotes?

Alex Meruelo

49. What is Troides euphorion, on a stamp of Australia (1981, 10c)


50. In 1947, a ship carrying Jewish immigrants has driven away from which country?


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