100 Easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Adults

Easy general knowledge questions and answers for adults trivia quiz in English is for everyone. General knowledge may also help you gain confidence and can come in handy during critical life events such as interviews, where easy general knowledge questions and answers for adults can give you some idea. You may start a discussion with anyone about anything, but your knowledge is what defines the quality of your conversation and your effect on the other person; having a strong understanding of everything around you always impresses others around you by dint of easy general knowledge questions and answers for adults.

A solid general knowledge allows you to participate in many general quizzes at your school, institution, and workplace, and winning them earns you a lot of recognition as well as some wonderful prizes by grasping the whole of easy general knowledge questions and answers for adults.

Easy general knowledge questions and answers for adults might also aid you in the classroom. Almost all competitive tests include a large number of questions requiring general knowledge and critical thinking. General knowledge questions make up a large component of the tests for many high positions, and they carry a higher weightage of scores in the exams than other topics or languages for example, easy general knowledge questions and answers for adults.

These tests, like the personal interview that follows, are made up of general knowledge questions. During interviews, applicants are frequently questioned about current events as well as their opinions on various current events, which a candidate can only respond to if he has a sufficient understanding of the issue such as easy general knowledge questions and answers for adults.

Easy general knowledge questions and answers for adults

1. Afar Region spa town is located in which country?


2. What do you see in the Caracol Belize site?

Mesoamerican pyramid

3. What is Prêmio ACIE de Cinema for Best Picture?

Brazilian film award

4. Tikjda, a ski area, and resort is located in which country?


5. The are 16 of these on a dollar bill – 16 what?

Number One

6. What is the largest unreinforced solid concrete dome in the world till present?

Pantheon, Rome

7. What is the height of the Statue of Unity, the tallest existing statue in the world?

183 m (600 ft)

8. Al Maqta Tower is located in which city?

Abu Dhabi

9. What is a historic period, approximately 3300 BC to 1200 BC?

The Bronze Age

10. What country has three capital cities Admin Legislate Judicial?

South Africa

11. Where is the ancient city Diniktum located?

city of the ancient Near East (Lower Mesopotamia)

12. Constantine statue, Constantine is located in which country?


13. Meidum Pyramid is located in which country?


14. Laiki agora is a retail market in which country?


15. England it’s illegal for a lady to do what on a public conveyance?

Eat Chocolates

16. Dongdaemun Market for food is located in which country?

South Korea

17. “man with hand to mouth” is a what in Egyptian art?


18. Ashtamangala is considered as a lucky symbol to whom?

Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism

19. Where is the home of Balchão, a shrimp dish?


20. Collective nouns – a tribe or trip of what?


21. Dagger (typography) symbol is used for what?


22. Where is the home of Urbanus proteus – a long-tailed skipper butterfly?


23. Where is the home of Baronia brevicornis rufodiscalis – baronia butterfly?


24. Henry I, died on 27 February 1026 was a monarch of which country?


25. What mammal has hair – on the soles of its feet?

Polar Bear

26. Grevenmacher town is located in which country?


27. What is the name of the brown coyote who appeared as a nemesis of Pluto in various Walt Disney cartoons?

Bent-Tail the Coyote

28. What is the name of the fictional cat in the “The Hunger Games Trilogy” by Suzanne Collins?


29. What is the date of the earliest use of the Plus sign?

1360 (approx.)

30. In England it is specifically illegal to be drunk where?

In a pub

31. Burke and Wills statue, is located in which country?

Melbourne, Australia

32. Coronis (textual symbol) is a punctuation mark that originated from which civilization?


33. What is the state marine mammal of Alabama?

West Indian manatee (2009)

34. In which year, the state song “Alaska’s Flag” was adopted?


35. What country had three presidents – on the same day?


36. Who designed Patience and Fortitude, at New York’s Public Library Stone?

sculptor Edward Clark Potter

37. What is the earliest complete European women’s costume at the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

Kimberley Hall Mantua

38. Central Africa stretches from which mountain in the north to the vast rainforest basin of the Congo River?

Tibesti Mountains

39. Who was the first author to use the radical symbol (for square root)?

Christoff Rudolff

40. Simpson’s what was Homer’s nickname as a baseball team mascot?

Dancing Homer

41. What is Kaidā glyphs?

a Pictographic/ideographic writing system

42. What is a popular dish throughout West Africa prepared with chicken or fish?


43. Where is the home of tourtières dish?

Québec, Canada

44. Aéropostale (clothing) is a what product’s brand?


45. In Topeka Kansas it’s illegal to install what in your house?


46. What is Armani Junior?

Children’s clothing

47. What role was played by American singer, actor, and producer Frank Sinatra in the 1942 film Ship Ahoy?


48. In July 2021, which popular American rapper released the album “25”?

G Herbo

49. Who is Bai Baianai?

Yakut spirit of forests, animals, and patron of hunters

50. Bradbery’s debut studio album, Danielle Bradbery, was released on what date?

November 25, 2013

Easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Adults
Danielle Bradbery

51. African Burial Ground, one of the national monuments of the United States is located in which State?

New York

52. Who is the sculptor of the equestrian statue “Skanderbeg” located at Tirana, Skanderbeg Square, Albania?

Odhise Paskalit, Andrea Mano, Janaq Paço

53. What was the rank of Albright, Frank P who participated in the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program under the Civil Affairs and Military Government Sections of the Allied armies between 1943 and 1946?


54. Where is the home of St. Catherine’s taffy creton and dessert?


55. In the Sioux language the Paha-sapa is what place?

Black Hills – Dakota

56. What is Osh palov?

a Bukharian Jewish version of palov for weekdays includes both beef and chicken.

57. In chess, figure Queen represents what in the Afrikaans language?

D Dame (lady)

58. What is Copelandia?


59. What is Amanita bisporigera?

a deadly fungus, common name – Eastern destroying angel

60. Actor was known as Singing Sandy (dubbed) early in his career?

John Wayne

61. Asplenium bulbiferum – Hen and Chickens fern, mouku, manamana, is a native fern in which country?

New Zealand

62. Acampe rigida orchid is native to which country?

the Philippines

63. Coulibiac with mushrooms is mainly found in which cuisine?

Russian pirog filled with mushrooms

64. What is Pomacanthus asfur?

Arabian angelfish, Asfur angelfish, marine aquarium fish species

65. Two villains first appear in Batman Comics 1 – Joker and who?

Cat – Later called Catwoman

66. Chicago Cubs plays which sport in the USA?


67. LoanDepot Park is located in which US state?


68. Henry Clay Boulevard is located in which city?

Ashland, Missouri

69. Built in 1965, the Armenian Genocide Memorial is located in which city in Brazil?

São Paulo

70. What happened to Laika, the first dog in space?

Suffocated no air, burned while re-entry

71. Who was Äkräs?

Agricultural god

72. As of July 2021, how many units of the National Park System are there in the USA?


73. National Park of American Samoa was founded in which year?


74. In the ten cheapest cities in the world 2020, which city was number 5?

Karachi, Pakistan

75. In WW2 the Germans launched operation Bernhard – what?

Counterfeit British notes

76. What is the NATO phonetic codeword for the symbol “B”?


77. What does UTC+09:30, ACST mean?

Australian Central Standard Time

78. Die Blume von Hawaii (1931) operetta was composed by whom?

Paul Abraham (1892–1960)

79. What were the second cheapest cities in the world in 2020?

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

80. What is the world’s tallest horse?

Shire Horse

81. Bryce Canyon National Park was founded in 1928 in which US city?


82. Great American Ball Park is located in which US city?

Cincinnati, Ohio

83. Aniseed is a what kind of food?


84. What Wimbledon finalist (loser 1879) murdered his wife?

St Leger Gould

85. What do the initials NMT on a prescription mean?

Not More Than — usually narcotics

86. Paneer is common in which location?

Indian subcontinent

87. Bacon dish Bacon and cabbage was originated in which country?


88. Which country is the home of Aloo paratha?


89. What is the food Bath Oliver?


90. OQuagodougou is the capital of what country?

Burkina Faso

91. Baozi – a generic term for a steamed yeast bun, with various types of fillings was originated in which country?


92. What is Bon Odori?

Japanese traditional dance

93. Which country is the home of Cheser mog – rice, with melted yak butter, brown sugar, raisins, and salt?


94. Thigh-high is a form of what?


95. What company introduced the first commercial minicomputer?

65 DEC

96. Performed by Danielle Bradbery on Battles (Top 48) stage, who is the original artist of the song “Put Your Records On”?

Corinne Bailey Rae

97. What does Latin phrase “a maiore ad minus” mean?

from the greater to the smaller

98. What is the name of starch derived from corn (maize) grain?

Corn starch

99. What is an Australian brand of bush hat, whose wide-brimmed styles are a distinctive part of Australian culture, especially in rural areas?


100. Dragon Stout is brewed in what city/country?

Kingston, Jamaica

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