100 Easy General Knowledge Questions with Answers Quiz

Easy general knowledge questions with answers GK online free trivia quiz in English are based on much useful information from diversified areas. A thorough understanding of easy general knowledge questions with answers is essential for success in many aspects of life. When it comes to your work, financial and health well-being, personal growth, and relationships, having a firm foundation of common knowledge will serve you well.

Easy general knowledge questions with answers are important for a variety of reasons, including impressing a potential employer at a job interview, keeping up with current events in the news, and just being able to participate in a vibrant conversation with your friends.

There are many easy strategies and tactics you may use to expand and improve your easy general knowledge questions with answers or deepen your ability to remember facts and statistics.

We’ll go through a variety of topics to help you broaden, grow, and improve your easy general knowledge questions with answers. This post will show you how to include a common knowledge expansion habit into your daily routine that will benefit you in many aspects of your life.

When we talk about general or easy general knowledge questions with answers, we typically mean having a moderate to advanced awareness of a variety of issues that are important to our lives and culture.

Most inquiries on easy general knowledge questions with answers fit into one of the categories listed above. You don’t have to be an expert on any of these areas to have common knowledge.

Easy general knowledge questions with answers

1. 85C Bakery Cafe was founded in 2004 which city?

Taipei, Taiwan

2. Where is Asinan betawi, a salad made from a mix of pickled vegetables originated?

Betawi cuisine

3. What is the length of the Amazon river?

6,400 km

4. Which country has its internet country domain TLD .pl?


5. What two things are used to stuff a Welshman Cheese?

Leek pasty

6. Augrabies Falls is located in which country?

Northern Cape, South Africa

7. What is the gestation duration of Guinea pig (Cavia sp.)?

65 days

8. Which bird from southeast Asian rainforests has a hornlike structure on its head that looks like an extra beak?

Rhinoceros hornbill bird

9. What are the activities or procedures that are taken to safeguard a resource from change, degradation, or destruction in order to keep the thing intact or avoid decay or decomposition?


10. In Old England what would you do with your titties?

It’s an old word for Sisters

11. Inaash Association is a brand from which country?


12. What percent of people take into texting the things they could not express in person?


13. What is the study of the structure of cells?


14. Congo river outflows to which water body?

Atlantic Ocean

15. What English king was killed with a red hot poker up his arse?

Edward 2nd

16. What is to re-fill a trench once excavation has been completed?


17. The calls of which animal of Latin American forests can be heard almost 5km away?

Black howler monkeys

18. What is the fundamental shared beliefs that mandate a society’s laws, behavioral expectations, and desirable attributes?

Core values

19. Name a European country without a river.


20. Parachutes were invented for what use?

Fire escapes — people jump

21. Which country has its National Emblem – Leopard?


22. English Ladies Football Association was founded in which year?


23. On average, a pen can write approximately how many words?

45,000 words

24. Which airport has its ICAO code DNAA?

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport

25. What color is puke?

Dark Green

26. What is thiamin?

Vitamin B1

27. In the FA Cup, which team are the 2021 champion, having beaten Chelsea 1–0 in the final?

Leicester City

28. Iberian ham (Jamón ibérico) is a delicacy in which location?

Spain, Portugal

29. Dreketi River is located in which Ocaenaian country?


30. A Scatologist studies what?

Excrement Crap – Shit

31. Chattahoochee River – 430 miles (690 km) is located in which US state?


32. Donington Grand Prix Collection is located in which English city?


33. What is the religious group that follows a prophet and does not adhere to the values of their larger society?


34. What is the length of the Danube, the second-longest river in Europe?

2,860 km (1,780 mi)

35. How was Tristram Shandy (fictional character) circumcised?

A Sash window fell on it

36. Lanzarote Airport is located in which country?

Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

37. The National Football Museum is England’s national museum of football located in which city?


38. Abdur Rahman Khan’s Mausoleum is located in which city?


39. Aberdeen Airport is located in which country?

Scotland, United Kingdom

40. In the theatre what do the initials FOH stand for?

Front of House

41. Bandeng Juwana: processed tender boned milkfish originated from the fishing town of Juwana, east of Semarang in which country?


42. Which airport has its IATA code ACD?

Alcides Fernández Airport

43. Where is Empal, sweet and spicy fried beef dish originate?

Betawi cuisine

44. What is the brand Chanel 2.55?

Leather handbag

45. What links Mozart’s Don Giovanni and Bizet’s Carmen location Set in?

Seville in Spain

46. What is the name of a real pony made famous by Marguerite Henry’s children’s book of the same name?

Misty of Chincoteague

47. What is a Grade II listed building famous as the birthplace of rugby league football in 1895?

The George Hotel in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England

48. Originated in Spain, what is Albatinah?

a goat breed

49. What is a magical healer called in Anthropology?


50. In Russia by law the homeless must be where after 10 pm?

At Home

51. Mausoleum of Antonio Agostinho Neto, is locted in which city in Angola?


Easy general knowledge questions with answers
Mausoleum of Antonio Agostinho Neto, Lunda

52. Les Amis restaurant is located in which country?


53. What is Azerbaijan’s third-largest city, with a population of around 335,600?


54. Nasi ayam: a dish composed of rice, chicken, egg, tofu, and served with a sweet-salty coconut milk gravy is originated in which location?

Javanese cuisine

55. In the opera Tosca what was Tosca’s profession?

Opera Singer

56. Flor de Maga (Montezuma Speciossisima) is the national flower in which country?

Puerto Rico

57. Messi is a what in Oman?

a goat breed

58. Bali duck is similar to which other popular duck?

Indian Runner Duck

59. Where is the present location of the ancient city Six cities north of the Oxus Alexander the Great founded?

one of which may be Termez, Uzbekistan

60. Where will the 2002 Winter Olympics be held?

Salt Lake – USA

61. What supernatural being is more powerful than a spirit and is worshiped by members of a religion; also known as gods or goddesses in Anthropology?


62. Billericay town is located in which country?


63. Where is the home of the chicken breed Sabzwari?


64. What is the nationality of Jordan?


65. West End Girls was the debut hit for what pop duo in the 80s?

Pet shop boys

66. the Maldives celebrates Independence Day on what date?

July 26

67. What is Yerevanian in Albenia?

chicken breed

68. What is the Blue Moon of Josephine?

an expensive piece of Jewelry

69. Which country shares the drainage basin of Mackenzie–Slave–Peace–Finlay river?


70. Who sculpted the four lions in Trafalgar Square?

Sir Edwin Landseer

71. The Adventures of Augie March was written by whom in 1953?

Saul Bellow

72. African Serval is a what type of pet breed?


73. Where is the home of the water buffalo breed Azi Kheli?


74. Albino Cory is a what type of breed?


75. Walter Gropius founded what art/design movement?

Bauerhus in Germany

76. What is Tube Bait?

These tubular lures are made of soft plastic and fished with specific weighted hooks put into the hollow body.

77. Belted Galloway is what in Scotland?


78. Which US president liked to have his head rubbed with petroleum jelly while eating his breakfast in bed?

Calvin Coolidge

79. Name a word with vowels in order.


80. What would you do with a blue willie?

Raise it – it’s a flag

81. Who did the Welsh take on the Changeling creature according to mythology?

Plentyn Newid

82. Emperor Philip the Arab earned what Roman imperial victory title in ca 247?

Germanicus Maximus (“great victor in Germania”)

83. Who was the 2nd Earl of Norfolk (1190-1221) in the reign of King John?

Roger Bigod

84. What is Hiligaynon?

a language

85. In Florida it’s illegal to molest what?

A Trash Can

86. What is the name of dry winds hitting the lower western slopes of the Andes?

Garua, la garúa, or garoa

87. Where is the home of Mishima cattle breed?


88. What is another name of 30 years anniversary?


89. Jerez de la Frontera city is located in which country?


90. In Old English what kind of person often had a ‘shite’ Gossip – phrase?

Chit Chat from it

91. Name an Oceanian country that begins and ends with the same letter.

Solomon Islands

92. Chow Chow is a what kind of pet?


93. The Islamic state guarantees its non-Muslim citizens security and protection in return for which tax?


94. What is the output of the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT?

Switch the keyboard layout when multiple keyboard layouts are available

95. In the Terminator film who was the boy who would be the leader?

John Conner — mother Sarah

96. The Sound and the Fury was written by whom?

William Faulkner

97. What is the meaning of the French Idiom – filer à l’anglaise?

to sneak out

98. What is the chemical name of Vitamin L1?

Anthranilic acid

99. Karen McDougal was a cheerleader in which institution?

River Valley High School

100. Leather Apron was an alternative name for what famous figure?

Jack the Ripper

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