100 Good General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Good general knowledge quiz questions and answers trivia in English is really a great source of learning GK online. General knowledge and current-events information are inextricably linked. Today’s news is tomorrow’s common knowledge. Other areas are equally significant since they cast you in a smart light. Learners should highlight the need of obtaining good general knowledge quiz questions and answers progressively beginning at a young age and the various approaches to develop general knowledge among all.

This gained good general knowledge quiz questions and answers is beneficial not only in the sphere of education but also in boosting the learner’s entire personality and competitive spirit. People look up to you because you are smart and insightful, and you can talk about almost anything they are interested in learning about good general knowledge quiz questions and answers.

Reading is the most effective approach to increase your good general knowledge quiz questions and answers. Constant reading, whether in the form of books, periodicals, or newspapers, expands one’s knowledge. A newspaper is the most essential source of information growth. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to information sources like good general knowledge quiz questions and answers.

In some form or another, every book, magazine, journal, or just about anything in black and white may provide information like good general knowledge quiz questions and answers. It is obvious that you forget things with time, but if you do it with interest, you may retain a lot of information for extended periods of time thru good general knowledge quiz questions and answers. If you truly want to improve your knowledge, though, making reading a habit is quite beneficial.

Good general knowledge quiz questions and answers

1. AAMSA – Aeronautica Agricola Mexicana SA deals with what?

Aircraft manufacturer

2. What links the Deming Prize (the first of its kind) and the EFQM Excellence and Malcolm Baldrige Awards?

National Quality Awards

3. What is the National Dippin’ Dots Month in the USA?


4. Ace in the Hole Band is a country music band that originated in which US city?


5. In Wisconsin by law you must carry fire insurance on what?

A Jet Ski

6. “Use Your Illusion II” (1999) by Guns N’ Roses is one of the best-selling albums in which country?


7. What was the first legal code established in New England, compiled by Puritan minister Nathaniel Ward?

The Massachusetts Body of Liberties

8. The 2014 Commonwealth Games (officially the XX Commonwealth Games) were held in which city from 23 July to 3 August 2014?

Glasgow, Scotland

9. 6th century BCE – which games were the first recorded women’s athletic competition, held in the stadium at Olympia?

The Heraean Games

10. English law males should do it 2 hours a week watched by the vicar?

Archery Practice

11. That’s as useful as rearranging deck chairs… (analogy)?

on the Titanic

12. dog : puppy :: cat : ?


13. What is the Amerindian Heritage Month in Guyana?


14. Amazon river outflows to which water body?

Atlantic Ocean

15. 1836 Mr. Gray a gasfitter 10 years penal servitude stealing what?

One Rabbit

16. LTE network Etisalat is deployed in which country?


17. What links Yoshiko “Ronnie” Fujiyama, Sachiko Fujii, Akiko Omo?

all-female band, The 5,6,7,8’s (Japan) (1986–)

18. What is the length of the Congo river?

4,370 km

19. What is the name of one of the 1997 best-selling albums in Australia by Shania Twain?

Come on Over

20. What does a Belly Man do for a living?

A Piano Tuner

21. What links Baxter International‎, Bristol-Myers Squibb‎, Campbell Soup Company‎, Danaher Corporation‎, and Digicel‎?

Companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange

22. Cacio figurato is a type of pasta filata cheese manufactured in which country, made from cow’s milk?

Sicily, Italy

23. Begun in 1990, Flemish Quality Management Center administers which national quality award in Europe?

Belgian Business Excellence Award

24. Sleeveless dress worn over a shirt is called Pinafore, pinny, pinafore dress in British Englsih, what in American?

Jumper, jumper dress

25. If the vestal virgins were caught having sex what punishment?

Buried Alive

26. ABS Aircraft AG is an aircraft manufacturer in which country?


27. Acqua Panna is a brand of bottled water from which country?


28. What is the least Cyclonic storms prone month according to India Meteorological Department (IMD) in The North Indian Ocean tropical cyclone basin?


29. Winners receive the FA Cup trophy, of which there have been two designs and five actual cups; the latest is a 2014 replica of the second design, introduced in which year?


30. What activities do the French call The English Perversion?

Whipping Flagellation

31. Abdominal is a hip-hop musician in which country?


32. What is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


33. The current Women’s FA Cup trophy was one of the first prestigious trophies to be made in the which workshop?

Thomas Lyte silver workshop

34. Originated in Portugal, what is Algarvia?

a goat breed

35. What cartoon character’s first name is Quincy?

Mr. Magoo

36. What is the name of the fictional horse from Jodie’s Journey by Colin Thiele?


37. What is Black East Indian?


38. The 1992 replica of the FA Cup trophy was made by whom?

Toye, Kenning, and Spencer

39. Pwca is a shapeshifting animal spirit in which mythology?


40. In the USA by law only 2 paid services are limited to one sex – what?

Sperm Donor Wet Nurse

41. Blekinge is a what breed?


42. According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Benzyl cyanide (phenylacetic acid, phenylacetone, amphetamine) are in List I or List II?

List I

43. What is the name of the cyclonic storm that took place for 1 day on September 18 – 19, 2005 in the North Indian Ocean tropical cyclone basin?


44. What is the common name of 2-hydroxyethanoic acid, a C2 carboxylic acid?

glycolic acid, dicarbonous acid, hydroxyacetic acid

45. In the olden days what would you put in a large Bosom?

Clothes – it’s a chest

46. Bimbo Bakeries is a brand of bread from which country?


47. Microsoft Founder Bill Gates was born on what date?

28 October 1955

48. In mythology, what is the Saharan city known as the “oasis of little birds” rumored to be full of treasure?


49. Agua Vida is a brand of bottled water from which country?


50. In a poll newlyweds spend the most time on honeymoon doing what?

Arguing or Fighting

51. Who is the winner of the 2021 Binibining Pilipinas Grand International?

Samantha Alexandra Panlilio

good general knowledge quiz questions and answers
Samantha Alexandra Panlilio

52. Every so often, which US president would press all the buttons on the President’s desk and hide and watch his staff run in to check if everyone was working?

Calvin Coolidge

53. The Arsenal Football Club Museum is a museum in which city in London?


54. Name a word with vowels in order.


55. What profession makes regular use of vibrators?

Potters – remove air from the clay

56. What is Weedless Spoon?

For fishing in weeds, use wobbling spoons with a fixed hook and protection.

57. River and Rowing Museum in England is located in which city?


58. Lumpia Semarang, fried or steamed spring rolls is originated in which location?

Javanese cuisine

59. Alterra Coffee Roasters was founded in 1993 which city?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

60. What was used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1971?

Tie Break System

61. Where is Bakcang, glutinous rice stuffed with meat and wrapped in bamboo leaf in triangular (more precisely, tetrahedral) originated?

Betawi cuisine

62. The Big Four or the Big League Pageants refers to the four major international beauty pageants for women – what?

Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth

63. Restaurant André is located in which country?


64. Bond Bread is a brand of bread from which country?


65. Mr. Doberman developed the breed protection at work – what job?

Tax Collector

66. Tiger is a what type of pet breed?


67. Bartlett’s anthias is a what type of breed?


68. What is The Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite?

an expensive piece of Jewelry

69. On 28 October 1956 which President of Iran was born?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

70. Elvis Presley Adolf Hitler Errol Flynn all had what kinky habit?

Peeping Toms

71. Yorkie-Poo is a what kind of pet?


72. Where is the home of chicken breed Commune hen?


73. Joseph Conrad wrote which famous novel in 1902?

Heart of Darkness

74. Which country shares the drainage basin of Murray–Darling–Culgoa–Balonne–Condamine river?


75. Apart from drinks what used to be stored in pub cellars?

Corpses – cold place

76. Mali celebrates Independence Day on what date?

September 22

77. In Islam, who are like humans, jinn can be good or bad and are accountable for their deeds?


78. Where is the home of water buffalo breed Beheri?


79. Which country has its internet country domain TLD .pt?


80. In Memphis Tennessee beggars must have what before beginning?

A $10 begging license 1996 law

81. Calcaire, Chute du falls is located in which country?

Quebec, Canada

82. FIFA World Cup “Golden Boot” was first awarded in which year?


83. Who was the first in a line of several Greek and Roman philosophers to teach that animals had souls, and to advocate for vegetarianism?

Greek philosopher Pythagoras

84. What is the gestation duration of a Hamster?

20 days

85. In parts of Siberia wives threw what at men to show wanted sex?

Worms or slugs

86. Thomas Edison applied for his first patent, the electric vote recorder in which year?


87. Everything your mind says has an equivalent reaction from the cells in your body. True or False?


88. Galloway is a what breed in Scotland?


89. What is the study of dogs?


90. Until 1955 in England you needed a license to take what on road?

Lawn Mower

91. What is the period of time before the arrival of the first Europeans in North America?


92. When is Independence Day, a Public holiday in Afghanistan?

May 1

93. Who was the 2nd Earl of Oxford (1194-1214) in the reign of King John?

Aubrey de Vere

94. Emperor Philip the Arab earned what Roman imperial victory title in ca 247?

Caspicus Maximus (“great victor of the Carpi”)

95. A Illinois law prohibits men from doing what in public?

Having an erection

96. What is the name of the wind in southern Brazil?


97. Where is the home of the Kairyo-washu (extinct) cattle breed?


98. What does Tricenary / Tricennial mean in English?

30 years

99. Getxo city is located in which country?


100. According to a survey what people have the most hated job in the UK?

Double Glazing Salesmen

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