100 Quirky General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answer Trivia

Quirky general knowledge quiz questions answer in English trivia free online quizzes is for educational purposes.  A technique to improve your broad understanding of numerous subjects is through socialization. The greater your circle of friends, acquaintances, and professional contacts is, and the more instructive interactions you have, the more sources of quirky general knowledge quiz questions you will have.

One of the finest methods to expand your broad knowledge of numerous subjects and regions is to do it in an informal and casual manner. It is a known truth that quirky general knowledge quiz questions obtained via informal talks and discussions tend to stick in our memories better than information gathered through any other approach since they are activities we love doing and hence have a higher inclination to retain.

The most efficient approach to learning and remembering knowledge is to write them down by the help of quirky general knowledge quiz questions. You learn best by writing down what you’ve learned or seen, and you’ll remember this information for a long time if you practice by writing or taking notes.

Information, entertainment, and a variety of other individual desires or dislikes are all provided by various forms of media, which can take the shape of newspapers or television. Watching and retaining while getting amusement is a great method; quirky general knowledge quiz questions is here, nevertheless, you must choose what you desire. And when you do, you will have reached a fruitful conclusion and will have learned something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Quirky general knowledge quiz questions

1. I Don’t Believe We’ve Met is the second studio album by which American country music singer?

Danielle Bradbery

2. What does the Latin phrase “a caelo usque ad centrum” mean?

from the sky to the center

3. What do a form of tall boots called?

Chap boots

4. What is a traditional Scottish bonnet or cap worn with a Scottish Highland dress?

Balmoral bonnet

5. Silverwood Michigan it’s illegal to kill what using your hands?

A Bear to impress a girl

6. ABS – ABS Aircraft is an aircraft manufacturer in which country?


7. Antipodes Water Company is a brand of bottled water from which country?

New Zealand

8. What links W. R. Grace and Company‎, Johnson Controls‎, Meredith Corporation‎, and Molson Coors Beverage Company?‎

Companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange

9. What is a soft, mild, cheese produced by the Italian company Galbani, it most closely resembles a mild provolone cheese?


10. What is the correct name for the flower the Michaelmas Daisy?


11. What is National Win with Civility Month in the USA?


12. Kay Adams (born 1941) is popular for what?

country music performer

13. “Use Your Illusion I” (1999) by Guns N’ Roses is one of the best-selling albums in which country?


14. Which Philosopher and scientist argued that animals were machines without feeling, and performed biological experiments on living animals?

René Descartes

15. Round, flat, filbert, or sword types/shapes of what tool?


16. When is Victory Day, a Public holiday in Afghanistan?

April 28

17. In 1635, which parliament passed “An Act against Plowing by the Tayle, and pulling the Wooll off living Sheep”, one of the first known pieces of animal protection legislation?

The Parliament of Ireland

18. Jack Bobridge, Luke Davison, Alex Edmondson, and Glenn O’Shea from Australia won the gold medal in Men’s team pursuit in Cycling in which event?

2014 Commonwealth Games

19. WHat is Noh Mai?

Japanese traditional dance

20. Who wrote the novel The Seventh Scroll?

Wilbur Smith

21. In 1296 at a Christmas feast for Edward I of England, an acrobat named what performed acrobatic feats as part of the entertainment?

either Maud or Matilda Makejoy

22. Life is like a box of chocolates… (analogy)?

you never know what you’re gonna get

23. What is the name of Julian’s horse from the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny?


24. The original Mitre Challenge Trophy has “disappeared”, according to the WFA History records, the current cup was replaced in which year’s May?


25. Originated in Portugal, what is Algarvia?

a goat breed

26. What links Mary Gannon, Marla Hunt, Mary Ellen Simpson, Diane Vitalich, Denise Kaufman?

all-female band, The Ace of Cups (United States) (1967–1972; 2017–)

27. Bashkir is a what breed?


28. What is the name of one of the 1985 best-selling albums in Australia by Dire Straits?

Brothers in Arms

29. Who is the first US President to ever talk on the phone?

James Abram Garfield (1831-1881)

30. Scapegoat meaning blame taker comes from what religion?

Jewish Yom Kippur

31. What is the name of the cyclonic storm that took place for 5 days from November 4 – 9, 1997 in the North Indian Ocean tropical cyclone basin?


32. What is the common name of ethanedioic acid, a C2 carboxylic acid?

oxalic acid

33. Bunny Bread’s Bakery is a brand of bread from which country?

Illinois, USA

34. Havana Brown is a what type of pet breed?


35. What did Farters collect?

Pigs – it’s old English word

36. Orinoco river, South America outflows to which water body?

Atlantic Ocean

37. Apollinaris is a brand of bottled water from which country?


38. What is the Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month?


39. white : black :: up : ?


40. An Arizona prostitutes organization is called TWATS meaning?

Tucson Whores and Tricks

41. On 28 October 1972 which football player was born?

Terrell Davis (American)

42. Guppies is a what type of breed?


43. According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Ergonovine and its salts (lysergic acid diethylamide) are in List I or List II?

List I

44. Name a word with vowels in order.


45. An elephant’s penis is shaped like what?

Letter S

46. Schnauzer is a what kind of pet?


47. Bryan Adams is a singer-songwriter in which country?


48. Who was the winner of the 2021 Binibining Pilipinas Globe?

Maureen Ann Montagne

49. What is the International Walk to School Month?


50. What sport was called The Royal Sport?

Cock Fighting

quirky general knowledge quiz questions
Cock Fighting

51. Bewley’s was founded in 1840 which location?

Dublin, Ireland

52. Alice Walker wrote which fiction in 1982?

The Color Purple

53. Where is the home of chicken breed Black Tropoja Lekbibaj?


54. Which country shares the drainage basin of the Volga river?


55. What British author was offered £250000 to write a book of ET?

Jeffrey Archer

56. Mauritius celebrates Independence Day on what date?

March 12

57. What is the name of a tax paid by non-Muslims living in a Muslim State?


58. What is the length of the Ganges/Brahmaputra/Meghna river?

2,704 km

59. Which country has its internet country domain TLD .qa?


60. In Lang Kansas illegal ride a donkey in public unless it has what?

A Straw hat on

61. Middle Cummins Falls is located in which country?

British Columbia, Canada

62. Which Greek medical researcher and philosopher’s experiments on live animals helped establish vivisection as a widely used scientific tool?


63. On 28 October 1017 which Holy Roman Emperor was born?

Henry III

64. FIFA World Cup “Best Young Player” was first awarded in which year?


65. If you were given a French Gobelin what would you have had?

A Tapestry

66. What is another name of 35 years anniversary?


67. Where is the home of the water buffalo breed Baladi?


68. Donostia / San Sebastián city is located in which country?


69. Davidovich Bagels is a brand of bread from which country?

New York, USA

70. What cities underground have the most stations?

New York

71. Y Dyn Hysbys (The Wise Man), or wizard is a creature in which mythology?


72. Where is Gado-gado, a kind of boiled or blanched vegetables salad in peanut sauce originated?

Betawi cuisine

73. Aberdeen Angus is what in Scotland?


74. Who was the 4th Countess of Pembroke suo jure (1185-1199) in the reign of King John?

Isabel de Clare

75. Enid Blyton’s character name changed to white beard for PC in the USA?

Big Ears

76. Emperor Aurelian, 270–275 earned what Roman imperial victory title in 271?

Gothicus Maximus (“great victor of the Goths”)

77. Which local wind blows on the western slope of the Andes in south-central Chile?


78. Soto Bangkong: a chicken soup in a small personal serving; mixed with rice, perkedel, and satay of cockles, chicken intestines, and quail eggs is originated in which location?

Javanese cuisine

79. Din Tai Fung restaurant is located in which country?


80. What creature makes the loudest noise – 188 decibels?

Blue Whale

81. What is the study of animals that may or may not be mythical?


82. What is the symbolic pictorial representation of a concept, object, activity, place, or event called?


83. Sleeveless padded garment used as outerwear is called Gilet, body warmer in British English, what in American?

Vest, puffer vest

84. Begun in 2001, China Association for Quality administers which national quality award in Asia?

China Quality Award

85. What gets nine inches long when it’s up?

Concord — heat expansion

86. What is the gestation duration of the Kangaroo?

42 days

87. What is a physical object made by humans called Archaeology?


88. Where is the present location of the ancient city Alexandria in Margiana Alexander the Great founded?

formerly Merv, Turkmenistan

89. What is the nationality of Lao?


90. What was Lady Chatterley’s first name?


91. Bingham town is located in which country?


92. What is the popular name of The Football Association Challenge Cup?

FA Cup

93. Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid is the national flower in which country?


94. What is a set of artefacts or ecofacts found together, from the same place and time in Archaeology?


95. What is a Microcontroller?

A computer

96. What is a tool with a handle, resembling an adze, that is used to break up hard ground or rock?


97. What is a surveying instrument used to measure both vertical and horizontal angles?


98. ‘Catching a yawn’ shows what according to psychology?


99. By establishing a refugee zone under the Nazi banner, which member of the Nazi Party prevented the Japanese from slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians?

John Rabe

100. What is a Workstation?

A computer

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