100 Fun General Knowledge Questions and Answers for Adults

Fun general knowledge questions and answers trivia English quizzes for adults are full of valuable information. The value of fun general knowledge questions and answers for adults extends well beyond being a competent conversationalist. A solid command of the English language, along with fun general knowledge questions and answers for adults of many subjects and current events, will help you overcome your fear of public speaking since you won’t have to worry about filling long pauses and gaps.

Educators and learners must recognize that fun general knowledge questions and answers for adults are a process that extends beyond the classroom and academics. fun general knowledge questions and answers for adults are about gaining a unique perspective on the world around you and experiencing and comprehending it. We assist youngsters in perceiving learning as engaging, entertaining, and straightforward in order to maximize retention. If you’re trying to improve your fun general knowledge questions and answers for adults, bite-sized information is a good way to go because it’s easy to comprehend.

Fun general knowledge questions and answers for adults learning lessons are accessible on youtube or the internet to assist pupils in gaining knowledge outside of the classroom. It is critical for educators and parents to provide children with access to knowledge so that they can learn from it. Assuming that it is all about attaining and learning, these fun general knowledge questions and answers for adults ensure the learner’s success.

Fun general knowledge questions and answers for adults

1. What is Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro?

Brazilian film award

2. Nobel Prize in Literature is given from which country?


3. General Union of Arab Chambers is a what type of organization?


4. Palazzo Barbaro Wolkoff, the palace is founded in which city?


5. What’s unusual about Ernest Vincent Wright 50000 word novel?

No letter E

6. In Mesopotamia, the Uruk period began during which period?

40th century BC

7. Jem cinema theatre is located in which country?


8. Cape Beale Lighthouse is located in which country?

British Columbia, Canada

9. Ghlen khut was founded in which location?

Republic of Artsakh

10. What is a Shofar Carved Rams Horn?

Jewish faith

11. Arab Monetary Fund was founded in which year?


12. Sea World – Gold Coast aquarium is founded in which Australian state?


13. Canning Town bus station is located in which city?


14. Founded in 1678, which Dublin Gate is located at the on the site of Isolde’s Tower?


15. Who directed Spartacus and Lolita?

Stanley Kubrick

16. In which country, mass graves at Tell Brak, dating from c. 3800 to 3600 BC, have been unearthed, suggesting advanced warfare around this period?

In Syria

17. Ancient bridge Ponte Milvio was founded in which city?


18. There are how many books common to all the Catholic canons?

39 books

19. What links Ibrahim, Lut, Ismail, Ishaq, Shuʿayb?

Prophets in Islam

20. In Mesquite Texas it’s illegal for children to have what?

Unusual Haircuts

21. What is the name of a Chinese romantic tale set in Hangzhou involving a female snake who attained human form and fell in love with a man?

Baishe Zhuan

22. In Norse religion, what is Asgard?

home of the gods

23. In which year does Avicenna, a Persian scientist, expand on Aristotle’s hypotheses in The Book of Healing by claiming that fossils are formed by petrifying fluids?


24. What is Neochoerus pinckneyi?

a large, extinct capybara

25. What film star role was played by over 48 different animals?

Babe the Pig

26. Which queen had ruled the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Scotland, and the Kingdom of Ireland since 8 March 1702?

Queen Anne

27. Who was the monarch of the British Isle, of the West Saxons (England), ruled during 978–1013 and 1014–1016?

Ethelred the Unready

28. Guder spa town is located in which country?


29. Grau Roig, a ski area and resort is located in which country?


30. An average person does it six times a day – what?

Goes to bathroom

31. Digby Pines Resort is located in which country?

Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

32. What is Caana?

a Mesoamerican pyramid

33. Hotel Carlemany is located in which country?


34. Which Rotunda-shaped dome in Rome was built in 126 AD?


35. What is the oldest known cultivated vegetable?

The Pea

36. Temple of Apollo is located in which location in Italy?

Lake Avernus

37. Statue of Unity in India depicts which personality?

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

38. Qasr al-Hosn is located in which country?

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

39. The ancient Mesopotamian underworld, most often known in Sumerian as what?

Kur, Irkalla, Kukku, Arali, or Kigal

40. In Italy what is Provolone?

Smoked hard cheese

41. The Bent Pyramid is an ancient Egyptian pyramid built under which Old Kingdom Pharaoh?


42. Where is the ancient city Tutub (Khafajah) located?

city of the ancient Near East (Lower Mesopotamia)

43. Dihya statue, Khenchela is located in which country?


44. South African War Memorial, is located in which country?

Adelaide, Australia

45. 3 countries on 2 continents Russia Turkey (Asia Europe) and what?

Egypt – Africa and Asia

46. Monastiraki is a retail market in which country?


47. Eonyang Market for food is located in which country?

South Korea

48. “man sitting on heel” is a what in Egyptian art?


49. What is Makiyakinabe?

Japanese rectangular pan for tamagoyaki

fun general knowledge questions and answers for adults
Makiyakinabe, Japan

50. What male name comes from Greek meaning defender of men?


51. In terms of the area occupied, what are the largest wastewater treatment plants?

Melbourne’s Western Treatment Plant

52. Interest in floriography soared in Victorian England and in the United States during which century?

19th century

53. Who was the monarch of the British Isle, of the West Saxons (England), ruled in 1016?

Edmund Ironside

54. A physical system that exchanges energy may be described by the amount of energy exchanged per time-interval, also called power or what?

Flux of energy

55. 3 chemical elements most % human body O 65% C 18% and what?

Hydrogen 10%

56. Amanita muscaria mushroom is a symbol of what?

Good Luck

57. The Adventures of Asterix, a French comic book series is written by whom?

René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo

58. What is Ersu Shābā – Ersu?

Pictographic/ideographic writing system

59. Injera bread and several kinds of wat (stew) are typical of food in which countries?

Ethiopia and Eritrea

60. In Charleston by law carriage horses must have what?

Diapers on

61. Where is the home of chinois dish?

Québec, Canada

62. What links Naxhije Dume, Liri Gega, and Ollga Plumbi?

first female members of parliament of Albania

63. What is the date of the earliest use of munus sign?


64. Diple (textual symbol) is a punctuation mark that originated from which civilization?


65. A Polyorchid has at least three what?


66. David Selenica (18th Century) was a classical painter from which country?


67. Which American portrayed The Concert Singer

Thomas Eakins

68. What is Mushiki and seiro?

Japanese steamers

69. Altermodern was a portmanteau word and art movement defined by whom?

Nicolas Bourriaud

70. Who was nicknamed The Bronx Bull?

Jake LaMotta

71. What are prehistoric, abstract stone carvings made by Native Americans?

Bird stones

72. What is rice bran called in Japan?


73. Name a country that has one five-pointed star in the center.


74. American Samoa gets its first female members of parliament in which year?


75. In 1963 what finally ended in Alaska?

Mail by dog sled

76. Which country flag has an uncommon shape, an aspect ratio of 6:7?


77. What is a breed the Aargae Peak-crested?


78. Yong Feng cargo ship that was wrecked on 13 January 2021 belonged to which country?


79. Professor R. Yeolyan Haematology Center, 1947, the hospital is located in which country?


80. Who played the role of Miss Hannigan in the film?

Annie Carol Burnett

81. Dos Cielos (one Michelin star) restaurant is located in which city?


82. Jeanne d’Arc cruiser is owned by which country?


83. Collins Booksellers is a bookstore chain in which country?


84. What was the name of the Swedish cruise ferry that sank during a storm on 28 September 1994, claiming 852 lives?

MS Estonia

85. In Hartford Connecticut it’s illegal to do what to wife on Sunday?

Kiss her

86. Cincinnati Reds plays which sport in the USA?


87. Asplenium chathamense is a native fern in which country?

New Zealand

88.Acanthophippium sylhetense orchid is native to which country?

the Philippines

89. Cream of mushroom soup is mainly found in which cuisine?

simple cream soup prepared using mushrooms

90. Not obvious colors – what links orange silver purple?

Can’t rhyme in English

91. What is Genicanthus bellus?

Bellus angelfish, marine aquarium fish species

92. Where is the home of pouding chômeur creton and dessert?


93. What is Galerina?


94. What is Amanita exitialis?

a deadly fungus, common name – Guangzhou destroying angel

95. What kind of car was Kitt in Knight Rider?

Pontiac Trans Am

96. What is Dongba – Naxi, syllabic Geba script?

a Pictographic/ideographic writing system

97. In chess, figure Rook represents what in the Afrikaans language?

T Toring (tower)

98. What is Khalta savo?

a Bukharan Jewish cuisine, food cooked in a bag (usually rice and meat, possibly with the addition of dried fruit)

99. What is the date of the earliest use of the radical symbol (for square root)?


100. In the first voyager program who were the Maquis fighting?

The Cardassians

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