100 Easy General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

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Easy general knowledge quiz questions with answers

1. Who were a Marathi-speaking warrior group from the western Deccan Plateau (present-day Maharashtra) who rose to prominence by establishing a Hindavi Swarajya?

The Marathas

2. Duguwa Dynasty once ruled which present-day country?


3. Who was the crew of the Vostok 1 mission by the Soviet Union USSR on 12 April 1961?

Yuri Gagarin

4. Which country owns the artificial object named “Philae” that landed on 12 November 2014 on the extraterrestrial surface?


5. There are two general types of skiing Alpine and what?


6. As a young man, which Caesar was captured by pirates in the Mediterranean Sea?

Julius Caesar

7. What Kingdom was a realm in southern India, traditionally believed to have been founded in 1399?

The Kingdom of Mysore

8. First female Nobel laureate in 1903 Marie Skłodowska Curie was the citizen to which country?

Poland and France

9. Where was the Great Paris Exhibition Telescope of 1900 debuted?


10. What did Brian Epstein manage before the Beatles?

A Record Shop

11. What was Proton-1, launched on 16 Jul 1965?

Space telescope (USSR)

12. What was the first period of the Roman Empire called?

The Principate

13. During the 12th century, Banff Castle was built in which Scottish county?


14. What was Baggush Box?

A fortification by British Army

15. In what athletic event is it illegal to carry weights?

Long Jump

16. Who is Diane Ackerman (born 1948)?

US author, poet, and naturalist

17. Abergeldie Castle was founded in which country?


18. In 1974, a tall Endesa Termic chimney was built in which town in Spain?

As Pontes, Galicia

19. Who was Sam Abrams (born 1935)?

US poet, editor, and critic

20. In Arkansas a man can only do what legally once a month?

Beat his wife

21. Andalusia community is located in which country?


22. When were the Years of the Five Emperors and Severan dynasty in the Roman Empire?


23. What is the optical type of Achromatic telescope?

Refracting telescopes (Dioptrics)

24. County Carlow is located in which country?


25. The fish-eating bulldog is what type of creature?

A Bat

26. Aberdeen Castle in Scotland as built in which century?

13th Century

27. Beira Baixa islands are located in which country?


28. Built in the 13th century, Ballyloughan Castle is located in which country?

Republic of Ireland (County Carlow)

29. Valencia(–Sagunto) metropolitan area is located in which country?


30. What has been called The most unnatural of all perversions?


31. X-rays were invented by whom?


32. A Nova is a what in Portugal?


33. Which Byzantine emperor ruled during 22 May 337 – 18 January 350?

Constans I

34. What is the population of microstate Vatican City?


35. What are the most commonly ordered item from sex catalogs?

Novelty Condoms

36. Sangi Mugan or Svinoy island is located off the bay of which country?


37. Where is the location of the archipelago Bahamas?

North Atlantic Ocean, Lucayan Archipelago

38. What are underwater geological structures associated with large-scale sediment deposition called?

Abyssal fan

39. Antibody against Rabies was invented by whom?

Louis Pasteur

40. What creature will only mate if the female’s mouth is full?


41. Which famous painting was stolen in 1990 from Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, Massachusetts, United States?

The Concert by Johannes Vermeer

42. In Japan, where is the Cultural Landscape “Cultural Landscape along the Sarugawa River resulting from Ainu Tradition and Modern Settlement” located?

Biratori, Hokkaidō

43. Shurdhah Island is located in which country?


44. Wazena was the King (f. mid 6th century) of which territory?

Africa, East, Kingdom of Aksum

45. Church law once mandated death for believing in what?

A vacuum

46. Sumu-abum was a king of which Dynasty?


47. Georgius Agricola, who was named “the father of mineralogy” was born in which country?


48. Which Roman Emperor ruled from 16 January 27 BC – 19 August AD 14 (40 years, 7 months, and 3 days)?

Caesar Augustus

49. Who were Amorites?

Ancient people

Easy general knowledge quiz questions with answers
The Amorites Of Babylon

50. The Phoenician symbol for the mouth is now what letter of the alphabet?

P, theirs was Pe

51. What is a Blister beetle?


52. Lagash was an ancient city in which civilization?


53. In Japan, where is the Cultural Landscape “Farm Village of Hondera area, Ichinoseki” located?

Ichinoseki, Iwate

54. What was the mother’s name of Constantine I “the Great”?

He was born at Naissus ca. 272 as the son of Augustus Constantius and Helena

55. What US city buys the blondest hair dye?

Dallas, Texas

56. What mammal calls “click”?


57. Arizona gained US statehood since which year?


58. Which famous painting was stolen in 1972 from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada?

Still Life: Vanitas by an anonymous artist in the style of Jan Davidsz van Heem

59. As of 2019, which Finnish city has a population of 1,305,893, and density per square kilometer of 1,912.2?


60. Name two self-cleaning organs?

Eye, Vagina

61. Bacteriophage was invented by whom?

Towrt and De Herelle

62. Who made the first ascent in a hot-air balloon?

Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier of France

63. What is called any virus capable of infecting one or more animal species?

Animal virus

64. Which US state has its capital Little Rock?


65. What city gothic cathedral started in 1386 was completed in 1805?


66. Alexios I, Megas Komnenos was an Emperor in which Empire?

Empire of Trebizond

67. What is a Blue darner?


68. Sacramento has been the capital of California since which year?


69. Cayo Cangrejo island is located in which country?


70. In East Anglia England what put in house walls to ward off evil?

Mummified Cats

71. Nihonbashi station is located in which Japanese city?


72. Beep, an onomatopoeia, is a sound of what?

a high-pitched signal

73. Who first embedded the concept of manga in Japan?

Toba Ehon

74. Konrad Adenauer, who invented soya sausage and, wholemeal bread was born in which country?


75. 200 years ago all white people knew what was deadly poison?


76. What bird sings caw, cah?


77. Which tournament was contested by the holders of each of the six continental championships (AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, OFC, and UEFA), along with the current FIFA World Cup holder?

FIFA Confederations Cup

78. Hekinan Seaside Aquarium is located in which city in Japan?

Hekinan, Aichi

79. Which country hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1995?


80. Bunc was the first name for what product?


81. Folding hand fan was invented in which country?


82. Gunnbjørn Fjeld mountain peak is located in which country?


83. Puebla municipality is located in which country?


84. Ching, an onomatopoeia, is a sound of what?

the sound of metal on metal

85. Dr. Susan Lark recommends what cure for menstrual cramps?

Orgasm — increased blood flow helps

86. Which insects sound “chirp”?


87. In which country do you need to travel to visit the Qariyet El Assad (Lions’ Village)?


88. Akatsuka Botanical Garden is founded in which Japanese city?

Itabashi, Tokyo

89. Slender restio grasshopper (Betiscoides meridionalis) is endemic to which country?

South Africa

90. Flying fish is the national dish of which country?


91. Mount Rainier, USA is located in which state?


92. According to the IUCN, what is the conservation status of insect Gerlach’s cockroach (Nocticola gerlachi)?


93. Kawasaki-juku station is located in which Japanese city?


94. Pico de Orizaba mountain is located in which mountain range?

Cordillera Neovolcanica

95. Alcoholics get the DTs what does it stand for?

Delirium Tremens

96. What is the name of Huck’s friend in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

Tom Sawyer

97. Where will you eat Varenyky?


98. Mount Saint Elias is located in which mountain range?

Saint Elias Mountains

99. 1973: who is the first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Picture (for The Sting); she shared this award with Michael Phillips and Tony Bill?

Julia Phillips

100. In the poem who dug cock robin’s grave?

Owl with his trowel

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