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It is time to solve fresh easy general knowledge quiz questions and answers. If you want to join your friends in the bar for a spirited debate about the week’s top news item, easy general knowledge quiz questions, and answers. knowing the background of the issue will provide you with far more intriguing interjections and thoughts. Not to mention how popular you’ll be at the next pub quiz if you can answer every question of easy general knowledge quiz questions and answers!

Easy general knowledge quiz questions and answers also provide social advantages. For example, knowing the basics of the world’s faiths is essential for avoiding potential offense. If you know when Ramadan is this year, it will be much easier to schedule a lunch appointment with your Muslim buddy, and you will be able to show you respect for an essential component of their lives.

Improving and sustaining a high level of common knowledge by dint of easy general knowledge quiz questions and answers is also beneficial to one’s health and well-being. Because health advice is continuously evolving, it’s critical to stay up to date on the newest discoveries in exercise, good eating, and mental well-being in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

A decent degree of basic information about the human body and how it functions is essential if you want to be able to follow the newest advice. Of course, we all studied a lot about human anatomy and science in school, but if you want to stay healthy in the long run, you need to continue to expand your knowledge with the help of easy general knowledge quiz questions and answers.

Easy general knowledge quiz questions and answers

1. What is a type of stone tool; a small blade characteristic of Upper Palaeolithic Europe?


2. What is the meaning of French Idiom – finir en queue de poisson?

to fizzle out

3. What is the chemical name of Vitamin L2?


4. Mandy Moore was a cheerleader in which institution?

Pop Warner

5. In Odessa Texas Star of David and Peace symbol are what?

Banned satanic symbols

6. What is the output of the keyboard shortcut SHIFT + F10?

Display the shortcut menu for the selected item

7. Name an African country that begins and ends with the same letter.

The central African Republic

8. Name a European country without a river.


9. What is the result of ritualistic practices that compel or influence supernatural figures to act?


10. Bob Dylan said you should never trust anyone what?

Over 30

11. Which country has its National Emblem – Red Lion?


12. Pen caps cause over how many deaths a year by people playing with the cap in their mouth and swallowing it?

100 deaths

13. What is riboflavin?

Vitamin B2

14. Ikizukuri is a delicacy in which location?


15. What 70s pop group was originally called The Engaged Couples?


16. Navua River is located in which Ocaenaian country?


17. From 1799 until 1950, which Kingdom was a princely state, until 1947 in a subsidiary alliance with British India?

Kingdom of Mysore

18. Kanem Empire ruled which country in the past?


19. Who was the crew of the Mercury-Redstone 3 (Freedom 7) mission by the USA on 5 May 1961?

Alan Shepard

20. What fruit is used to flavor Southern Comfort?


21. Which country owns the artificial object named “Rosetta” that landed on 30 September 2016 on the extraterrestrial surface?

European Space Agency

22. What is the length of Ural, the third-longest river in Europe?

2,428 km (1,509 mi)

23. Bagh-e Babur, mausolea of the founder of the Mughal Empire is located in which country?


24. What is the belief in only one deity?


25. What was Bogart’s full character’s name in Casablanca?

Rick Blain

26. Tombigbee River – 200 miles (320 km) is located in which US state?


27. Piracy in the ancient Mediterranean has a long documented history, from which age?

Late Bronze Age

28. In the Civil war Julius Caesar conquests his Civil War against whom?

Pompey the Great

29. Who was the second woman Nobel laureate (1905)?

Bertha von Suttner (Austria-Hungary)

30. St Boniface is the Saint of what?


31. Where was the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope, ORM (2002) debuted?

La Palma, Spain

32. What was Proton-2, launched on 2 Nov 1965?

Space telescope (USSR)

33. Nizami Mausoleum is located in which city in Azerbaijan?


34. Which airport has its ICAO code YMAY?

Albury Airport

35. People answered the first telephones by saying what?

Ahoy there

36. What is the brand Chanel Chance?


37. What was the second period of the Roman Empire called, after The Principate?

The Dominate

38. Shinagawa-juku station is located in which Japanese city?


39. What is the deity who created the universe according to a culture’s folklore, but is now generally uninvolved in human affairs?

Otiose deity

40. Most of these animals are bisexual – what animal?


41. Almería province is located in which country?


42. Minamichita Beachland Aquarium is located in which city in Japan?

Mihama, Aichi

43. What is the optical type of Dialytic refractor?

Refracting telescopes (Dioptrics)

44. When was the Crisis of the Third Century and Gordian dynasty in the Roman Empire?


45. All American umpires wear what?

Black underwear

46. What is the nationality of Kenya?


47. Common Sagebrush (Artemisia Tridentata) is the national flower in which country?

Republic of Molossia

Easy general knowledge quiz questions and answers
Common Sagebrush flower

48. Where is the present location of the ancient city Nicaea and Alexandria Bucephalous (Bucephala) Alexander the Great founded?

somewhere in modern Punjab, Pakistan.

49. Billingham town is located in which country?


50. In 1904, May Sutton Brandy was the first US woman to do what?

Win Wimbledon singles

51. What is the belief in more than one deity?


52. We get the word “flag” from which Saxon word that means to fly or float in the air, or to flap in the wind.?


53. Southwest Georgia Regional Airport is located in which country?

Albany, Georgia, United States

54. Seville metropolitan area is located in which country?


55. Who wrote the series of Palisair novels?

Anthony Trollop

56. Zymase, the first enzyme was invented by whom?

Edward Buchner

57. Mount Hayes is located in which mountain range?

Alaska Range

58. Itabashi Botanical Garden is founded in which Japanese city?

Itabashi, Tokyo

59. Pico de Orizaba mountain peak is located in which country?


60. St Sithney is the patron saint of what?

Mad Dogs

61. Mount Fairweather, USA is located in which state?


62. Beep, beep, an onomatopoeia, is a sound of what?

1929 word for a car horn

63. Alcides Fernández Airport is located in which country?

Acandí, Colombia

64. What is the state capital of Arizona?


65. Pliny the philosopher believed dead souls went into what?


66. In Japan, where is the Cultural Landscape “Landscape of Movements of Goods and People in Mogami River and the Aterazawa Townscape” located?

Ōe, Yamagata

67. What is Blue-green mealybugs?


68. What animal calls bellow (buck), bleat (doe, fawn)?


69. Arkansas gained US statehood since which year?


70. If a dog is canine what is cervine?


71. Denver has been the capital of Colorado since which year?


72. Who is credited to a large extent for ending Mughal Rule over most of the Indian subcontinent?

The Marathas

73. Gunnbjørn Fjel mountain is located in which mountain range?

Island of Greenland

74. According to the IUCN, what is the conservation status of insect Slender restio grasshopper (Betiscoides meridionalis)?


75. May 21st, 1881 Clara Barton founded what?

American Red Cross

76. Antitoxin against Diphtheria was invented by whom?

Won Berring

77. Which airport has its IATA code ACC?

Kotoka International Airport

78. What is the name of the sequel of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

Tom Sawyer

79. What is a Boxer mantis?


80. There are over 32000 known species of what in the world?


81. Where will you eat Piroshki?


82. Which famous painting was stolen in 1990 from Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, Massachusetts, United States?

The Storm on the Sea of Galilee by Rembrandt van Rijn

83. 1986: who is the first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects (for Aliens); she shared this award with Robert Skotak, Stan Winston, John Richardson?

Suzanne M. Benson

84. What is a kind of genetic variation in viruses, arising from the accumulation of mutations in the virus genes?

Antigenic drift

85. What body of water separates Australia and Papua New Guinea?

Torres Strait

86. What is the most populous city in Finland?


87. In which country do you need to travel to visit the Tanta Zoo?


88. The three crew were killed when the balloon broke up during the descent on 1934-01-30 – what was the name of ballon?

Osoaviakhim-1 (USSR)

89. Biocatalysts were invented by whom?


90. Rocket USA is going to produce a wind-up doll what figure in 2002?

Homer Simpson

91. Manga was invented in which country?


92. What bird sings “pipe”?


93. Which country hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1999?


94. Which famous painting was stolen in 1999 from Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England?

View of Auvers-sur-Oise by Paul Cézanne

95. Knickerbockers used to be the residents of where?

New York

96. Which US state has its capital Sacramento?


97. The FIFA Confederations Cup was an international association football tournament for men’s national teams, held by FIFA after how many years?

Every four years

98. In Japan, where is the Cultural Landscape “Tono Arakawa Heights Livestock Farm and Tsuchibuchi Yamaguchi Village” located?

Tōno, Iwate

99. Clink, an onomatopoeia, is a sound of what?

the sound of glass on glass

100. Men’s formal dress coat called tails is named after what bird?


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