55 Printable Horse Trivia Questions and Answers English Quiz

Printable horse trivia questions and answers have brought about a picturesque about the entire horse world in a nutshell for the readers. Printable horse trivia questions and answers are awesome and picked information to such an extent that most of the facts of the quiz to be unknown to you, therefore you will find charm and thrill exploring new learning.

Horseback riding isn’t a half-hearted sport, and you’ll get the greatest enjoyment out of it if you can totally immerse yourself in the wonder and awe that comes with fully opening your heart to the horses you ride and solve printable horse trivia questions and answers. Horses are attracted to those who are vulnerable. Authenticity attracts them. You may be the best rider on the planet. But if you don’t let your guard down–even if it’s only a little–the horse will take on your attitude.

While saying goodbye to a horse is difficult, failing to completely engage with them is the greater loss. The fact is that we can only depend on printable horse trivia questions and answers the moment we have with our horses–right now–whether we own them or ride them as part of a lesson program.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you still want to buy a horse someday. Along with you, I wish for this! But, whether you’re a lifelong lesson rider or printable horse trivia questions and answers one day want to buy your own horse, I advise you to treasure these moments with each horse you meet.

Because the truth is, friend, you take the wisdom and memories of all the horses you’ve ridden with you into each new riding experience with printable horse trivia questions and answers. The magnificent things that unfold throughout our trip, like many things in life, greatly transcend the goal that we dreamed of. A life surrounded by horses has been more than I could have imagined. And yet, whether for me or for you, this equestrian experience is far from ended printable horse trivia questions and answers.

For balance, maintaining a straight line from the ear to the shoulder, hip, and rear of the heel is critical. Stand on the ground with your legs spread (as if you were astride a horse) and gently bend your knees. While doing so, printable horse trivia questions and answers maintain your back straight. Your body should be in good working order.

She points out that the main dangers of horseback riding are falling or being thrown, both of which are equally dangerous for men and women. The jarring action of cycling, on the other hand, printable horse trivia questions and answers, might endanger the pregnancy. The hazard is placental abruption, a dangerous condition in which the placenta separates from the uterus.

Printable Horse Trivia Questions and Answers English Quiz

Let’s solve and collect these 55 printable horse trivia questions and answers for the future, also share these printable horse trivia questions and answers with others around you!

1. “The Grand National” is a prestigious National Hunt horse race held annually at which historical racecourse in Liverpool, England?

Aintree Racecourse

2. Which famous draft horse was bred in Brittany, France?


3. Which horse breed was also formerly named Cheval du Biros or Saint-Gironnais?

The Castillonais or Cheval Ariègeois de Castillon

4. What is the name for the portion of a horse’s mane that develops between its ears and onto its forehead?

The forelock

5. How do you understand that your horse is annoyed, by observing its tail?

A swishing tail

6. What can you do to improve the flexibility and ground coverage of your pace when horseback riding?

In order to grow involvement, simply ride a few medium strides before bringing your horseback to a more relaxed tempo

7. What is the name of the move in which the horse is rotated 360 degrees — in the walk, canter, or piaffe – by pivoting around the inner hindleg?


8. What is the other name of the coat Chestnut?


9. A rabicano horse is actually a roan horse – true or false?


10. Bend-Or, or Ben d’Or spots on the horse’s coat are of what color?

Small black spots

11. What is the most prevalent issue in a horse’s digestive system?


12. What was the name of the magnificent white horse that featured in over 70 films, 50 of which he co-starred in with Buck Jones, a well-known western actor?


13. The real white horse is born and dies in its original hue — true or false?


14. Horses at the Porch (1843) was painted by whom?

Albrecht Adam

15. Pura Raza Espanola horse breed was originated in which country?


16. Horses with an extremely pale ivory body color along with their white mane and tail is named what by the American Albino Horse Club?

Albinos Type A

17. Anxiety, sweating, gut pain, lack of appetite, restlessness, lying down more than usual are some of the signs of which common digestion disorder in horses?


18. Where do you see the famous painting the “Chinese Horse”?

Lascaux, Montignac, France

19. What is the name of the coat called when the horse’s mane and tail are lighter in color than its body?

A flax or flaxen chestnut

20. What is the most common flat race distance?

Ranging from 440 yards or, 400 m up to two and a half miles, equivalent to 4 km

21. Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe flat race is held in which country?


22. Who was the artist of the famous painting “Whistlejacket”?

George Stubbs

23. Waziri horse breed was originated in which country?


24. The Breeders’ Cup Classic is held during which months?

October and November

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Super Stock

25. Who is the owner of the Aintree Racecourse, Merseyside, England?

Jockey Club

26. What is a common exercise for straightening the horse in the canter?


27. In order to encourage the correct bend To ride shoulder-in, what is the right size of the circle to be made in the corner of the long side of the horseriding arena?

10-meter circle

28. When does the Preakness Stakes, an American thoroughbred horse race takes place?

on the third Saturday in May annually.

29. Horse’s body markings on the face from snip to bald face is called what?

Sabino (sah-BEE-no)

30. Jockey Club Gold Cup S. horse race takes place in which course?

Saratoga Race Course

31. What is meant by “by shank’s mare”?

by foot

32. Andalusian horse breed was originated in which country?


33. Where is the Pimlico Race Course located?

Baltimore, Maryland

34. What is the name for a horse coat that seems to be a frame of color around a patch of white?


35. What links the famous horses: Dixieland Band, Broad Brush, Smarten, Afleet, and Summer Squall?

Won Pennsylvania Derby

36. Ayr Racecourse is located in which country in Scotland?


37. War Horse is a famous movie released in which year?


38. Nonius horse breed was originated in which country?


39. What in the list does not belong to Olympic disciplines: Dressage, Eventing, Showjumping, Sidesaddle?


40. In the early 1990s, what was the name of an AQPS top-class prestigious National Hunt thoroughbred that won the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris in 1991?

The Fellow

41. What colors of horses appear to have been picked up and painted white?


42. Which breed contributed to the great reputation of the Cossack cavalry?


43. What is meant by “champ/chomp at the bit”?

to be ready and eager to accomplish something (a horse’s mouth is fitted with a bit for control)

44. What do you understand when someone says, “You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can’t Make It Drink”?

It doesn’t matter how hard you attempt to convince or assist someone unless they also put out the effort

45. What is the name of the chestnut gelding horse breed that Jimmy Stewart rode in a number of his western films?


46. Pinto is not a breed, rather a color pattern of horses — true or false?


47. Which in the list does not belong to any FEI International Discipline: Reining, Tent Pegging, Thoroughbred horse racing, Vaulting?

Thoroughbred horse racing

48. Horse of the Year Show is held in which country?


49. What is meant by “change horses in midstream”?

to create fresh plans or pick a new leader for an already-started activity

50. With ten Olympic appearances as of 2012, who holds the record for most Olympic equestrian appearances and equals the record for athletes in any sport?

Ian Millar (Canada)

51. What are handicap races?

Based on the horse’s aptitude, each horse is allocated a different weight to carry

52. As of the 2008 Olympics, how many medals have been given to 31 NOCs?

395 medals

53. Flemington Racecourse was founded in which year?


54. Olympia London International Horse Show was first held in which year?


55. Which is a famous Thoroughbred horse race taken place annually since 1996 in Dubai?

The Dubai World Cup

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