The Obligations and Rights of Corporate Lawyers in Dubai

What are the obligations and rights of corporate lawyers in Dubai? Yes, there is a set of rights that a lawyer can adhere to while performing tasks. While on the other hand, obligations are a set of duties that lawyers in Dubai need to fulfill and perform. Dubai Lawyers have an array of specific rights and obligations attached to their nature of work. 

The Obligations & Rights of Corporate Lawyers in Dubai

 The rights and obligations are not restricted to the client only; instead, there is a responsibility towards the courts and society to a larger extent. Today in this article we will discuss in detail the obligations and rights of the lawyers. 

Fundamental Rights

In Dubai, lawyers have the fundamental right to protect the rights of the individual or person whom they call their client. They have the liberty to practice any profession or occupation of their choice.  Furthermore, lawyers’ work surrounds the legal application of abstract legal theories. They practically apply all their knowledge with them to resolve clients’ predicaments.

The purpose of doing all this is to solve the legal issues and problems of the clients against a fee charged for the service provision. Here a point is important that every jurisdiction widely varies from the other and similarly, Dubai Legal system follows a similar pattern.

A lawyer is also called an attorney, paralegal, advocate, barrister, law practitioner, legal consultant, and much more. The right the lawyers enjoy also includes reaching out to the legal authorities to attain justice and a fair trial for the client. They play a crucial part in upholding the rule of law and thus perform various tasks to fulfill their job.

It is their work to safeguard the interests of their clients. For instance, Dubai lawyers remain committed to creating a world where people easily get access to fair and just treatment. Moreover, they exercise fundamental specifications to guarantee that they have adequate access to an independent legal advisory and legal representation.

Legal Obligations

  • They first need to get Power of Attorney.
  • They need to sign their first professional engagement letter.
  • They need to sign the Non-Confidential Letter.
  • They need to provide the best services as much as they could.
  • They need to finish the case earlier as much as they could.
  • They have to be honest and dedicated towards the legal services.

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UAE National Advocates

Anyone in Dubai can easily call upon lawyers for legal assistance. It is their own choice to choose any lawyer from the various options available. Lawyers should make the best efforts in their potential and thus, comply with the ethical standards. But Non-UAE Nationals are only legal consultants, not advocates. Therefore, for the court representations, we need Lawyers, UAE National Lawyers, or Advocates.

The lawyer should perform different tasks without any pressure. They negate any hindrances, intimidation, harassment, and any sort of interference. This is vital to provide the client with the justice they are looking for.

Additionally, the lawyers have full-fledged access to the information, documents, files, and much more which are needed to fulfill the rights and obligations likewise. All this is necessary to provide effective legal guidance to the client.  Upon this, the lawyers have to remain confidential about the information. The communication between the lawyer and the client should be recognized as confidential.

They need to prevent Discrimination

By all means, the lawyer must prevent any type of discrimination. There must be no differentiation based upon sex, color, caste, creed, religion, race, background, political preference, and many other reasons. Here one point is worth noticing the lawyers are not identified with their clients. The clients have their unique position in the marketplace and thus are responsible for discharging their functions.

I hope this article on the obligations and rights of corporate lawyers in Dubai would be helpful to find the best lawyer in Dubai!

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