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General world knowledge quiz questions answer free online trivia quiz is appropriate for everyone around. Begin by understanding the essentials of your nation, such as the states, capitals, presidents, prime ministers, and geography from the general world knowledge quiz. Then progressively expand these ideas to include the entire planet. This will provide you with a wealth of general knowledge. Read anything that piques your interest in general world knowledge quizRead something that makes you happy.

Show it to your children, brothers, parents, and the rest of your family by solving a general world knowledge quiz. In a month’s time, I guarantee your entire family will be far better informed of the general world knowledge quiz. Spend as much time as you like acquiring general knowledge as long as your formal studies are completed the first list of general world knowledge quiz.

The ideal option is to use reference books, but the choice is entirely yours. There are also general information and “the fundamentals of” books that are quite valuable general world knowledge quiz. You might have encyclopedias on hand, but online encyclopedias are usually more current and easier to search. Finally, reading the news will help you stay up to date on current events by dint of general world knowledge quiz.

General world knowledge quiz

1. Which Muslim dynasty ruled Mesopotamia and Levant (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine) during 1127–1250, based in Aleppo?

Zengid dynasty

2. Which castle in Japan was founded in Akita in 1604 by Satake Yoshinobu?

Kubota Castle

3. Music album “Be Here Now” was released by which band in 1997?

Oasis, an English rock band from Manchester

4. An improved seed drill is designed by whom in 1701?

Jethro Tull (UK)

5. On the Beaufort scale what is defined as force 11?

A Storm

6. Reitai Bridge is located in which country?


7. Warth’s Moon was discovered in which year?


8. Deimos is a moon of which planet?


9. What is foxtail millet?

A cereal

10. The author of Moll Flanders wrote which more famous work?

Robinson Crusoe

11. In 1803, Mäurer & Wirtz company produced which perfume?

4711 Eau de Cologne

12. Gove Dam is located in which country?


13. FEST New Directors New Films Festival (2004-) is held in which country?

Espinho, Portugal

14. Fear/dislike of cats, a zoophobia is what?


15. Cheval-vapeur in France is equal to what in English?


16. What is the collective adjective of a cow?


17. Emma Amos (1938–2020) was a what by profession?


18. What is the common name of a Wide range colored, bitter flavored, an edible flower named Antirrhinum majus?


19. Which bridge in China was opened in 2008 in Changshu?

Sutong Bridge

20. Who composed the Symphonies Fantastique?

Hector Berlioz

21. What is the most populous city in New York?

New York

22. The symbolic flower of Hong Kong is what?

Hong Kong orchid tree, Bauhinia blakeana.

23. Graylag goose, Anser anser is native to which country?

United States

24. Ulla Miilmann (born 1972), principal flutist of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra – which country?


25. In Norway what is brisling?

A Sprat

26. Aziz Herawi is a singer in which country?


27. Balafon is an idiophone in which country?

Africa, Burkina Faso, Chad, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Senegal

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28. Billingham Bags is a brand of which country?


29. What as Jockey Club, produced in 1840 by Caswell-Massey?

A perfume

30. Catriona was a sequel to which famous novel Kidnapped?

R L Stevenson

31. Collection of key indicators – is called what in business?


32. della Pietà, Anna Maria, alias Anna Maria della Pietà, born in Venice, Italy is what by profession?

Violinist and singer

33. What is the median age of Guernsey?


34. Acne fulminans (acute febrile ulcerative acne) is a disorder in which organ?


35. Africa’s four great rivers Nile, Congo Zambezi, and what?


36. What is the common name of Anisakis, an infectious disease?


37. Where is Coconut Grove Art Festival held?


38. What is a popular idiophone in Cuba, Nigeria, Yoruba?

Batá drum

39. The national flower of India is what?

lotus flower (Nelumbo nucifera)

40. Yoi, Yame, Seremade, and Hantai terms in what sport?


41. Abert’s towhee is a bird in which continent?

North America

42. What is Éclair?

Pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with chocolate icing

43. Works in multiple directions simultaneously – is called what in business?


44. Gunny sack is made of what?

Jute, hemp, or other natural fibers

45. Jim Bakus supplied the voice of which cartoon character?

Mr. Magoo

46. Ne Castle in Hachinohe, Japan was founded by whom in 1334?

Moroyuki Nanbu

47. Tundra bean-goose, Anser serrirostris is native to which country?


48. Bear-resistant food storage container is commonly called what?

Beer cans

49. Read Bridge is located in which country?


50. Mediolanum was the Roman name for what Italian city?


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