100 Simple General Knowledge Questions and Answers in English

Simple general knowledge questions and answers in English is a solid printable trivia quiz for avid learners. Join honorary societies, clubs, and organizations. There are several options to join one or more clubs on college campuses, depending on your interests alongside solving simple general knowledge questions and answers in English.. Surrounding yourself with individuals from other origins, races, and hobbies can only help you get a broader understanding of the world with simple general knowledge questions and answers in English..

Extracurricular activities help to strengthen and rejuvenate your mind and body, which improves your capacity to absorb new information from simple general knowledge questions and answers in English.. Look for alternative opportunities to broaden your horizons by participating in volunteer initiatives, organizing events, or publishing a newsletter. These activities will assist you in staying current on pertinent information from simple general knowledge questions and answers in English..

Interact with the professors and staff when you solve these simple general knowledge questions and answers in English.. Faculty members have a good understanding of how people learn or at least have a better understanding than the majority. During meeting hours, it is not unusual to see students in teacher offices discussing lectures, homework, or just about anything else. Become one of the students who pay professor visits during office hours. You will get knowledge beyond your wildest dreams by dint of simple general knowledge questions and answers in English..

Examine your course materials. Professors list their office hours for the semester there. You may also generally find a timetable displayed on their door or in the office of the department assistant. If you are unable to meet within the designated hours, contact your lecturer to arrange a new time and fun with the simple general knowledge questions and answers in English..

Simple general knowledge questions and answers in English

1. How old the Cholula city in Mexico?

800 BC

2. Afghanistan has the shortest land border with which country?

People’s Republic of China: 76 km (47 mi)

3. Andorra has the longest land border with which country?

Spain: 63.7 km (39.6 mi)

4. Georgette was a battle associated with which historic event?

World War I, (1918), German Empire

5. The word Sofa comes from Arabic meaning what?


6. Operation Maritime Guard was a NATO operation in 1992-93 in which country?


7. Surgical term hyster- is related to which organ?


8. Damascus steel was one of the inventions in which century during the medieval Islamic world?

8th century

9. What is the name of a notable historical work by Bernard Cornwell, set in Prehistory (c. 30,000 BC – 3000 BC)?


10. What song did Rick ask Sam to play in Casablanca?

As Time Goes By

11. Taiga bean-goose, Anser fabalis is native to which country?


12. Ross’s goose, Anser rossii is native to which country?

United States

13. Complete the task – is called what in business?

Check in the box

14. In what area of France is champagne made?


15. Name Hercule Poirot’s valet?


16. Albania has the shortest land border with which country?

Kosovo: 112 km (70 mi)

17. Up to date or new methods – is called what in business?

Cutting edge practices

18. What is the length of the total land border of Andorra?

129 km, 75 mi

19. What is the pig’s home called?


20. Charles S Stratton became famous as who?

General Tom Thumb with Barnum

21. Temporal bones (2) are located in which part of the human body?

Cranial bones, skull

22. Who was Thomas Akers?

Astronaut, United States — STS-41, STS-49, STS-61, STS-79

23. Surgical term lamino- is related to which organ?

Lamina (posterior aspect of vertebra)

24. Armonica is an invention of which country in 1761?

The United States

25. Pali is the sacred language of who?

Buddhists in India

26. In May 334 B.C., who held the Battle of the Granicus River (Biga Çay, near Dimetoka, Turkey)?Hellespontine Phrygia (capital city Dascylium (Ergili), captured by Parmenion)?

Alexander the Great

27. In the Periodic Table, Sodium is a what type of element?

Alkali metal

28. What does AOP mean in business?

Annual Operating Plan

29. Works in multiple directions simultaneously – is called what in business?


30. In legend who killed the mobster?

Grendel Beowulf

31. Bandolier bag is used by which continent’s tribes?

North American

32. What was the name of the NATO operation held on 21 December 1996 – 19 June 1998 in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Operation Joint Guard

33. What is the scientific name of Waterfowl?


34. What does the Wobbly lingo, technical language, or jargon “Banjo” mean?

A short-handled shovel, or a type of frying pan

35. She died at 28 but her book on household management is famous?

Mrs. Beeton

36. Hirosaki Castle in Hirosaki, Japan was founded by whom in 1611?

Tsugaru Tamenobu, Tsugaru Nobuhira

37. What does ASP mean in sales?

Average selling price

38. Made of dry leaves, Bayong is a type of bak in which country?

The Philippines

39. The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan is a what?


40. The Hindu trinities are Shiva Vishnu and who?


41. Which country has the length of its railroad network 40,625 km?


42. The customer is the main focus – is called what in business?


43. Which Cypress wood has its scientific name (Fitzroya cupressoides)?


44. What is the Wood stain?

A type of wood color

45. What are Arran Pilot Homeguard and Ulster Chieftain?

Early types of Potato

46. What is a 1520 work by Italian Renaissance political scientist and writer Niccolò Machiavelli?

The Discourse on Reforming the Government of Florence

47. What is the durability of Wax in wood finishing?

Requires frequent reapplication

48. The Billboard Global 200 is a weekly record chart published by which publication?

Billboard magazine

49. What is the ease of Rubbing Qualities of Wax in wood finishing?

Matte to a satin finish can be buffed to a sheen

50. What does a librettist do?

Write words to opera

51. What is a type of art Tango?

a ballroom dance

general trivia questions and answers for adults general knowledge questions and answers for adults general knowledge quiz for adults with answers general knowledge questions with answers for adults
Tango dance

52. What does the Wobbly lingo, technical language, or jargon “Barnacle” mean?

A fellow who sticks to one job for a year or longer

53. Which castle in Japan was founded in Tagajō in 724 by Ōno no Azumabito?

Taga Fort

54. the Cook Islands is named after whom?

Captain James Cook

55. How did Dr. Watson’s first wife die?


56. Which country has been named after Anton Florian of Liechtenstein?


57. What 1as Pot Pourri, produced in 1828 by Officina profumo-farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella?

A perfume

58. Capanda Dam is located in which country?


59. What is the tallest bridge in Turkey?

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (322 metres (1,056 ft) tall)

60. Beethoven’s third symphony is nicknamed what?

The Eroica

61. Which bridge in China was opened in 2009 in Hong Kong?

Stonecutters Bridge

62. Amalia Amaki (born 1959) was a what by profession?


63. Asad Badie is a singer in which country?


64. Viviana Guzmán (born 1964), prominent soloist, composer, and recording artist – which country?


65. In medieval France a person’s rank was shown by the length of?

Shoe points bigger=higher

66. Bamileke log drum is an idiophone in which continent?

Asia and Africa

67. Akiak city is located in which US state?


68. Generally cornflowers are what color?


69. What does the Wobbly lingo, technical language, or jargon “Battleship” mean?

A high-sided steel coal car usually with a hopper or dump bottom

70. What color is the most popular eyeshadow of all time Max Factor’s Powder?


71. Where is Chalo Nitka festival held?


72. Della Pietà, Santa, la, alias Sanza (Samaritana) della Pietà, born in Venice, Italy was what by profession?

Violinist and singer

73. What is the common name of Angiostrongylus, an infectious disease?


74. Vila Robert Williams → Caála (1975) is a renamed place in which country?


75. What type of creature was Salar – that Tarka would like to eat?


76. Acne cosmetica (cosmetic acne) is a disorder in which organ?


77. What is the median age of Latvia?


78. What is a popular idiophone in Belgium, Switzerland?


79. What is the common name of Yellowish-green, herbal flavored, an edible flower named Anethum graveolens?


80. Madam Hooch teaches what at Hogwarts school?


81. Fantasporto is held in which country?

Porto, Portugal

82. Fear of sharp or pointed objects such as a needle or knife is what?


83. Young cow is called what?


84. The national flower of Brunei is what?

Simpoh Ayer (Dillenia suffruticosa)

85. 90% of all thoroughbreds are descended from what horse?


86. In 1798, Parfums Lubin company produced which perfume?

Eau de Lubin

87. What is an Aberrant bush warbler?


88. Which animal has its scientific name Ailuropoda melanoleuca?

Giant panda

89. What does the Wobbly lingo, technical language, or jargon ” Building the Battleship” mean?

Raising the noise level to intolerable levels

90. Who’s the first book was “Down and Out in Paris and London”?

George Orwell

91. Which Muslim dynasty ruled Mesopotamia and Levant (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine) during 750–1258, based in Baghdad?

Abbasid caliphate

92. Ord Bridge is located in which country?


93. Music track “Shakermaker” was released by which band in 1995?

Oasis, an English rock band from Manchester

94. The first commercial steam-powered device, a water pump is devised by whom in 1698?

Thomas Savery (UK)

95. Women’s international gymnastics Beam Box Floor and what?

Asymmetric bars

96. Europa, a moon of Jupiter was discovered in which year?


97. What is pearl millet?

A cereal

98. Megane-bashi (Isahaya) is located in which country?


99. Phobos is a moon of which planet?


100. Who speaks Quechua?

Peruvian Indians

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