50 Trivia Questions General Knowledge Questions and Answers

  • November 5, 2021
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Trivia questions GK questions and answers

1. What links Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, and English Springer Spaniel?

Dog breeds used by law enforcement

2. Autódromo 9 de Julio, 9 de Julio motor racing track is located in which country?


3. Mihtarlam city with more than 100,000 people is located in which province in Afghanistan?


4. Batna city with more than 100,000 people is located in which country?


5. As of 2017, which European football club has supplied a player in the starting line-up of every World Cup final since 1982?

Bayern Munich

6. Clayburn- brick clay mine and the brick kiln is in which country?


7. Pelhřimovy is a former village in which country?

Czech Republic

8. How many parishes/ provinces are there in Andorra?


9. Who holds the 18th Earl of Pembroke, England?

William Herbert

10. Ryan Giggs is the new Wales football manager, but in which sport was his father Danny Wilson a Welsh international?

Rugby League

11. Algeria has how many districts?


12. Elizabeth Bay is located in which country


13. Florø city is located in which country?


14. What was the name of the First Italo-Ethiopian War that took place in 1896?

Battle of Adwa

15. Which retail billionaire became the owner of Newcastle United in 2007?

Mike Ashley (owner of Sports Direct)

16. Which treaty in 387 was held between the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and the Sassanian Persian Empire?

Peace of Acilisene

17. What was the name of the NATO Air campaign held on 20 June 1998 – 2 December 2004 in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Operation Joint Forge

18. In June 334 B.C., who held Sardes(near Salihli, Turkey)―Lydia, capital city?

Alexander the Great

19. Operation Deny Flight was a NATO operation in 1993-95 in which country?


20. If it was Naranjito in 1982, and Juanito in 1970, what was it in 1966?

World Cup Willie (World Cup host mascots)

21. Algeria has the longest land border with which country?

Morocco: 1,559 km (969 mi)

22. Andorra has a distinct land border with how many countries?


23. Michael was a battle associated with which historic event?

World War I, (1918), German Empire

24. Merguez sausage is popular in which countries?

France, England

25. In football, where do you have to go in order to score a touchdown?

The end zone

26. Who was the Egyptian commissioner in southern Canaan mentioned in the Amarna letters?


Trivia questions GK questions and answers
During the Amarna letters exchange (1350–1335 BC), Addaya was an Egyptian commissioner.

27. What is Hexanchus vitulus, Springer and Waller?

Atlantic six-gill shark

28. Which country in the world has the oldest city?

Mexico (7500 BC- Tlapacoya)

29. Albania does not have a land border with – Greece, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and China?


30. How many rings are there on the Olympic flag?


31. Elbasan city with more than 100,000 people is located in which county in Albania?


32. What is the affected part of Osteosarcoma cancer?


33. Jason Alexander was what by profession?


34. Which US city has its population of 1,608,139, ranked 5th as of the 2020 census?


35. Who wrote Goodbye Mr. Chips?

James Hilton

36. Puebla region is located in which country?


37. What is the scientific name of the dumb gulper shark?

Centrophorus harrissoni

38. What is a Sheep’s home called?


39. What is Hot dog?

A sausage dish

40. In the Harry Potter books what is Aragog?

Chief Spider

41. What was the name of the English Civil War held in 1643?

Battle of Adwalton Moor

42. American Le Mans Series was an International Championship in which cport?

Car racing

43. Which treaty in 532 was held between the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and the Sassanian Persian Empire?

The Eternal Peace

44. Chechil or Chechili is a brined string cheese popular in which countries?

Armenia and Georgia

45. In ancient Greece what was a hoplite?


46. What is a Lion’s home called?


47. “Excuse me while I light my spliff. Oh God, I got to take a lift” who sings this?

Bob Marley

48. Which US city has the most population according to the 2020 census?

New York (8,804,190)

49. Which treaty in 562 was held between the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and the Sassanian Persian Empire?

The Fifty-Year Peace

50. The locals call it Kaapstad what do we call it?


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