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General knowledge fun questions quiz, trivia and interesting facts in ENglish in printable format is free for all. You should have a separate notebook to scribble down all of your common general knowledge fun questions and information so that you may revisit them at regular intervals. If you want to recall a certain fact, don’t repeat it to yourself again and over. Allow your brain several hours to properly digest the general knowledge fun questions with answers, followed by many days.

This may be accomplished by employing fact-filled general knowledge fun questions that you review every couple of hours after acquiring the material. Follow up the next day, as a good night’s sleep is important for your brain’s capacity to retain broad information.

The chunking approach is a common learning strategy that divides extensive and complicated material into groups, making it simpler to recall those chunks and their contents according to general knowledge fun questions. In our lesson, you may learn more about chunking by clicking the link above.

Consider what we discussed before about how socializing is a critical component of acquiring and maintaining general knowledge fun questions. Being a Knowledge Philanthropist and sharing what you’ve learned with others helps your brain retrieve general knowledge fun questions in an organized manner and store it in long-term memory for later use. The greatest way to learn is to teach after a good preparation on general knowledge fun questions.

If you’re seeking different tools and applications to help you improve your general knowledge, these excellent general knowledge fun questions quizzes are a wonderful place to start. There are several quizzes available on a variety of topics ranging from geography to entertainment in the general knowledge fun questions. The world’s largest trivia quiz website puts your knowledge to the test on any topic you can imagine. Consider this GK general knowledge fun questions to be a weekly warm-up for your next pub quiz. You’ll be tested each week as you increase your trivia knowledge.

General knowledge fun questions

1. Where was the Yerkes Observatory telescope (1897) debuted?

Williams Bay, Wisconsin, USA

2. What was Proton-4, launched on 16 Nov 1968?

Space telescope (USSR)

3. When was the Julio-Claudian dynasty in the Roman Empire?

27 BC–68 AD

4. What is the optical type of an Apochromatic telescope?

Refracting telescopes (Dioptrics)

5. Where did the philosopher Plato teach?


6. Cádiz province is located in which country?


7. Kanagawa-juku station is located in which Japanese city?


8. Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium is located in which city in Japan?

Nagoya, Aichi

9. Who was Milton Acorn (1923–1986)?

Canadian poet, writer, and playwright

10. The Moluccas are better known as where?

Spice Islands

11. Who was Albert Camus (1913–1960)?

Novelist in Algeria

12. Where is the home of Airlie Red Flesh (Newell-Kimzey red flesh, Aerlie’s Red Flesh) apple cultivar?

Oregon, US

13. Mount Blackburn, USA is located in which state?


14. Mount Blackburn is located in which mountain range?

Wrangell Mountains

15. What character did Disney add to Winnie the Pooh, not in books?


16. Where is the home of the Ada Karasi grape cultivar?


17. Aloha Garden Tateyama is founded in which country?


18. What is a French major film studio founded in 1895 by the engineer-turned-inventor Léon Gaumont, the oldest ever film studio?

The Gaumont Film Company, often shortened to Gaumont

19. Bilbao metropolitan area is located in which country?


20. Heinrich the lion founded what city?


21. ABA (Abscisic acid) was invented by whom?


22. In Japan, where is the Cultural Landscape “Landscape of the rural villages where gold mining originated in Nishimikawa, Sado” located?

Sado, Niigata

23. Where is the home of the Aglianicone grape cultivar?

Italy, Basilicata and Campania

24. What is a Canna leaf roller?


25. J H Robertson invented what?

Automatic Gearbox

26. Where is the home of orange variety Bahia?

Brazil and Uruguay

27. Who was the champion of the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics held in Switzerland?


28. Who was J. R. Ackerley (1896–1967)?

English novelist

29. Children’s literature Topsy and Tim is written by whom?

Jean Adamson (born 1928)

30. Name bar John Wilkes Booth got pissed in before killing Lincoln?

Star Saloon

31. Which famous painting was stolen in 2007 from the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney?

A Cavalier by Frans van Mieris the Elder

32. Agushaya Hymn is a myth associated with which civilization?


33. Chikil or Oblivnoy island is located off the bay of which country?


34. Where is the home of the Aia Ilu apple cultivar?


35. In Prokoviev’s Peter and the Wolf what instrument is the wolf?


36. Mount Whitney mountain peak is located in which country?

California, USA

37. Kurt Alder who discovered the Diels–Alder reaction, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1950 was born in which country?


38. Children’s literature Cam Jansen series, and The Babe and I are written by whom?

David A. Adler (born 1947)

39. Artificial Heart was invented by whom?

Michael Dibake

40. Garlic and Chives belong to which plant family?


41. Where will you eat Holubtsi?


42. Mount Mitchell mountain is located in which mountain range?

Blue Ridge Mountains

43. According to the IUCN, what is the conservation status of insect Small restio grasshopper (Betiscoides parva)?


44. Who is one of Miss Watson’s household slaves in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?


45. Who does Adrian Mole lust after?


46. Which word itself first came into common usage in 1798, with the publication of works such as Santō Kyōden’s picturebook Shiji no yukikai (1798)?


47. What is Cantharoid beetles?


48. 1996: who was the first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Original Score (for Emma)?

Rachel Portman

49. Which animal calls bellow (buck), bleat (doe, fawn)?


50. Chernobyl is in which Russian province?


51. In which country do you need to travel to visit the Mansoura Zoo?


52. In Japan, where is the Cultural Landscape “Fluvial landscape at the confluence of the Tone and Watarase Rivers” located?

Itakura, Gunma

53. Which Byzantine emperor ruled during 22 May 337 – 3 November 361?

Constantius II

general knowledge fun questions
Constantius II

54. Which famous painting was stolen in 1990 from Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, Massachusetts, United States?

Landscape with an Obelisk by Govert Flinck

55. Name Alfred Hitchcock’s first sound film as a director?


56. What is the second-most populous city in Finland?


57. Original antigenic sin, also known as antigenic imprinting or the Hoskins effect, refers to what?

The propensity of the body’s immune system

58. Who was Kosta Abrašević (1879–1898)?

Serbian poet

59. Biochemical Evolution was invented by whom?


60. If you saw a hummock off your port bow what are you looking at?

Ice broke from berg

61. Phoenix becomes the capital of Arizona in which year?


62. Richard Altmann, who took part in the discovery of the Mitochondrion was born in which country?


63. What bird calls screech?


64. Maligrad Island is located in which country?


65. A kamikaze shooter contains Vodka Triple sec and what?

Lime juice

66. Which Roman Emperor ruled from 18 March 37 – 24 January 41 (3 years, 10 months, and 6 days)?

Gaius Caesar Augustus, Germanicus

67. California gained US statehood since which year?


68. Crackle, an onomatopoeia, is a sound of what?

the sound of wood-burning

69. During the 12th century, Banff Castle was built in which Scottish county?


70. Glycyrrhiza Glabra is better known as what?


71. Beijing city fortifications were built during what time?

The early 1400s

72. Kibyōshi is a genre of Japanese what is from the late 18th century?

Picture book

73. A 190m tall Chimney 1 of Compostilla II Power Station was built in which town in Spain?

Cubillos del Sil

74. Built in 1209, Carlow Castle is located in which country?

Republic of Ireland

75. Name the first chocolate bar created by Forrest Mars in 1923?

Milky Way

76. County Clare is located in which country?


77. Japanese animation, or anime, today widely popular both in Japan and abroad, began in which century?

Early 20th century

78. Georgian Bay is located in which province in Canada?


79. Cayo Espanto island is located in which country?


80. In traditional wedding anniversaries what is given on the seventh?


81. John I, Axouchos was an Emperor in which Empire?

Empire of Trebizond

82. Revolving stage was invented in Japan during which centuries?

6th to 9th centuries

83. Which is the period between 1603 and 1867 in the history of Japan?

The Edo period or Tokugawa period

84. Who were Kassites

Ancient people

85. The town of Banana in Queensland is named after what?

A huge bullock

86. Uruk was an ancient city in which civilization?


87. Aberdeen is what in Canada?


88. Where is the location of archipelago Comoros?

The Indian Ocean, Comoro Islands

89. What is the collection of islands called?


90. BB King gave his guitar what nickname?


91. What is the population of microstate Nauru?


92. Crash, an onomatopoeia, is a sound of what?

the sound of a heavy object falling or colliding

93. Which country hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2003?


94. QR code system, was invented in which country?


95. Which King was the intended target of the Gunpowder plot?

James ‘st

96. Who is the champion of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup?

Germany, defeated Chile 1–0

97. W`ZB was the King (f. mid 6th century) of which territory?

Africa, East, Kingdom of Aksum

98. Who were Elamites?

Ancient people

99. Sabium was a king of which Dynasty?


100. Collective nouns – a romp of what animals?


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