50 General Knowledge Quiz Games Online Practice Free Printable

Enjoy the general knowledge quiz games online practice free printable! How to Expand Your Horizons Subscribing to “word of the day” feeds is a good idea. To assist you to develop your vocabulary, certain web platforms will send you a new word every day, either through a website, an app, or an email. These words can be added to running word lists. Explore general knowledge quiz games online practice free printable.

The Old Course at St Andrews has held the most tournaments, with 29 in total, including the most recent Open Championship in 2015. In 1951 and 2019, the event was contested outside of Scotland and England for the first time; both tournaments were staged at Royal Portrush Golf Club in Northern Ireland. Have fun with general knowledge quiz games online practice free printable. When Turnberry hosted the Open Championship for the first time in 1977, it became the most recent course to do so.

That a drop of a 0.04 percent water solution will numb your eye sufficiently to allow surgery to be performed immediately after the drop has coated your eye. Explore general knowledge quiz games online practice free printable.

Share general knowledge quiz games online practice free printable American singer Lady Gaga became the first female artist to have four singles sell ten million copies worldwide by the end of 2020, with “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “Bad Romance,” and “Shallow.”

Rockford, Illinois… Summer was in full swing on June 29, 1931, with high temperatures above 100°F four out of the last five days of the month. This resulted in the setting of three high-temperature records, including this date, when the high hit 103 degrees. Let’s discuss general knowledge quiz games online practice free printable.

Minnie D. Craig is elected Speaker of the North Dakota House of Representatives in 1933, making her the first woman to occupy such a post anywhere in the United States. Stick to the general knowledge quiz games online practice free printable.

According to current studies, LSD-25 activates several parts of the brain simultaneously, allowing us to use more of our brain technically. Solve general knowledge quiz games online practice free printable.

General Knowledge Quiz Games Online Practice Free Printable

1. Mario Molina, one of the greatest chemists died in which year?


2. Bārbad is a fictional character of which Persian epic poem?

Shāhnāmeh by Ferdowsi

3. What is Moscow Kursky in Russia?

Railway station

4. Who is the writers of the architecture book “Neufert Architects’ Data”?

Ernst Neufert, Peter Neufert

5. In 1961, which band play their debut gig under that name?

The Beach Boys

6. In Astronomy, what is Andromeda?

A constellation

7. Joan Didion wrote which fiction in 2005?

The Year of Magical Thinking

8. What does the phrase “It beats me” mean?

I don’t know

9. Lemuel Francis Abbott, a British painter, listed in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. died in which year?


10. In 1955, which musical was closed at Winter Garden Theater NYC after 60 performances?


11. She is expecting – means what?

She is pregnant

12. Which zodiac has its translation archer?


13. In 1966, Monkee’s which track hits #1 & stays there for 7 weeks?

“I’m a Believer”

14. Which city park in New York City has an area of 1,146 acres (4.64 km2)?

Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx

15. In 1958, 47th Davis Cup, which team beats Australia in Brisbane (3-2)?


16. Abbeyknockmoy is a beautiful town, located in which European country?

Republic of Ireland

17. Pirate Radio 390 (Radio Invicata) off England, resumes transmitting in which year?


18. Who was an Italian politician and journalist who founded and led the National Fascist Party?

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini

19. Who was hired by Nicolae Carpathia during the last half of the Tribulation period in the Left Behind series?

Suhail Akbar

20. International Geophysical Year was ended in which year?


21. In which session of the American Hockey League, the New Haven Eagles became the New Haven Ramblers?


22. What was the name of action taken by Pius X in 1910 that resulted in this Chair of the Most Blessed Peter for the procuring of the Catholic Church?

In hac Beatissimi Petri

23. In which year, Test Cricket debut of Bishen Singh Bedi, India v WI Calcutta, 2-92?


24. What was the name of the protest held in Lebanon, 2005?

Cedar Revolution

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Cedar Revolution in Lebanon

25. In 1961, “lrma La Douce” was closed at which theatre in NYC after 527 performances?

Plymouth Theater

26. The timeline of kings and ruling queens of Hungary ended in which year?


27. Movement 2 June was held in which country?


28. In which year, Toboggan Chutes begin operation in Cleveland Metroparks?


29. Who was Titus Aebutius Elva?

Roman general

30. In 1961, which famous plan expires after distributing more than $12 billion?

Marshall Plan

31. Henry VIII established a “Master of the Posts” in which year?


32. Brittany is a fabulous place in which country?


33. In 1967, who fails in his attempt to jump the Caesar’s Palace Fountain, Las Vegas, breaking his pelvis, femur, wrist, hip and both ankles?

Evel Knievel

34. “Ball falls off tee” term is associated with which sport?


35. In which year, American Basketball League announces suspension of operation?


36. Paulo do Rio Branco is a rugby player from which country?


37. What is Maypole in Germany?


38. In 1967, “Henry, Sweet Henry” was closed at which theatre in NYC after 80 performances?

Palace Theater

39. Which road was established in 2000 BCE to 1000 CE by the animist indigenous peoples of Taiwan and the Philippines?

Maritime Jade Road

40. In which year, Katanga becomes part of the Democratic Republic of Congo?


41. What was the contribution of David “Stringbean” Akeman – banjo?

A musical comedian

42. The Portuguese House of Burgundy ended in which year?


43. In 1967, 1st NBA game at Great Western Forum, which team beat Houston 147-118?

LA Lakers

44. Dearest Father. Stories and Other Writings is based on whose works?

Franz Kafka

45. In 1962, which city ends suit against Reds when they agree to stay in Cin for 10 yrs?


46. Who abolishes Nexum contracts, a form of pledging the debt bondage of poor Roman citizens to wealthy creditors as security for loans in 326 BC?

Lex Poetelia Papiria

47. Rurik, the founder of the Rurik Dynasty in Russia died in which year?


48. In which year, at NFL Championship, Lambeau Field, Green Bay: Green Bay Packers beat Dallas Cowboys, 21-17; “The Ice Bowl”, -13°F?


49. Released on October 21, 2016, what was the name of American singer Lady Gaga’s solo studio album?


50. In 1963, which show was premiered on CBS radio (runs 11 years)?

Dear Abby

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