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  • May 13, 2021
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Here comes the trivia night. What you learn today, will be your asset for tomorrow. Trivia night questions and answers printable quiz trivia questions answers are appropriate for all members of the family, friends, and colleagues, as long as you think everyone a part of your family. These trivia night questions and answers can be solved alone, or with family, colleagues, friends, pals, network, or event with the competitors.

By solving this trivia night questions and answers as well as many other quizzes continuously, anyone will be able to grow confidence in general knowledge and trend of the world.

Let’s solve the trivia night questions and answers now, full of fun, adventure, and entertainment. When you successfully solve quizzes like these trivia night questions and answers printable, you will definitely feel encouraged with a different tire of worldly knowledge.

Trivia night questions and answers

1. Austerlitz is written by whom?

W. G. Sebald

2. What does the Eight of Wands mean in tarot cards?

A card of action; swiftness

3. Where is the Bruce Lee’s grave?

Seattle, Washington

4. Which company has the motto: Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there?

State Farm

5. What country was ruled by the Schleswig-Holstein dynasty?


6. Sneezes regularly exceed at what speed?

100 mph

7. Who has a famous speech: The Children’s Era?

Margaret Higgins Sanger

8. What is Mysophobia?

Fear of dirt and germs

9. Whose Epitaph is this: “Peace at last”?

Lenny Bruce Epitaph

10. Santiago, Chile is situated at the bank of which river?


11. Thespian is a word originated from which language?


12. What is the common name NaOH?

Caustic Soda

13. Who is a huckster?

A peddler (now refers to a con artist)

14. What is measured in Darwin’s Rate of evolution?

the speed of genetic or morphological change

15. In France what take place at Auteuil, Saint-Cloud and Chantilly?

Horse Racing — they are courses

16. Tears and mucus contain what enzyme that breaks down the cell wall of many bacteria?


17. In the Old Testament what is the first book of Moses?

Genesis – first 5 all Moses books

18. Iconic world landmark Duomo is situated in which city in Italy?


19. Where would you find Giacomo Marconi airport?


20. A Tiercel is the correct name for a male what?

Hawk or Falcon

21. Dover is the State Capital of which US state?


22. Who are the national poets in South Korea?

Yun Dongju, Han Yong-un, Park Mok-wol, Jeong Cheol

23. What Shakespeare character ends saying?

The rest is Silence Hamlet

24. Lucy Hobbs Taylor 1867 first woman in the US to do what?

Become a registered dentist

25. An anglophile loves what?


26. Which country is the diabetes capital of the world?


27. What is the Sppech of Muhammad named in Islam?


28. What element was produced in the big bang 13.7bn years ago?


29. What is the correct name for a castrated pig?


30. What is the literal meaning of the title Viceroy?

In place of the King

31. Which is called The Forty Forties


32. There is a place name “Best” in which US state?


33. Seoul, South Koreais situated at the bank of which river?

Han River

34. Where can you see Ada Byron?

Woman on Microsoft watermark

35. Who is the Roman Goddess of invention and wisdom?


36. How muchwater per day is lost through breathing?

Half a liter

37. In the Northern hemisphere its Jan 1st South Aug 1st what is?

Racehorse official birthdays

38. American Pastoral is written by whom?

Philip Roth

39. What word describes one tenth of a nautical mile?


40. Balein, Boops, Fin, Grampus and Pothead are types of what?


41. Which company has the motto: Think Outside the Bun?

Taco Bell

42. Name John Huston’s last film?

The Dead

43. Who is a hooper?

A maker of hoops for barrels, casks, and tubs

44. What does the Latin phrase Ex Mores mean?

According to Custom

45. What would you do with a celesta?

Play it — percussion instrument

46. Inside your belly button are thousands of bacteria that form an ecosystem the size of an entire rainforest. T/F?


47. What does a sacerdotal person study for?

The priesthood

48. What is the common nmae of Solid Carbondiaoxide?

Dry Ice

49. The Sureto are the secret service of which country?


50. The Ten Commandments what was number four?

Keep the Sabbath holy

51. Pax was the Roman god of peace who’s the Greek equivalent?


52. Who is the national poet in Nepal?

Madhav Prasad Ghimire

53. Who has a famous speech: The Issue (off site)?

Eugene Victor Debs

54. In the Bible John the Baptist lived on wild honey and what?


55. What would you do if someone gave you a?

Twank Drink it – it’s tea

56. It is impossible to tickle ourselves. T/F?


57. Who wrote the Paris and Prague symphonies?


58. The Brandenburg Gate was a former city gate of which city?


59. Iconic world landmark Gehry Buildings Medienhafen is situated in which country?

Düsseldorf, Germany

60. Who wrote the play Androcles and the Lion?

George Bernard Shaw

61. Joseph Gayette invented it in 1857 to prevent piles – what?

Toilet Paper

62. Who had pets named Millie, and Ranger?

George H. W. Bush

63. Northern Lights is written by whom?

Philip Pullman

64. Who was the first newspaper owner to give staff a paid holiday?

Joseph Pulitzer

65. What is the subject of the reference book Janes?

Militaria — Ships Planes Guns etc

66. Sneezing too hard can cause a rib fracture while suppressing a sneeze can cause damage to the blood vessels of the head or neck. T/F?


67. There is a place name “Bigfoot” in which US state?


68. Who is the national poet in Pakistan?

Allama Muhammad Iqbal

69. Whose epitaph reads Lived a philosopher died a Christian?


70. Which river flows through ten countries namely Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine?

River Danube

71. Which is called the Beantown


72. Who was the last prisoner in the Tower of London?

Rudolf Hess

73. Who is a hostler or ostler?

One who cares for horses or mules, or moves or services locomotives (originally, an innkeeper, who also maintained stables)

74. Which Somerset Maughn novel is considered autobiographical?

Of Human Bondage

75. Which spice comes in hands?


76. Sometimes, when you have to pee, you can visibly see that your bladder is bigger. T/F?


77. Ronald MacDonald is worldwide except Japan what’s he there?

Donald MacDonald

78. Iconic world landmark Acropolis is situated in which Greek city?


79. What is a curragh?


80. What do the arcana represent in Tarot card?

Protagonists’ “Social Links” or “Confidants,”

81. Shanghai, Chinais situated at the bank of which river?


82. The Quadriga was installed in which year?

1793. Quadriga is a car or chariot drawn by four horses abreast.

83. Whose Epitaph is this: “Come on let’s go”?

Ritchie Valens Epitaph

84. Who was the father of Icarus?


85. What would you expect to see at Santa Pod?

Drag Racing

86. Taste buds are present inside the mouth and also at the roof of the mouth. T/F?


87. Lake Tiberius is better known by what name?

Sea of Galilee

88. There is a place name “Big Rock Candy Mountain” in which US state?


89. Who has pet such as Socks the cat; Buddy, a chocolate Labrador retriever?

Bill Clinton

90. Which is called the– Frisco

San Francisco

91. Which Saints day is the 23rd April Saint George of which country?


92. Whose Epitaph is this: “OK…I gotta go now”?

Dee Dee Ramone Epitaph

93. What is Necrophobia?

Fear of death or dead things

94. Which modern artist created the Mother and Child Divided?

Damien Hurst

95. What does 9 cups mean in tarot card game?

The 9 of Cups is directly related to The Hermit, card 9 of the Major Arcana

96. Who has a famous speech: 1992 DNC Address?

Elizabeth Glaser

97. Sacred carvings is the literal translation of what word?


98. What is the motto of IMAX?

Think Big

99. What is the most tattooed product in the world?

Harley Davidson

100.Where is the Elvis Presley’s grave?

Memphis, Tennessee.

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