100 Best Printable GK Trivia Questions and Answers

The best knowledge is appreciable, but you can’t find the best until you keep going and solve any best trivia questions and answers. The popularity of illustrated songs spread from vaudeville theaters in 1894 to movie theaters in the late 1930s. Hand-colored glass slides were projected using stereopticons and other similar devices in conjunction with live performances or sound recordings. In this manner, a sequence of slides that changed in sync with the progression of the song’s story served to represent it. Illustrated songs were later utilized as filler material before films and between reel changes as the film industry gained prominence. The Skladanowsky brothers presented an early film throughout the month of November 1895 in the Berlin Wintergarten theater. Their picture presentation, which lasted around 15 minutes, was a part of a three-hour-long evening program that also featured a number of variety performances. In order to drown out the sounds of the equipment, the Skladanowskys looped eight short videos (each lasting between 6 and 11 seconds when played at 16 frames per second).

Time is important, need to use it productively, and if you have these best trivia questions and answers in mind, you are on the right track, in the process of learning. Pocahontas lived among the natural world, always spotting beauty and vitality. She had the ability to communicate with every animal on the land and sensed the emotions of the river and the wind. She was at one with nature, which was advantageous for her when the English colonists arrived. John Smith was persuaded by Pocahontas by using her wisdom to show him the wonders of the earth. They defied Ratcliffe and Chief Powhatan, which resulted in a truce between the tribe and the colonizers. Pocahontas’s admiration for wildlife inspired viewers, demonstrating the wonders of nature, and taught them to value the little things in life.

There is no end to success, the sky should be the limit, keep learning time even in the holiday moment with useful trivia questions and answers for all. In the late 1800s, women’s sports emphasized good posture, physical and facial attractiveness, muscles, and health. Prior to 1870, women’s activities stressed physical exercise over competitiveness and were more recreational than sport-specific. Before the 20th century, women’s sports-focused more on fitness than the competitive elements we now associate with organized sports. The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) sponsored the nation’s inaugural women’s swimming competition in 1916. The First American Track & Field Championships for women were also sponsored by the AAU in 1923. The first WAAA Championships were conducted by the Women’s Amateur Athletic Association (WAAA) earlier in the year.

These best trivia questions and answers quiz general knowledge printable are full of entertainment and fun so that anybody can solve and discuss with near one, and family members on holidays. Before the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, few women participated in sports in Europe and North America. Although it was technically possible for women to play in numerous sports, this was rarely the case. Those who did engage frequently encountered criticism. The first women’s professional sports leagues failed in the early 20th century. Wherever you are on a picnic, family tour, even, or gallery, you can find these best trivia questions and answers praiseworthy and amazing pal for your leisure moments, or in a competition of any kind.

The world of sports particularly organized sports, has a lot of advantages. Community values are promoted via sports in an effort to instill and uphold moral and ethical behavior. Key societal values are demonstrated through spectator sports, which enlivens the audience. Being a fan also teaches you a wide range of skills that are vital to have in the workplace, at home, and on the move. Teamwork, leadership, innovation, and originality are a few of these abilities. Let’s solve these best trivia questions and answers quiz, trivia, printable now!

Best trivia questions and answers

1. What is the motto of Gillette?

The Best a Man Can Get

2. Which Dutch player was voted ‘European Player of the Century in 1999?

Johan Cruyff

3. Male hairs are denser and grow faster than females. True or false?


4. What is the famous speech of Joseph N. Welch?

Have You Left No Sense of Decency?

5. What is Pyrophobia?

Fear of fire

6. Na2Co3 is what?

Sodium Carbonate

7. What does a quarryman do?

A stonecutter

8. The eyelashes shed by a human in their entire life is about how long of length?

30 Metres

9. What is the name of the London 2012 Olympic mascot?

Wenlock: takes his name from the town of Much Wenlock in Shropshire

10. Which English referee officiated the 2010 World Cup final?

Howard Webb

11. Where is the Es Grau beach situated?


12. Melbourne, Australia is situated at the bank of which river?


13. Cologne Cathedral has a long history, the laying of the foundation stone was when?

1248 AD

14. The Iconic world landmark Colosseum is situated in which country?

Rome, Italy

15. How many people died on Mount Everest every year?

Around 300+ climbers have met with their end on Mount Everest till now. The fatality stat provided is the total death count from 1922 to May 2019.

16. Which city is called – La Superba (The Superb, The Proud One)?


17. Real Madrid won the first five European Cups – but which club was the second to win Europe’s elite competition?


18. The lifespan of a human hair is how many years on average?

3 to 7

19. What is the hardest mountain to climb?


20. There is a place named “Christmas Pie” in which country?

Surrey, England

21. What blood type is more likely to get Alzheimer’s?

Type AB

22. After the fall of the Berlin Wall which was reopened in December 1989?

Brandenburg Gate

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Photo Credit: University of Montana

23. Elizabeth Bennett is the central character in what novel?

Pride and Prejudice

24. What is the tallest mountain underwater?

Monte Pico
With an altitude of 7,711 feet (2,351 m) above the sea surface and 20,000 feet (6,098 m) below the sea surface to the sea floor, Monte Pico in the Azores Islands (Portugal) is the highest underwater mountain in the world.

25. Is it better to be Rh positive or negative?

Rh positive

26. The maximum length of hair can be how many cms?

70 to 90 cm

27. Which club won the 2017 UEFA Super Cup?

Real Madrid

28. In the 19th century what was known as inheritance powder?

Arsenic — as poison

29. What is recognized as one of the main centers for medieval art in Italy?

The Piazza del Duomo with the cathedral (Duomo de Pisa), the baptistery of St. John (Battistero di San Giovanni) , the bell tower (Torre di Pisa) and the Camposanto Monumentale with its frescoes,

30. What is the flattest country on earth?


31. What was Einstein’s blood type?


32. What is Pteromerhanophobia?

Fear of flying

33. What are Ingrid Marie and Blushing Golden?

Varieties of Apple

34. What smell do mosquitoes hate the most?


35. What did model manufacturers Airfix first make?

Plastic Combs

36. The pigment of human hair is produced in the shaft of hair beneath the skin. True or false?


37. Edward Ricardo Braithwait wrote what novel?

To Sir with Love

38. What is the lowest lying country on Earth?


39. Who is the national poet in Yemen?

Abdullah Al-Baradouni

40. Who has the famous speech The Declaration of Human Rights?

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

41. Who was the court portrait painter of Henry the Eighth?

Hans Holbein

42. What is surrounded by an 8 m high city wall and a six-meter deep, 52-meter wide moat?

The Emperor Palace of the Forbidden City, China

43. In Massachusetts by law bars cannot offer what?

Happy hours

44. There is no scientific evidence that shaving or waxing will make your hair come back thicker. True or false?


45. 60% of English women cannot orgasm without what?


46. Who has scored more career goals – Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Cristiano Ronaldo

47. Which US actor woke up when an elephant crapped on his head?

William Shatner

48. In Cornwall where would you find two-legged knockers?

Tin Mines goblins

49. What does a raker do?

A street cleaner

50. In what TV series did we meet Admiral Nelson?

Voyage to the bottom of the sea

51. How would you feel if you were forswanked?

It means very tired

52. What company has the motto, Breakfast of Champions?


53. You must lose over what percent of your scalp hairs before it is apparent to anyone?


54. Who was Time magazine man of the year 1952?

Queen Elizabeth II

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56. In the rhyme who married The Owl and the Pussycat?

The Turkey

57. What blood type is healthiest?

Type O

58. The average human head has how many hair follicles, each of which is capable of producing 20 individual hairs during a person’s lifetime?


59. Who are the national poets in Albania?

Gjergj Fishta, Naim Frashëri

60. There is a place named “Chicken” in which US state?

Alaska, USA

61. What is Potassium Aluminum Sulphate?

Potash Alum

62. In what film was the first flushing toilet seen?


63. Moscow, Russia is situated at the bank of which river?


64. The Iconic world landmark Azadi Tower is situated in which country?

Tehran, Iran

65. Who scored the first Premier League hat trick?

Eric Cantona

66. In Germany what can you not wear during a strike?

A Mask

67. Blonds average how many follicles?


68. The Empire State Building, New York City, United States, located at-

350 Fifth Avenue, between 33rd and 34th Streets, in midtown Manhattan.

69. Who is the national poet in Andorra?

Albert Salvadó

70. Where is Runswick Bay?

North Yorkshire

71. What happens every 45 seconds in the USA?

House Fire

72. Which is called the City of Four Rivers


73. What does a resurrectionist do?

Someone who digs up recently buried corpses for use as cadavers

74. What color toothbrush do most people have?


75. People with black hair tend to have about how many follicles, while those with brown hair are right on?


76. What is the sweetest blood type?

Type O

77. Homichloriphobia is the fear of what?


78. What company has the motto, Got Milk?

California Milk Processor Board

79. What is the most played song on radio USA in the 20th century?

You’ve lost that loving feeling

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Image Source: worldatlas.com

80. The Iconic world landmark Dome of the Rock is situated in which country?


81. Who created the London 2012 Olympic mascot?

Iris design agency

82. The Invisible Empire is better known as what?

Klu Klux Klan

83. The average person has how many scalp hairs?

100 000

84. A castrated male reindeer is known as what?


85. What is Calcium Sulphate?

Plaster of Paris

86. What is Pennsylvania’s official drink?


87. What is Samhainophobia?

Fear of Halloween

88. What animals head appears on the label of Gordon’s Gin?


89. Montreal, Canada is situated at the bank of which river?

St. Lawrence

90. The number of death climbing Mount Everest is from which country?


91. There is a place named “Cheesequake” in which US state?

New Jersey

92. The human body makes how many Red Blood Cells every day?

200 billion

93. In what city was the world’s first blood bank opened in 1940?

New York — Richard Charles Drew

94. In which year the Sydney Opera House was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List?


95. What is the famous speech of Lyndon Baines Johnson?

Let Us Continue

96. Which is called the Drinkable City?


97. What company has the motto, Just Do It?


98. Who owns Mt Everest?


99. The color of our hair is also determined by which pigment, present in the human body?


100. Dick Turpin the highwayman served an apprenticeship as what?


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