100 Tricky Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge

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Tricky trivia questions and answers

1. Dia de los Muertos is a festival celebrated in which country?


2.What is the company motto of Burger King?

“Have it Your Way”

3. Who has a famous speech: 40th Anniversary of D-Day Address?

Ronald Wilson Reagan

4. What is Hemophobia?

Fear of blood

5. “I am ready to meet my Maker.  Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.” – whose epitaph is this?

Winston Churchill’s

6. Who wrote the famous book The Executioner’s Song?

Norman Mailer

7. Yellow River is situated in which country?


8. Which president has a pet named Peter Pan, a terrier?

Calvin Coolidge

9. What is meant by Suicide by a cop?

Acting in a threatening manner so as to provoke a lethal response from law enforcement

10. Sarcasm is a word that originated from which language?


11. What is the state motto of Wyoming?

Equal Rights

12. 2 categories of ballroom dance are used in competition?

Latin and Smooth

13. Bognor Java gets is on average 322 days annually what?

Lightning strikes

14. Men average 12 a year women 18 a year – what?

Read Books

15. What classic novel sold only 50 copies of authors’ lifetime?

Moby Dick

16. What is wahi according to Islam?


17. Which US state ordained as the states on January 4, 1896?


18. Abel Magwitch and Biddy appear in which Dickens book?

Great Expectations

19. Who has a famous speech: VP Nomination Acceptance?

Geraldine Anne Ferraro

20. Poison oak and ivy belong to which general family?


21. What Connecticut State motto “He who transplanted sustains” translates into Latin?

Qui transtulit sustinet

22. Iconic world landmark Moai is situated in which country?

Easter Island, Chile

23. Who are the national poets in Afghanistan?

Rumi, and Khushal Khattak

24. What is the most frequently accessed article in World Encyclopaedia?

Snake Information

25. Where would you find a coiffe or muselet?

Bottle wire cork hold

26. Which South American country does not border the Pacific?


27. What religion was Adolf Hitler?

Roman Catholic

28. Name the Capital of Ukraine?


29. The average human has seven what each day?

Sex Fantasies

30. In which film did we meet Baron Numpsi as the villain Eddie Murphy?

The Golden Child

31. What was the name of the dog in Peter Pan?


32. In playing cards, there is Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, however in Tarot cards, what cards are there?

Page, Knight, Queen, King, and Ace.

33. Which is called City of the Seven Hills?


34. What is Manslaughter?

Murder, but under legally mitigating circumstances.

35. Collective nouns – A cloud of what?


36. There is a museum in Philadelphia at 211 North 3rd Street to what?


37. What is the largest moon in our solar system?

Ganymede of Jupiter

38. Fuzûlî, Imadaddin Nasimi, and Samad Vurgun are the national poets in which country?


39. What is the name of the group of men who elect a Pope?

College of Cardinals

40. Not Indians what links Cherokee Apache Arapaho Comanche?

Piper Aircraft

41. What is the characteristic of an aphyllus plant?

No leaves

42. Epiphany Christian feast 6th Jan translates from Greek as what?


43. Who has a famous speech: Free Speech in Wartime?

Robert Marion La Follette

44. Plantalgia is pain where?

Soles of feet

45. Emelio Marco Palma was the first to do what in 1978 Born in?


46. After homes and jobs where do Americans spend the most time?

Shopping Malls

47. Alabama has been ordained statehood on what date?

December 14, 1819

48. Stalon is a breed of what animal?


49. In the Simpsons name the Police Chief?

Chester Wiggum

50. What is the motto of FedEx?

“When There Is No Tomorrow”

51. Progress through Pain was whose motto?

Arnold Swartzenager

52. Unlike the card games, tarot game cards can represent-

Both Person, or situation

53. Which American city is nicknamed?

The Birthplace of Aviation Dayton Ohio

54. In Paulding Ohio police officers can legally do what to dogs?

Bite them to quiet

55. What is Samarium Cobalt (SmCo)?

Permanent Magnets

56. Mastigophobia is the fear of what?


57. Who wrote the famous book The Bottle Factory Outing?

Beryl Bainbridge

58. In the original Star Trek the Horta was a life form based on what?


59. Who had a hit in the UK singing about the Streets of London?

Ralph McTell

60. Brilliant Bumper Bubbles Bigheart Boofuls Baby Bonny is who?

Jelly Babies

61. What is Zabur?

Psalms; the revelations that were sent down to Prophet Da’ud (David).

62. Songkran Festival is a festival celebrated in which country?

Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar

63. A woman has Hisdoy syndrome what has she got?

A Moustache

64. Which is called– The Emerald City?


65. If you were drinking Cobra beer in what country would you be?


66. In Aussie slang what are Bum Nuts?


67. What is Vermicide?

An agent used to kill parasitic intestinal worms.

68. Who wrote the famous book If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller?

Italo Calvino

69. The Zagros mountain range is in which country?


70. What is Nikon’s company motto?

“At the Heart of the Image”

71. The Treaty of Paris in 1856 ended which war?

The Crimean war

72. What is a cooper?

A maker or repairer of barrels, casks, and tubs

73. What is Gynophobia?

Fear of women

74. Name Greek Goat Amalthea’s horns that good things flowed from?


75. E J Allen led the spy team to the South Civil war what name better known?

Alan Pinkerton

76. Gene Kelly Michael York Joss Ackland all played who?


77. Which mythical UK creature becomes an evil boggart if annoyed?


78. Which Biblical hero’s name meant splendid sun?


79. Which president has a pet named Laddie Boy, an Airedale?

Warren Harding

80. The second pillar of Islam Salah involves what?

Daily prayers

81. Which battle was fought at Senlac hill?

Battle of Hastings

82. What is meant by Wands in the tarot game?


83. UK football Derby County home the Baseball Ground nickname?


84. Who wrote The Dong with the Luminous Nose and The Jumblies?

Edward Lear

85. Honi soit qui mal y pence is the motto of what organization?

Order of the Garter

86. Equator’s favorite dish is Seco de Chivo – what is it?

Goat stew on rice

87. What is a Pygmy Blue?

Smallest butterfly

88. Which stringed instrument is blown to produce sound?

Aeolian Harp

89. What is a cordwainer?

A shoemaker

90. Every 12 seconds in the USA someone does what in a Holiday Inn?

Steals a towel

91. Which tree is sacred to Apollo (Daphne changed into one)?


92. Who rode a horse called Lamri?

King Arthur

93. Which president has a pet named Yukon, a malamute?

Herbert Hoover

94. Bear, Bird, Goat, Eagle, Swan, and Rabbit what links in Ireland?

All Islands

95. What is unusual about The lake of Monteith in Scotland?

Only one the rest are Lochs

96. Hera in Greece Juno in Rome Goddesses of what?


97. Which of the June birthstones is said to bring good luck and are associated with love and passion?


98. Which of the June birthstones is said to represent purity and faith?


98. “The curfew tolls the knell of parting day.” which poems start?

Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

99. Lovely Rita meter maid appeared on which Beatles album?

Sergeant Peppers

100. Jayne Mansfield Epitaph says what?

“We live to love you more each day”

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